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DesignImprove a site's relationship with search engines and users through Web design. Remember the days when you just had to wonder which half of your advertising was wasted because there was no way to fathom what worked and what didn't?
Marketers want to know if their websites are attracting visitors and whether or not their investment is paying off. Learn exactly where your best customers come from and which markets are the most profitable. You should also recognize there are obstacles to implementing the actions suggested by your SEO and PPC analytics reports. This can be avoided by establishing a Continuous Improvement Program based on your Key Performance Indicators. In order to understand what web analytics can do for you and to get a handle on what to measure, why, and what these metrics mean to your business, it helps to apply the Customer Life Cycle framework. Most business websites offer visitors a number of activities to engage in that will satisfy the visitor's goals and contribute to the businesses' bottom line.
The most important of these processes is that which culminates in a purchase through a sales path.
Analytics process analysis tools enable the measurement of loss between any two steps in your sales path, also providing the total loss from start to finish. The next step is to identify the key activities and actions that you want to improve, quantifying your objectives.
There is consensus in the web analytics community that there are four classifications for commercial websites: e-commerce sites, content sites, lead generation sites and self-service sites. Content Sites - The objective is to increase readership- level of interest and time spent on the site (stickiness). Self-Service Sites - The objective is to increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer support inquiries. With clearly defined objectives and a good analytics tool, the job of measurement becomes a reality. Once defined, objectives should be broken down into small steps, prioritized, and made accountable.
Given that you can measure and analyze a vast array of website data, it is important to know what to measure to improve your business results. Once you've identified your most important processes leading to conversion, you must set clear, quantifiable goals for improvement.
There are two types of web analytics tools for collecting data - those using web server log data and those using page tagging with JavaScript.
Page tagging requires the inclusion of one line of JavaScript code on each page that refers to a JavaScript file on your website. When page tags are used as the data source, the visitor's web browser enables the data to be collected.
Sign up for the service, pay up-front installation or set-up fees and monthly fees based on traffic volume and website transactions.
Vendor provides a set of JavaScript tags designed to detect information about your visitors. When your pages are downloaded in your visitor's browser, the page tags are activated, and the data is sent to the vendor's data center by means of an image request for a small image or file; a long query string appends the image request.
The data center receives the image request and parses the query string into the vendor's specific data model.
At this point, you can log into a secure online interface to view the data in pre-defined reports, or receive customized reports by email.
Since there is "more than one way to skin a cat," and "if anything can go wrong, it will," you need to assign a priority to each component and a potential solution for efficient resource allocation.
With respect to the defined objective of "increasing widget sales by 10 percent" in our example, it is reasonable to suspect that there are two other possible site changes that might increase widget conversion rates (in addition to the number of steps in the conversion process). It is important to break a perceived problem down into many smaller actions, testing them one at a time in order of their likelihood of success. Note that the sales process is not the only important multi-step process that can be measured. The most valuable processes you can measure (besides conversions) are those that collect information of value from your visitors that can benefit your business. When you have an activity in mind that you would like to measure, you should first ask yourself: "If we can get more visitors to complete this activity, will our site become more successful?" If the answer is yes, then go ahead and measure. Sales process - to identify which steps contribute to drop-off, and to monitor changes in conversion and abandonment rates. Registration process - to understand what personal information visitors do not want to provide.

