I am going to exclusively deal with the best strategies for you to generate cash via your website using advertising in this post.
The first thing you should ask yourself is “Do I have a specific audience of visits on my site?” And if so – is there a large number of visitors to make advertising worthwhile? CPM (cost per thousand views) – meaning each time the advert has 1,000 views, the advertiser is charged a nominal amount. CPC (Cost per click) – is based on a nominal charge being made each time someone clicks on the ad. Rotation based advertising – You have a set number of advertisers that rotate between each other evenly within one ad zone.
There are many pre built ad systems that can be purchased online and found by doing a simple Google search. Using these tips and guidelines outlined above will help you generate advertising revenue from your website.
Paul Vesely has over 12 years experience in the dynamic online marketing environment instigating marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses to suit their goals.
Through understanding a company's target market and aims, Paul has managed to launch a wide variety of online marketing campaigns to increase sales, generate leads, and increase bottom line profit.
Paul Vesely's expertise lie in inbound marketing and focus on utilizing search engine optimization, PPC, PR, Social Media and online campaigns to accomplish the client's business goals through online means. The author's views expressed in this blog are his own and do not represent anyone or any other organization's views even if the author is associated with those organizations.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of designing web pages to get better inclusion in search engine results.
There are a variety of other methods that have as much if not more impact on your search engine rankings than the text on your pages.
We used our own SEO techniques on our website, and successfully brought our website to the #1 ranking in Google within three months of our site's launch.
There are many techniques that can be used to increase your website visibility in seach engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. To get more information on how we can get your website ranked higher through our tried-and-true SEO methods, contact us. Yet, according to a recent study from MarketingProfs, 87% of B2B marketers use social media platforms in their content marketing efforts. So the question stands: how can a B2B marketer ensure that his or her social media inbound campaigns are the most effective they can be? Take a close look at the nexus of B2B business models and the primary function and benefits of social media. For many marketers, the relationship between social media and inbound marketing is not 100% clear.
Most would say that the purpose of inbound marketing is to create great content and promote it through various channels. So, when we talk about the relationship between social media and inbound marketing campaigns in the B2B context, we need to be clear that it’s both a primary channel and a secondary tool.
A recent Content Marketing Institute study gave a clear picture of what a successful B2B social media marketer would look like.
Conveying these factors through social media is compounded by the reality that social channels are highly personal venues.
An example of #1 would be communicating with a buyer within your target market from your brand’s Twitter account. Are our offers encouraging them to sign up for more information and become part of our email subscriber base? Are they including us in their research process (and thereby building our brand authority) by downloading our white papers or reading case studies? Have they self-identified as a lead by reaching out, opting in for specific information, or signing up for a demo? Did they opt in for a nurturing track to stay connected to us for a specific product suite or practice area?
Did specific social interactions help us promote content that improves our conversion rate or average sale amount during the sales process?
Instead, understanding the bigger dynamics of how to craft a campaign, how to measure its success, and where to place social media in the B2B marketing landscape will give you the foundation to make those choices yourself. Google authorship will play an increasingly important role in getting eyes on your content. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
The FTC's update to its 2002 guidance on search advertising practices comes as consumers are increasingly accessing the Internet on small-screened smartphones and using specialized apps and social media services to find information online. The FTC, which sent the letters on Monday, has the power to fine companies that violate its rules against deceptive advertising. The agency said background shading for search ads that appear alongside natural search results was not always sufficiently visible, particularly on mobile devices.
Text labels intended to flag search ads were not always easy to spot, as some search engines had reduced the font size of the text or placed a single label at the corner of a group of ads.

The letters, which were also sent to several popular "vertical" search engines that specialize in online shopping, travel and local business, did not specifically accuse any search engines of wrongdoing. You have a website and you are doing all the search engine optimization (SEO) you can possibly do. I am a big advocate of this type of online advertising and even though it is not traditionally seen as part of SEO, the bottom line is that it is simply another way to gain targeted traffic and get more conversions on your website and hence generate more revenue.
