There are many guidelines, books, and tutorial on the Internet that told you how to do for search engine optimization. Of course, this guide does not guarantee your website ranking position in the Google search engine. Creating descriptive categories and filenames for the documents on your website can not only help you keep your site better organized, but it could also lead to better crawling of your documents by search engines.
Lastly, remember that the URL to a document is displayed as part of a search result in Google, below the document’s title and snippet. Below is another example showing a URL on our domain for a page containing an article about the rarest baseball cards.
Google is good at crawling all types of URL structures, even if they’re quite complex, but spending the time to make your URLs as simple as possible for both users and search engines can help.
Titles for deeper pages on your site should accurately describe the focus of that particular page and also might include your site or business name.
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May 15, 2015 by admin 4 Comments Could you suggest some SEO companies that could help us improve our international SEO? February 2, 2015 by admin 7 Comments How Can i improve download speed from a “Busy traffic ” website? November 28, 2014 by admin 2 Comments our website alexa ranking is very poor, how can we improve? Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from us. November 6, 2013 By Julie Wagner Leave a Comment Now more than ever, your presence on the web determines the amount of business you get.
With so many people using search engines to make buying decisions, it is important to learn how to get your website at the top of any Google search.
The first and most influential aspect of knowing how does SEO work is page authority. Simply put, how popular is the page? Lastly the number of people that link to your website helps increase your page authority, as well as the authority of the websites doing the linking. These three components make the perfect combination, which is why it is at the top of any website developer’s SEO to do list.

In recent years, social media and online reviews have had more say in a website’s search engine ranking. Google’s +1’s actually help determine a website’s SEO ranking while Facebook likes and Pinterest pins are now used more for word of mouth marketing.
Lastly, the most fundamental building block of knowing exactly how does SEO work is the right keyword.
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If you follow the suggestion mentioned in this starter guide, you are at least runs in the same direction as Google wants. If your URL contains relevant words, this provides users and search engines with more information about the page than an ID or oddly named parameter would. Like the title and snippet, words in the URL on the search result appear in bold if they appear in the user’s query. If you do find that people are accessing the same content through multiple URLs, setting up a 301 redirect from non-preferred URLs to the dominant URL is a good solution for this. Since 70% of consumers ignore paid advertisements on search engine results, you need to be able to rise to the top without buying your way to the top. An algorithm was created to rank websites based on how many times a key phrase was used in the website. They still are a great source of backlinks, and one might even argue more valuable in the long run. What is so neat about anchor text is that even if your website does not have any SEO keywords, search engines can still consider your content relevant with the right anchor text. As mentioned before, technically you do not need keywords if you have solid anchor text, great page authority, and lots of +1’s. Google AdWords is a service that allows you to place your website of the side of search engine results as an advertisement. You definitely should read the one that mentioned below, because it is the Search Engine Optimization Guide prepared by Google.
It is important to ensure your website is friendly to Google before you can rank higher and higher in the search result.

Visitors may be intimidated by extremely long and cryptic URLs that contain few recognizable words. Also, users may believe that a portion of the URL is unnecessary, especially if the URL shows many unrecognizable parameters. To learn even more about good URL structure, we recommend this Webmaster Help Center page on creating Google-friendly URLs. I came across a lot of posts on the internet about whether or not PPC affects SEO, but none on if SEO actually helps to cut PPC costs? The concept of search engine optimization piqued the interest of website developers and small business owners alike.
With this logic, however, less reputable websites began to fill up their websites with many keywords, but very little actual content. Don’t get too excited quite yet – word for word anchor texts can trigger spam filters for Google, so make sure to use them wisely. However it is unlikely that your website will ever be at the top of any search engine without all four components.
From there, you can take note of the keywords they use and apply them to your own website, just making sure not to plagiarize. While the number of clicks you get may not blow you away, the analytical tools certainly will. That leaves you with a whopping 11% of customers who do not use a search engine, which means it’s a good idea to learn exactly how does SEO work.
It all began in the mid 90’s, when two Stanford students began wondering “How does SEO work?” In the 10 years since then, SEO has changed and developed dramatically.
You will find statistics on search histories, phrase match keywords, and even broad keywords. For the sake of ease, we will delve into the four primary components of search engine optimization: page authority, social media and online reviews, anchor texts, and of course, keywords. Often times writers spend a good amount of time researching keywords before they begin to write any content.

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