Onsite Search - to ensure visitors can find what they are looking for, especially product or support information.
In the past, few marketers were tracking conversions, much less return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives. A 2005 search metrics study reveals that nearly 1 out of 2 search marketers who outsource SEO and paid search services either do not elect to measure ROI, are unable to calculate ROI, or can't distinguish between SEO and paid search ROI.
You've all heard the famous expression, "I know that half of my advertising is wasted - I just don't know which half." It's been attributed to retailer John Wanamaker and Unilever founder Lord Leverhulme.
While marketers are poised to take a quantum leap in marketing accountability with the availability of the new web analytics tools, few of them have these tools in place to measure their marketing performance. An ANA survey of national marketers conducted this year revealed that the majority of respondents (61.5%) believe advertising accountability should be defined, measured and implemented.
Our team of 40 professional SEO staff are ready to attend to your every e-marketing need.Our success stories include increases of business by up to 500% in some industries. Not only do we get you to rank on all major search engines, we also professionally guide you and business through advanced conversion enhancement, brand building and competitive benchmarking against your industry competitors. So why do you need search engine optimization and WikiSEO to assist you with a strategic e-marketing plan? The second position receives 17.1%, the third 11%, the fourth 8%, and all others are under 5%.
This is one of the main reasons why businesses have to rank in the top 5 search results on search engines.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the continued process of improving the volume, business and quality of traffic to your website from search engines  like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. As an accredited Adwords partner with Google we live up to the standards and guidelines set out by Google.
Our SEO service is a long term solution for any business looking for a competitive edge on their competition.
So what are the main benefits you will receive when WikiSEO implements a professional and strategic SEO and internet marketing campaign for your business?
To drive quality traffic to your business through highly targeted, organic SEO, PPC and Social Media. We will build your brands credibility and familiarity on the web thus increasing your lead generation,sales and return customer retention.
We have quality SEO packages that will suit your needs, reach and budget - click here to view our rates and prices. As an added benefit, we also assist in professional social media management and brand building for businesses. Request a no obligation quote or a SEO consultation with one of our expert SEO consultants. Services while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price. Creators Touch has given the e-commerce solutions for more then 20 clients all over the world. PPC and SEO analytics can show you how your site operates and how your visitors interact with it. Once your CIP is established and understood, changes to your website will be made based on principles guaranteed to produce expected gains - and the gains will be reflected in your bottom line.
These activities usually consist of a multi-step process by which visitors can fulfill their intentions. Basic measures include sales, returns and allowances, sales per visitor, cost per visitor and conversion rate. Basic measures include visit length, page views, and number of subscriptions and cancelled subscriptions. Basic measures include white paper downloads, time spent on the site, newsletter opt-ins, reject rates on contact pages and leads-to-close ratio.
Basic measures include a decrease in visitor length or fewer calls to a call center, as these are measures of customer satisfaction.
This type of data collection is called "client-side" or "front-end." One reason for the growing popularity of the ASP model of web analytics is that the barrier to entry is lower than that for a software solution. Following the example we set above (in Step 2: "increase website widget sales by 10 percent in January by reducing the steps in the conversion funnel from four to three"), you would start by recording website widget sales in December. We might have a poor call-to-action at the final conversion step, or our registration requirement might impede conversions.
There are a number of different conversion rates worthy of measurement on most business websites.
Test two different versions when testing copy changes on a call-to-action landing page, one at a time.
You can test different versions against the benchmark, and this test tells you which changes have a better effect and to what degree. That way you can retain your current conversion rate for at least part of your site traffic in case some of the proposed changes are unfavorable.
This ensures that you actually get the percentage of traffic moving through your funnel that is expected based on the number of changes tested. This will verify that you get the same conversion and abandonment rates, and that your measurement tools are set up correctly.

Segmenting your test subjects will allow you to monitor their activities when they return to your site. This result was obtained despite the fact that most vendors provide access to web analytics tools. Marketing has come a long way since then, especially since the advent of online marketing and the current proliferation of web analytics tools. Top level company executives are demanding more accountability from their marketing departments and few CMOs can deliver. Industry research reports that 43 percent of the marketing professionals surveyed indicated they were "fairly confident," while only 5 percent were "very confident". Continuously monitoring your conversions and adjusting your goals and metrics will allow you to stay ahead of your competition. If you are not online and do not have a strong ranking for your business, you are in other words invisible to 97% of the market!
Our aim at WikiSEO is to make your website that sales rep that never sleeps or needs a holiday.
Using technical methods that search engines employ to rank webpages, our search engine optimization services can make your website appear on the top pages of a search engine’s listings based on keywords relevant to your business and region. With web analytics, you can understand your visitors, traffic patterns, marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more. You have to distribute the results of measurement to all key personnel, especially those in sales and marketing, to continuously improve your website and marketing campaigns. It is important to make these processes as user-friendly as possible for customer satisfaction and for business success. Loss reduction at any step within your sales path should have a positive effect on your overall conversion rate.
Advanced measures include inventory mix, trend reporting, satisfaction, RFM (recency, frequency, monetary analysis) and other predictive modeling techniques. Additionally, data from distinct websites can easily be aggregated to demonstrate cross-side traffic and page flows between sites.
A hosted solution does not have product development and shipping costs; the product is delivered electronically. You should also import this information into a Key Performance Indicators worksheet so everyone involved will be informed and can monitor the effect of website changes. Do not compare your site metrics to those of your competitors or to industry averages; such comparisons are meaningless.
That's because if you change more than one variable at a time, you are unable to determine which variable is responsible for the change and to what degree. There are several strategies that can be used to divert traffic, but these are not well understood by the layman.
Run your test until all of the change can be attributed to the exact step that was modified, or until you are certain there was no change. A 2003 industry study reported that 3 in 10 marketers were not measuring search campaigns, while 4 in 10 were using outdated web metrics such as click-throughs. One would think that marketers would be interested in validating their vendor's performance by quantifying results using PPC and SEO analytics. It sounds like very little progress has been made since 2002, when eMarketer reported that 56 percent of marketers did not have the tools in place for measuring marketing performance. This tool can make it easy to fine tune your website and campaign performance to maximize your return on investment (ROI).
You can identify the navigational chokepoints that prevent visitors from completing their conversion goals.
In the beginning, log file analysis was the only tool available for web measurement and analysis. Secondly, this outsourced solution allows companies to "pay as they go," without the expense of software licensing purchase, hardware, network space and human resources for management and maintenance. The object of the traffic diversion mechanism is to redirect a known percentage of visitors through a modified process.
You need a representative sample before you can assume that B is better than A or vice versa. More recently, JavaScript page tagging, which is used by the application service provider (ASP) hosted solution model, is rapidly becoming popular. In the ideal situation, the percentage of traffic to be redirected can be easily changed without having to radically modify pages.
Depending on your traffic volume, you need to attain a reasonable sample, and this can take time. For information on what constitutes a statistically relevant sample consult a statistics textbook.

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