London is a natural meeting point to do business and a centre for international trade and finance. Home to over 480 overseas banks, more than any other city in the world, with more Japanese banks than Tokyo and more American banks than New York. London has distinctive shopping zones: Bond Street is famous for luxury brands such as Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Mulberry. Europe’s largest cluster of marketing services companies and employs more than 100,000 people.
Home to the largest artistic and creative community in Europe, including some of the world's most innovative designers. A world leader in professional services such as accountancy and law with five of the world’s six largest law firms headquartered in London. A million adults visit Central London every weekday; an average issue of the Evening Standard reaches 40% of these highly valued consumers. Readership levels are increasing, with a monthly reach of over 4 million adults accross all demographics. The London region has a younger age profile than the UK average, and has a significantly higher proportion of the ACORN Urban Prosperity category. The Direct marketing titled DEREK THE CAT was done by Proximity London advertising agency in United Kingdom. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.
The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has announced the appointment of an integrated team of Interpublic agencies, led by McCann London, to help build and grow the brand of The Championships, Wimbledon, in key markets.
The IPG team consists of McCann London, Octagon and UM, drawing on all marketing disciplines.
The Championships are thriving with a global audience reach of over 1 billion people and the AELTC recognises that audiences are becoming more sophisticated in sports viewing and entertainment choices. As part of a long-term approach to future-proof and grow the Wimbledon brand, the AELTC began the search for an agency partner in May 2015, issuing a brief to amplify the presence and understanding of The Championships to audiences worldwide. Mick Desmond, Commercial and Media Director at the AELTC said: “After a thorough process we’ve appointed IPG, led by McCann London, as our agency partner.
Mark Lund, CEO at McCann Worldgroup UK said: “We recognised early that marketing opportunities of this nature don’t come along too often – it’s easy to apply superlatives with a organisation as iconic as Wimbledon. In almost every Digital marketers career they will encounter a key decision in their search for a new role - What type of agency do I want to be in? Please note these are not facts and there are always exceptions to the rule but this is what we commonly face as recruiters when talking through the decision on Independent or Network. An independent agency is privately owned and typically smaller, ranging from around 20-200 heads. Whilst you may have some great clients it is rare that you will be consistently working on the best clients, you will have to work with smaller clients and perhaps smaller campaigns. The pros of working at either type of agency outweigh the cons and ultimately the choice is yours.

Additionally, you may want to work on huge brands in International Markets as part of a secure Network but this is something you can achieve with an independent. Please note, comments are moderated prior to appearing on the site, and will not appear straight away. We are an integrated digital marketing agency, proud of our technical expertise, creative flair and ability to draw actionable insights from data.
Fresh Egg has built an enviable reputation for web design and digital marketing success over the last 15 years, thanks to our in-house team of curious and creative digital marketers.
Our joined-up approach is delivered by multi-disciplinary project and campaign teams, each including specialists in insight and analytics, strategy and planning, organic and paid search, display, social, content, mobile and web design and development. Our deep technical knowledge - combined with our broad digital marketing experience - means we can give you honest advice on what can be achieved with your available resources.
Carnaby Street is renowned for cutting-edge youth labels, Savile Row for tailoring, Charing Cross Road for books and Hatton Garden for jewellery. As well as the recently opened centre in Hammersmith, the developer is constructing a major new scheme in Stratford, due to open in time for the Olympics.
The majority agree that they cannot do without mobile communications and they try to keep up with developments in technology; 40% above the national average. Throughout the process, the IPG team worked with us as partners, demonstrating skill, commitment and insight in solving our challenges. We would be keen to get your thoughts on these but I wanted to share some common themes we come across. As a smaller agency you have greater exposure to the wider business, likely to have flatter hierarchies so greater access to the senior leadership teams and have a close knit feel were everyone is in it together.
They are generally much bigger and have multiple office locations both UK & International, although sometimes there are smaller agencies within the group. For example they often have big household brand clients, running huge campaigns both nationally and internationally.
Because networks typically work with large companies there are often more restrictions and your wacky ideas could face several barriers.
The very best independents will often work with the World’s largest brands, latest technology and in International Markets. Due to security issues and lack of support for Web Standards we highly recommended that you upgrade to a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome. For years we’ve been helping businesses like yours put the power of digital marketing to work.
For population size it has by far the most retail centres, number of shops and retail floorspace of any area and dominates the UK regions.
More than a third have accessed the internet through a mobile phone which is much higher than the GB penetration level.
It also allows a lot of variety as you are likely to work on a range of smaller clients with a greater focus in specialist areas, although this is not always the case. Because of the buying power, longstanding reputation & shared resources of Network agencies you tend to find they manage larger budgets so you often find yourself working on huge campaigns with the latest technology and the very best brands.

Due to the scale of these campaigns they typically have the latest technology and great offices in the heart of Soho with some sort of novel item hanging from the ceiling. You will also get impeccable training - after all, your clients are paying you to be the subject matter expert so you will always be at the top of your game.
Sometimes a smaller environment with less red tape will be more attractive to you however, there are plenty of Network agencies that run like independent but happen to be part of a wider group. New company strategies with fresh ideas on how to combat these stereotypes are being adopted. In addition to this the pace in which agencies work means no day will ever look the same and you will progress very quickly with multiple opportunities for growth. Additionally to this, even at some of the largest agencies in the world, you would be working as part of a smaller team where you could get the autonomy you require and work closely with others. It’s all down to your preference and most likely the culture and people of the company you choose to join. On top of all this the agency culture is generally a very sociable one where everyone loves what they do, is passionate about the industry and enjoys a beer on a Friday afternoon to celebrate all their hard work for the week! SEO IndustryThe SEO industry has lots of brand new companies providing search engine optimisation services and some are doing really well in the rankings at this point in time making the SEO sector very competitive. These new companies that have only been around a few months and have rankings today but they lack the knowledge or experience that is needed to be able to guarantee long term success. Over 90% Of People Searching Do Not Visit Page 2 in GoogleIt is essential for your website to be in the top 5 positions of Google search results.
It is a proven fact that people searching for products or services will not visit page 2 of the search results, so it is important to ensure your website can be found on page 1 of Google to guarantee consistent traffic and leads for your business. Competitor AnalysisAnalysis of your competition will reveal their gameplan and allow us to improve on it and come out on top.Optimising Meta DetailsRelevant, keyword rich Meta Details will build your ranking foundation. Long Term StrategyWe value our clients, and ensure our SEO campaigns are geared towards long term growth and avoidance of Google penalties.Website SpeedA fast website is essential for user experience and is a factor considered in rankings.
We will make sure everything is optimal for site speed Fix On-site IssuesBroken links, broken images? We’ve got you covered.Web AnalyticsWe monitor how many visitors you are getting and what people are doing on the site to give us information on your progress. UK SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) SpecialistsBirminghamChameleon started life in Birmingham and we have extensive knowledge relating to Birmingham search. We have helped many Business start-ups to achieve growth and success and been involved in large online marketing projects for many well known companies in the West Midlands.We have ranked for the major Birmingham SEO keywords since 2005 seeing all the Google algorithm changes and even being attacked with negative SEO by a competitor and stayed in the results. LondonWe have been providing London search marketing services since 2007 and have extensive knowledge in London based SEO Results. ManchesterManchester is home to many online marketing companies and our presence has grown here over the last 4 years.

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