Firstly you will notice from the following points below, there are many similar factors to a successful PPC campaign as is with a successful SEO campaign. Always start with comprehensive keyword research – including looking at what keywords your competitors are using.
Set goals for conversion – Google AdWords like to see you tracking goals and using split testing on different ‘Ad Groups’ so as to constantly improve your ads and hence your results.
In the end the better and more strongly related your ad is to the searchers query, the better chance the searcher will click on your ad and also the better chance they will complete your goal and become a ‘conversion’ on your website. Why cant people simply make bad ads, pay for them and bid the highest amount for a click and hence show up first on Google in the sponsored links section? Google actually show you your QS when signed into AdWords: from within the campaign, click customize columns, select show quality score. Google have great training videos for anyone to learn how to become an expert in creating and maintaining successful PPC campaigns.
If you are a business owner or marketing manager, there often comes a time where you need to re-assess the marketing budget for the company. There are some important facts to understand before making a decision as to which method is best to focus on for your marketing strategy. Since marketing is a form of investment,  we invest in our business with the intention of getting a return on investment through more leads and sales;  The differences between the two strategies could be compared to stocks and bonds. Keeping these metaphors in mind helps to categorize some of the individual attributes of these systems. Why : A PPC advertising campaign has great superiority over a Search Engine Optimization campaign in the timeframe which you can see results.
So to summarize, both PPC and Search Engine Optimization have their place in an Internet marketing strategy. Of course with a specific demographic of traffic to your website you can more successfully sell ad space to potential advertisers seeking to target those visitors on your website. To stay impartial I will not suggest any, but feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section below. It is all about how much onpage real-estate you want the ad taking up and where there is space for the ad. I strongly suggest employing a sales rep to help promote and approach potential advertisers because simply putting ‘advertise here’ signs on your website often does not catch the imagination of a potential advertiser. SEO consists of many on-page techniques that enable search engines to better understand what your page is about, and to try to get your pages ranked higher than other websites competing for the same search terms.
Our chosen search term had over 2 million competing websites, and we rank near the top position for several variations of the phrase. We can implement these strategies for any of our clients, even if we don't design your website. In fact, of 13 tactics proposed from the content marketing arsenal, social media was the most popular.
Here’s a closer look at some of the lessons I have learned consulting for social media on behalf of clients in the last few years.
By understanding where these two most effectively connect, it becomes easier to see where marketers can invest their time to get the best results in B2B social campaigns. Content marketing allows for businesses to connect to the target market and provide content that’s relevant to their stage in the buying cycle. The deeper and more compelling your customer profile, the more successful you will be in terms of reaching them. The first is at the organizational level: what’s the most pressing problem that the company is facing and how does your product or service solve that?
An example of #2 would be communicating with a buyer from your own personal Twitter account, or via your LinkedIn account, while identifying yourself as a representative of your company. Each social media engagement is a chance to impart helpful information to the right person at the right time, and to create a positive brand impression.
So for each marketing effort, it’s important to have a series of goals that take into account the potential universe of conversions.
But social media has the potential to drive the hundreds of small actions along the way that result in the sale.
It’s hard to measure impact in a way that makes people comfortable with marketing metrics.
They’re also incredibly useful for helping you identify what content is successful, and this information helps you understand your target market as well as refine and optimize your strategy and content.
Every content marketing strategy should include a secondary dissemination loop, and social media needs to play a key role in that. Images (think Pinterest and Instagram), video, and the rise of micro video are opening whole new content avenues.
Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday it had sent letters to 24 Internet search companies, including giants Google, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc, updating its guidance on advertising practices. Last year Google altered its specialized shopping search engine, making it based solely on paid search listings.

