Living in the Age of the Internet, one of the largest drivers of website traffic is search marketing. For search marketers looking to enhance their skill sets and network with industry experts, be sure to check out the Search Marketing Expo (SMX-West).
Conference attendees can sharpen their skills and learn cutting-edge techniques by attending any of the 50+ breakout sessions covering critical search marketing tactics like paid search advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), local and mobile search, social media marketing, semantic SEO and more. SEM is about leveraging high-quality, relevant traffic from internet search engines, to give your business a boost and the output it deserves.
When searchers search a phrase for which you have put a bid on search engines, your advertisement is displayed.
Most websites require some form of marketing, and for most, the decision comes down to PPC (pay per click advertising) or SEO (search engine optimization). Pay per click advertisement is the most popular form of advertisement because you literally get what you pay for. SEO and PPC both have their benefits but for most websites, SEO definitely has an advantage over PPC in that it can offer more clicks and traffic for the same or less money. Long term SEO programs that are intended to increase ranking and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking can also be more effective over time than PPC. Many webmasters think that they have to choose between SEO and PPC but for most websites, choosing one or the other can be a mistake.
We Provide Comprehensive, Turn-Key Advertising Solutions For Florists All Over The United States. Since deploying our original PPC program for florists back in January 2009, Flyline has produced 27,070 total sales conversions from paid search for florists we serve. Since January of 2009, our SEO and organic marketing efforts have generated 69,295 organic sales transactions for the florists we serve. Flyline Search Marketing provides highly effective advertising and marketing programs for florists. We find the needs of floral design firms to be particularly unique from most other industries.
If you would like to speak with one of our clients, we will gladly provide references so you can hear it directly from the business owners we serve. 4) Our comprehensive marketing approach drives up website sales, call in sales, walk-in’s, as well as event and wedding sales.
5) Professional SEO optimizes your website to deliver increased organic placement opportunities on the major search engines.
7) Improvements in your keyword and page ranking, along with natural link building from Social Media, Blogging and PR. Adwords Is The Best Lead Generation Tool Available To Local Business Owners Trying To Connect With New Customers! Florists who sign up for our comprehensive Internet marketing program get access to our Floral Design Resource Center. In its most basic definition, search engine marketing (SEM) is advertising on search engines, where ads are triggered to appear by a search engine user’s search terms.
To run search engine marketing ads on Google, one needs an Adwords account; to run them on Bing and Yahoo!, one needs a Adcenter account.
From there, the user can be easily overrun by all of the details of managing a search engine marketing campaign. Keywords are never what anyone really thinks they are, and because of this, they are often difficult to fully grasp without some experience with (costly) trial and error. Ads for these keywords will never run because they don’t match the relevance to your website, which will result in a low quality score.
Your ad will receive a click to your website, but the user won’t convert because your site does not have what they are searching for. Think of your search engine marketing campaign as your entire store and your adgroups as individual services or products.
Ad extensions are simple little search engine marketing tools that are free to implement and help your ad stand out from the crowd. Of course, if you need any assistance with your search engine marketing campaigns instead of managing it yourself, we would be very happy to help.
I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. As the internet has grown to become a leading marketing platform, so too has the need for a greater understanding of search and a brand's positioning through search terms, with marketers under greater pressure than ever to ensure that their brand is as close to the top of their sector's search terms on the first page of Google. This fact, twinned with a financial climate that forces marketers to prove the value of what they do more than ever before and the ready availability of a mountain of data, means that I think it’s staggering that search marketing isn’t at the core of more brands' strategies.
First, that many traditional marketers still don’t understand search and have been slow, or unwilling, to innovate and sell the benefit of digital’s rich data sets and analytics to their board. Offering measurability, scientific rigour and exact targeting search marketing allows marketers to deploy well established marketing techniques in a new digital context and to measure their success in a way that have never been possible before. From the customers’ perspective, search marketing is useful because it doesn’t interrupt their daily life as an uninvited distraction. There isn’t another combination of marketing channel and communications approach that allows marketers to be consistently in the right place and at the right time for their potential customers.
