Serv-U's file sharing homepage shows recently sent files and recent requests for files. OzmosisESP is a care collaboration platform that enables hospital systems and life science firms to drive collaboration around any clinical content, user group and workflow. OzmosisESP aggregates content from any source, including clinical applications and social insights shared by staff and clinicians, making it simple to find, share and discuss critical information. To create a collaborative care model, a healthcare organizations must weave its social strategy and tools into its underlying content and workflows to engage physicians and coordinate care. When properly integrated into clinical and administrative workflows, social tools enable staff and clinicians to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with anyone, anytime and from anywhere. Building a collaborative model around underlying content and workflows will enable any healthcare organization to transform care and engage patients, providers and partners as a social business. Drive the adoption of Health IT and achieve meaningful use by sharing best practices among any target population of healthcare organizations or provider groups. Improve care coordination and reduce costs by enabling a collaborative care model where patients, providers and payors can communicate and collaborate more effectively together.

Collaborating across departments, regional offices, or with third parties means sharing large volumes of documents.
We keep your data locked away in the same super secure data centres as major financial institutions and hold industry-recognized North American, European, and international security certifications.
Make your dataroom your own with numerous features designed to integrate our platform directly into your business infrastructure. Limitless integration opportunities are available when connecting with existing enterprise systems. Talk to us about your project, and we’ll build a data room perfectly matched to your needs. We do customized onsite or virtual training sessions to meet the needs of your employees and business partners. Send us your hard drive, and we’ll send back a fully populated, meticulously organized data room. Once the deal is done, we’ll provide a fully compliant, archived version of projects and data feeds.

Our award-winning representatives will work closely with you and your business to get your secure document sharing platform up and running, and tailored to your specific needs. From custom branding to our API, there’s virtually no limit to how much you can tailor the way you use our data rooms to fit your needs. File recipients and guests who are invited to send files receive an email with a link to the file and instructions. Optional fields let you add a personal message, override expiration settings, and set a password to protect your files. At this point, all file recipients will get an email with the file link, brief instructions for downloading their files, and any message you added. Just as with sending files, you'll have options to add a personal message, override expiration settings, and set a password to protect access to the invitation.

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