You are doing everything correctly and your pages are slowly rising on the search engine results page (SERP) towards those all-important top 3 positions, but in the meantime, you want traffic to your website and you want conversions (be them purchases on your website, registers, joins, etc). I will focus only on Google’s AdWords because it it by far the most widely used serach engine, but the same concepts apply to PPC campaigns on other search engines. Of course the Pro’s of SEO is that there is no cost each time someone clicks on your webpage result in the SERP and that it stays there for a very long time(when done correctly), whereas each time someone clicks on your PPC result in the SERP you are charged a certain amount. This is great because your efforts and time investment to optimize your website for a PPC campaign will harmonize with your efforts to get better results organically in your SEO campaign. Ensure you use the many free Google keyword tools to research as many synonyms and keyword phrases to base your PPC campaign on. This means that if you sell housing furniture online you should have a campaign for lounge furniture, a separate campaign for bedroom furniture etc. This means that Google wins (because they received money from you for the click through) and you win (because the searcher arrives to your website and hopefully completes exactly what you wanted them to do on your site because they were the right person). That is because Google AdWords uses a complex paid search algorithm that takes into account “Quality Score”. Make sure you have as much demographic details about your website visitors as possible to give to potential advertisers. The CPC price usually depends on the competition per keyword and highest bids on Google AdWords. When a potential advertiser is approached by a competent sales rep with all the details of demographics, traffic volume figures and website focus as listed above, you will have a much higher chance of getting them to advertise. Within a matter of months, you can have your website ranking higher for the search terms you choose. A common example of this would be promoting a recent blog post via social media channels in order to raise awareness of the blog post.
Subsequently sharing links to that content on Twitter and Facebook is using those channels to amplify it. The second is at the buyer level: what is going to make the decision maker(s) behind the purchase choose your solution over others on the market? Map your B2B social strategy so that it’s possible to strategically push on these levers and to measure their impact when they happen.
As mobile technology continues to outpace more traditional computer use, even in the business context, B2B companies with a mobile-visual strategy will be positioned to come out ahead of their competitors.
How do you get more target traffic to your website quickly without the wait for all your SEO to kick-in? These are called PPC because an advertiser only pays for the ad when it is clicked on and not when placing it or each time there is an impression. This charge depends on the bid you put in for a certain keyword, the bid others put in for that keywords and your quality score. Then under the campaign for bedroom furniture ensure you have well defined ‘Ad Groups’ such as Bunk Beds, Double Beds, Single Beds etc. This can be gathered by basic onsite surveys, via specialized analytics code (from ComScore or Quantcast for example) or by using the demographic data from your facebook page and taking that as a representative sample of the visitors to your website. There is no average figure that can be given here because it can range between $0.01 to hundreds of dollars just for a single click. Google has its own ad serving system called AdSense which you can sign up for using your gmail account. We can help you define your market and choose the search terms most likely to bring relevant traffic to your site. But with inbound marketing in general and social media in particular, the social-to-sale pathway is more complex. Niche networks that cater to your customers are also worth getting to know, as they can be a source of highly qualified leads. Costs per click can be anywhere between $0.02 USD to hundreds of dollars, but most keywords cost around $1-$2 per click. That way each ‘Ad Groups’ can have specific keywords and text around exactly what the potential client will be searching for. Once you have that data and your SEO is driving a lot of quality traffic to your website, the next step is to decide what kind of advertising plan you are going to offer. In this way, Google serves ads on your website and they pay you a very small percentage of the money they make per click. Have you taken a deep dive into understanding the ecosystems of your key networks — for example, using hashtags on Twitter to extend your reach?
The amount you are charged and where your result comes up in the PPC section of the SERP is what I will explain below and give you hints to gain better results for cheaper. Don’t forget the average online click through rate (CTR) – which is when a visitor clicks on an advert compared to how many times it shows up is 0.05%.
The last option is to utilize an affiliate advertising systems that serve ads on your site and pays you on a pay per click (PPC) or pay per action (PPA – an action can be a purchase or signup on the advertisers website or something else). This average can of course vary depending on ad size, ad relevance, ad position on the page etc.

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