Innovative search marketing brings together recognisable disciplines and elements of the traditional marketing mix and reapplies them to twenty-first century screen culture.

But successful search marketing campaigns do not rely on luck, but rather a healthy mix of strategic search engine optimization (SEO), smart social media marketing, and meticulous mobile search strategies. Ever wondered how the search engines create policies, decide how results appear, or what is considered spam and what’s deemed good content? There are many benefits to both, but most webmasters should learn best policy for each tactic including how, when, and where to use them.
Studies show that between 40 and 60 percent of searches end with clicks on organic results, mostly because buyers are more likely to trust unpaid options.
You bid on the click and then you pay that much each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.
A good SEO campaign can direct thousands of visitors to a site for one small flat rate price while PPC costs more per extra visitor. However, SEO is a long term strategy and can take weeks or even months to show quality results. SEO is a great way to build long term results and should have the majority of focus for most websites, especially those on a budget. Our Marketing Program For Florists Is Specifically Designed To Deliver Sustained Sales & Revenue Growth! All are experiencing solid revenue growth, more online web traffic, increased sales volume and less dependence upon traditional wire in orders from the big floral order aggregators! We gather all the keyword phrase related data from those organic sales conversions and factor that data back into our paid search and organic SEO marketing strategies.
We specialize in the Floral Industry and have specifically designed our programs to deliver eye popping sales and revenue growth.
In creating our service offering, we first conducted exhaustive studies to ensure that the program we brought to market would generate optimal results.
Anyone who has used Google has undoubtedly come across these types of ads in a right sidebar and occasionally in a banner above the search results. Going back to the coffee example, if you are selling coffee beans, you may want to set up adgroups for your different types of beans.
Group your gourmet coffee bean keywords with that adgroup, espresso beans with that adgroup, and so forth. Text ads appear in both search engine results and in websites that have partnered with Google in the form of Adsense. The most common one to use in Adwords is from Google Places, which will link your Google Places account to your ad.
Keri Honea graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master of Arts degree in Technical Communications and from Baylor University with a Bachelor Arts degree in English Literature. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Search agencies should shoulder some of the blame for that, often unwilling to share knowledge about techniques and approaches for fear of SEO and PPC being taken in house. I’d advise any marketer trying to get his or her board to take search marketing seriously, especially creative PPC, to set up a P&L report outside of the organisation’s marketing budget purely to track the ROI on search marketing campaigns.
PR, creative content, copywriting, market segmentation, web development, social marketing, DM and other marketing staples can all be given a new focus and given a new set of metrics through search. Penn and E.Kinney Zalesne explain in their best seller Microtrends, "People have never been so sophisticated, more individualistic, or more knowledgeable about the choices they make in their daily lives. A search focused brand (being there when the customer is warm to or in need of its services or products) is more useful than one that insists on deploying old techniques to interrupt people’s lives with irrelevant noise. That gives marketers a great opportunity to flip the conventional marketing communications mind set. This is the reason that I find it extraordinary that search isn’t understood by more of the marketing community. Google estimates that only 17% of UK business sites are optimised for mobile, and yet more and more traffic is coming from non-PC devices (mobiles, tablets, TVs). Good marketing is still about creating useful, interesting and influential ideas but now you can measure the results scientifically.
Representatives from Google and Bing will be sharing insights on what to avoid and search engine best practices. However, Google and other search engines have been inserting paid ads into search results so these numbers are going down. What they do once they reach your site is entirely dependent upon how targeted your ads are and the content or products you have on the site.
However, including PPC campaigns can be beneficial as well, especially for sales, special occasions, or any time when a little extra traffic, more interaction, or even more sales are needed.  SEO is definitely the better choice for anyone on a strict budget, and for anyone looking for long term results, but PPC definitely has its advantages as well. That data has been factored back into our PPC program design to keep the design up to date and relevant.
