With the scope of digital marketing jobs in India flourishing, social media jobs especially have risen through the roof.
Either way though, if you wish to get into a social media career, it would be wise to simply immerse yourself in every aspect of social media marketing that there is and learn everything you can about social media.
Currently, they have job openings for the post of Social Media Account Manager in their company.
Currently, they have openings for the post of Search Engine Marketing Account Manager in the company. BestPPC is based in Mumbai and revolves around internet search marketing (and online marketing in general).
People Interactive (I) Private Limited has a number of branches in various Indian cities, including Mumbai. Blue Bit Systems is based in Mumbai and is a well-known digital marketing service provider in the city. Have you recently completed one of our online marketing or search engine optimization career training programs?
Judicial Title, LLC and David Adam Beloff Photography are seeking an intern to assist with search engine optimization and integrated internet marketing practices. Whether you're a current student, an alumni, or considering signing up for your first course, your Student Blog offers current news and career advice direct from ed2go.
Since both these online marketing techniques are used on the social media platform, it’s come about that the two terms are often used interchangeable. So if you enjoy spending hours on social media sites, this could certainly be the perfect job for you – except that, of course, you spend time on your clients’ social media sites more than yours. Advanced social media management, SEO, website design and development services, and other digital marketing services make up this company’s repertoire of skills.
This is starkly different from unpaid or “organic” online marketing techniques, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And there are a number of opportunities for SEM jobs in Bangalore that you can avail if you are interested in such a career. So BestPPC also comes under the heading of list of digital marketing companies in Mumbai.The company, as its name suggests, specializes in Pay Per Click (PPC) online search management and campaigns. This group of companies specializes in communication and deals in internet marketing and communication solutions.
It deals mainly in providing digital marketing techniques, strategies, and solutions to its clients, and hence, falls into the list of digital marketing agencies in Mumbai.
This website and company has savings deals and offers for its members that range from theatre tickets to air fares. The company offers the full range of digital marketing services to its customers – from PPC to SEO to social media marketing (and much more).
The unpaid internship has the opportunity to lead to a full time position, based on performance.

Hiring managers are always looking for qualified candidates who possess real world experience.
Their services, on a broad range, include content development, graphic design, SEO services, SMM and SMO, web development, etc.
The purpose of this app (and, consequently, the purpose of this company) is to give travellers a ready tour guide right on their smartphones over the Internet. Linkis.in is an online market or shopping platform that assists shoppersin finding great deals on their purchases, and it also helps shoppers earn money back on their purchases. And, at the moment, this firm has openings for the post of Social Media Marketing Executive in the company.
SEM means promoting an online presence so that it will (ideally) appear in the first few (or first!) page results, when a particular keyword (depends on the online presence) is searched in a search engine online. However, do keep yourself updated about the latest internet marketing technologies and tools in your field.
The company mostly caters to advertisers and those looking to build and spread awareness about their brand on cyber space.
And currently, the firm has openings for the post of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Executive and Manager in the company. Hence,this is a company that also falls into the list of digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Clique Media is a part of the Clique Communications Group and it was the first company born of this group.
The company’s main function is to “groom” a brand and build up their client’s online presence.
Currently, they have job openings for the post of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist in their company. Here’s your opportunity to put your newly learned skills to use and gain valuable work experience in your desired career. Whereas, SMM includes SMO as a marketing technique, along with sharing promotions, linking (to the brand or business’s online platform), networking, writing and sharing posts, sharing others’ updates and posts, uploading photos, sharing updates, social media content creation, syncing social media accounts, following and gaining followers, and every other manner of marketing technique that one can use on social media.
The company has a comparatively recent base in Mumbai, and it is this base that has been dubbed GeniusU Web Service Pvt.
Currently, this company has openings for posts related to the role of Social Media Marketing on their team.
Presently, this company has job openings available for Social Media positions on their team.
The company specializes in social media services (both social media optimization and social media marketing, and anything else that falls under social media).
SEM techniques are usually used in coordination with other digital marketing techniques like SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. And also familiarize yourself with other cyber marketing techniques other that SEM as well – since SEM is usually used with other techniques and very, very rarely on its own.

The provision of online marketing solutions for their clients is the main function of this company. The company offers a wide range of online and digital marketing services which include (but are not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media management or SMM, etc.Presently, the company has job openings in Bangalore for the post of SEM Executive.
And, at the moment, this company has great job openings for the post of SEO Trainee Executive. In India, it holds the position of the country’ largest marital website, and it has over 50 million registered users on its website.
And, at the moment, this business entity has job openings available for the post of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Project Manager. Many people get confused by the terms marketing, sales, and advertising, and it’s understandable. And presently, this company has job openings available for the post of Social Media & Content Executive.
Activ Eight Dimensions’ services include media planning, corporate consulting, media buying, corporate identity design, and social media marketing. The purpose of the company is to help their clients improve their businesses by using their business social media accounts in the best way possible. Media planning and buying services (in addition to the company’s digital marketing services) also make up the list of services iMz Media Solutions offers to its clients.
Presently, the company has job openings available for the post of SEM Manager on their team. Mobile application development, website development, website design, programming, ecommerce solutions, and many other similar Web and software development services make up this company’s repertoire of skills. The main services of the company include web development, digital marketing, and project administration. Due to its SMM services, this company can be included in the list of digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Enterprise Social Media’s main services include social media infrastructure development, social media strategy, social media marketing, online reputation management, and other such similar social media related services. And right now, the company has openings for the post of Marcom Social Media Manager in the firm.
And right now, the company has job openings available in Mumbai for the post of Social Media Executive in their company.

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