Search Engine rankings fluctuate frequently, however, if your site is properly maintained by search engine specialists month to month then it is likely that the movement will be confined to within the top10 positions. My website is pretty new, why didn't it just automatically go to the Top of the Search Engines, when it was originally designed? Virtually all website designers haven't learned the importance of search engine friendly design. Page cloaking is a BIG one, which basically consists of using server side scripts to determine whether the visitor is a search engine or a human and serving up different pages depending. Duplicate content can keep a page from getting indexed, and some people have even reported trouble with entire websites being duplicated by unethical webmasters, causing problems with their rankings.
Spamming keywords, in meta tags, title tags, or in your page's content is a black hat SEO trick that used to work well back in the 90's.
Much like the well known fact that 80% of the new businesses on the Main Street in your town will fail within a year, the sandbox is Google's proving ground that your business must be around awhile before Google will take it seriously. How can I be sure about the company or person I hire to perfom my SEO, when everyone claims to be an expert.
For every website owner, the one most important goal to be accomplished is establishing exposure for the site. One really efficient way of establishing web presence for a site is through search engine marketing.
However way you look at it, any website that is receiving a huge amount of traffic into it has the much bigger chance of making more profits compared to one that has very minimal web exposure.
When it comes to getting huge volumes of traffic to a site, search engine marketing is definitely a winning medium to achieve such goal. Aside from search engine marketing, there is another popular medium for bringing traffic to a website. The very concept why search engine marketing is so effective is that because people are able to search items or information by typing in very specific keywords or terms that are exactly related and relevant to what they are searching for.

With search engine marketing, you can either opt for the paid method which is popularly known as PPC or pay per click advertising, or you can stick with the method of ranking your website at the top of the search engine results pages. In general terms you can say that it means to make a web site more visible and make it look important in the eyes of search engines. As businesses, each search tool has found ways to make its service slightly different from other search tools.
In almost every caseI've ever encountered, the site designer is a highly skilled and creative artistic person whose job is to put your ideas on the web. The script would serve up a keyword rich, totally souped up page to search robots, while giving humans an entirely different page.
Linkfarms are basically sites which consist of masses of links, for the purpose of getting rankings in search engines and turning a profit (often from affiliate program advertisements on the website).
You will need to continuously update your knowledge of how the various search engines work and any changes made in the way they work. But while there are several ways of establishing a particular website’s presence on the internet, only a few of these can be considered as really effective or worth the effort. Website owners can take advantage of search engines by getting their websites to show up on very specific search results listings that are being returned whenever a person is searching for something through the use of search engines. In other words, higher volume of traffic is equivalent to higher percentage of sales and conversions for a site. Just imagine your website showing up at the top listings of specific search results whenever people are searching for information exactly relevant to your site. Because of this system, if your website is ranked well on top of the search results listings, then your site will no doubt be getting its share of ultra targeted traffic as a result.
Whichever approach you pursue to follow, you can still be guaranteed that what you are getting is highly targeted and quality traffic towards your website. Being unfamiliar with SEO procedures and not utilizing them can make a huge difference in terms of visitors to your web site.

More often than not, the designers have not received any training in search engine optimization and don't think about it while pursuing a cool looking design. The only problem is, that ranking a website on top of the search engine results pages is not as easy as it may sound.
Social media marketing, although an extremely popular means of driving traffic to a website, this method is not as effective as getting traffic through search engines. You can then check how long the company has been around, and what is has been doing over the years. In fact, very few website owners really have the adequate knowledge needed to really perform such task successfully.
The reason is that social media traffic is not as targeted compared to the traffic being produced through the search engines. Traditionally, it initally impresses YOU, but the potential customers just never are impressed because they never come there. Be aware that if you make a mistake in optimization and submission, it can take months to find the mistake and fix it, resubmit the site and obtain the search engine ranking you desired. Web Site Design is a full time profession, and Search Engine Optimization is a full time profession. I would never be able to be an effective Search Engine Optimizer if I went back to designing web sites. But if I ever DID design a new website, it would be incredibly Search Engine friendly, having been in the business of SEO these last seven years.

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