We utilize this data in determining the precise website content updates that we should make on each clients website. Our program and approach works equally well for local, regional or national floral design centers. Your order volume is being negatively impacted by national floral firms selling heavily discounted flower arrangements, shipped to homes in a box!

Our approach has allowed the Carithers family to dramatically increase their sales, lower their dependence on wire in orders and to steadily grow their business, even in a tough economy. We have included exceptional graphics, including; slides, page banners and email blast artwork. All of these ads are pay-per-click ads, meaning that the advertiser is only charged for the ads when a search engine user clicks on them. As a rule of thumb, never use single word keywords in search engine marketing; always use two to three word phrases. One adgroup could be set for gourmet coffee beans, another for espresso beans, another for decaffeinated beans, and so on.
Once your groups are set, then it is time to create your ads based on your keywords for the adgroup. Media-rich ads only appear on partnered websites, called the Display Network, a topic I will cover at a later date. Doing so will automatically show your address with the ad in Google Search, and the ad will appear in Google Maps. Keri thought she wanted to go to law school, and after a few years of working as a paralegal for various law firms, she has returned to her writing roots. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. However, a white paper published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing ‘The Future of Marketing’ illustrated that marketers are often culturally their own worst enemy, ‘failing to account for their often considerable budgets, falling back on dull and uninspiring campaigns and floundering when questioned on the financial impact of their strategies’.
For example, YouTube’s use of skippable ads on relevant video content (only chargeable to the advertiser if they are actually watched) is brilliant for both marketers and audiences. The starting point should no longer be about how you can reach your customers but rather how easy and attractive it is for them to reach you. According to Cisco’s VNI global IP traffic forecast) only 3% of Internet traffic originated with non-PC devices in 2010, but by 2015 the non-PC share of internet traffic will grow to 15%.
A recent post from SMX’s blog which offers 10 reasons to attend the conference lays out additional benefits for attending the event and other surprises attendees can look forward to.
At eNIDUS, SEO is not only about aiding you to reach the heights; it is about keeping you at the summit. PPC can be cost effective for small campaigns but also very expensive for larger campaigns.
We also integrate the data into our social media marketing program and we factor this data back into our pay per click strategies as well.
For the past 4 years we have run the program for Carithers, delivering stunning results every step of the way!
Not to mention ever shrinking profit margins from the wire in orders and rising expenses related to labor, delivery, advertising and the perishable products you have to buy. In addition the resource center is loaded with great SEO tools and information designed to help our floral clients to achieve a competitive advantage over their peer group. Text ads can be written and approved in minutes, and they are best for promoting products and services, whereas media-rich ads are better for brand recognition. Since starting at Content Solutions, she has immersed herself in not just writing and editing, but search engine optimization, web analytics, and social media marketing. Is there any other profession where so few senior people believe in what they do each and every day? It’s time for search marketing to be a staple item (not to say the only item) in every marketer’s campaign toolkit. Google+ also has the promise of customers being able to see sites, brands and services that their friends recommend, bringing a new social dimension to people’s search experience. It’s time to step up and get accountable, to innovate and get to grips with a new analytical approach to marketing. We utilize Google ecommerce analytics, conversion tracking and call tracking and recording to gather performance results information.
We specifically tailored our advertising program to help you overcome these issues and to in fact flourish in spite of them.
Florists we serve have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, password protected access to this portion of our website. Research picked up on when he said that marketing is going to become a much more science-driven activity. Be the brand and voice that gives the consumer the information every time they hit the search icon or face irrelevance. Using this live performance data, our team is able to refine and finely tune our tactics, bidding strategies and overall approach as we go.
If you are ready to drive your own sales leads, lesson your dependence on wire in orders, increase your sales and drive sustained revenue growth for your firm, you really need to contact us! Marketers who fail to adapt to that this shift in the use of data and analytics are going to get left behind. Before you get too far in over your head and try to make sense of the not-so-helpful Online Help, here’s a quick run-down of this terminology and how you should use them to make the most out of your search engine marketing efforts.

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