Sound is probably the second most used sense in marketing.  Think radio, which is pure sound.
Print is by its very nature tactile, but we wanted to find some examples which went beyond the basics.  How about these? This  Dove Scratch Card direct mail campaign in Canada was designed to show women how other products might damage their skin. Smell is often associated with food.  One notable Australian campaign was the launch of Heston for Coles Lemon Myrtle Hot Cross Buns in Easter last year.
Tasty print advertising?  Well, you need to choose your paper carefully, but that’s exactly what Fanta did for this campaign. Or finally, the awe-inspiring edible cookbook.  A combination of touch, smell and taste almost beyond belief! This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 at 6:19 am and is filed under Blog, Fulfilment Services, Print Management. Personalised Direct Mail – 7 Fantastic Case StudiesPersonalised Direct Mail is more than just 'Dear John' letters!
Iconic British luxury brand Burberry, for example, uses social networks to offer sneak peeks to product and behind the scenes info to loyalists…to hosting major marketing campaigns such as the Burberry World Live experience launched in Taipei this past April to celebrate the opening of their Taipei flagship store.
This immersive grand opening event appears to target the largest population that make up Gen Y. The ideas and insights shared on SpeakEasy are intended to stimulate thought, inspire innovation and fuel breakthrough ideas that create a better future for people. Pauline has managed a number of key PR accounts and campaigns for a variety of businesses and has experience in crisis communications.
In her time away from the office, Pauline enjoys going to gym and practices advanced Pilates.
Donna has experience of both consumer and business-to-business PR, and manages a number of key accounts operating in a variety of industries including oil and gas service firms, professional services and hotels.

At the end of a busy week Donna likes nothing more than putting her feet up with a large glass of wine! Yvette has experience of both consumer and business-to-business PR and has written features, blogs and newspaper columns for national and local press as well as weekly magazines and trade publications. At the weekend Yvette can be found at the top of Scolty Hill trying to control her crazy dog or with her family planning their next trip abroad! Dannielle is a communications graduate with three years experience in the communications and PR industry, working with both B2B and B2C clients world-wide. Jenna MacCulloch is our Inverness-based PR account manager first point of call for our Highland clients.
A former award-winning journalist, Jenna has over six years experience in both print and broadcast media, formally holding the position of chief reporter at one of the top newspaper titles in the Highlands, before making the move into the PR industry. Jenna has experience in consumer and business-to-business PR, PR crisis and managing accounts in the tourism, food and drink and renewables industry. Born and bred Inverness, Jenna is passionate about all things Highland and loves nothing more than sampling locally sourced cuisine in restaurants. Olfactory marketing has been used for years, and usually the objective is to use appealing scents and create a positive branding message. The mailer shows pictures of seven Democratic office holders from the Empire State, six of whom have been investigated.
Roger Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing (Wiley). Frank and Verilliance, I agree that there’s a lot of risk in triggering a negative emotional response (and long-term association) by making your own mailing stink.
Scent Marketing is how businesses are breaking though the mundane and overused marketing gimmicks to reach customers emotionally. We believe every transaction has the potential to be a personalised and influential interaction that in turn can inspire many more.

But Gemma Calvert and Dr Abhishek Pathak, of the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, claim in a recent issue of Admap that visual alone simply doesn’t work any more. Combining a 360 degree film, a live musical performance and digital weather experience, Burberry World Live creates a multi sensory experience that is the first to blur the physical and digital dimensions of the brand. While Millennials may not have the means to buy luxury products now, being active in their communities (socially and physically) will help form preferences and foster relationships for future purchases. SpeakEasy is authored by the restless minds at Little, a national, multi-disciplinary design firm. She then went on to enjoy the glamorous world of consumer marketing before jumping ship to the even more glitzy PR business in London. Her specialisms include oil and gas and property, and recently she completed the Basic Drilling Awareness course at Aberdeen Drilling School and oil and gas training at the University of Aberdeen. It's finally being innovative enough to involve the strongest of the five human senses in a marketing campaign.
Our ambition is to unlock the true potential in everything we do – from single channel briefs to large-scale global brand strategies. Creativity, consumer intelligence and cutting-edge technology offer a set of bespoke participation tools that make meaningful, contagious and measurable connections with the right audiences. It’s also worth noting how cleverly the sensory marketing points are linked the services charity Age UK offers. So why is it that they are leading the way by reaching the largest audience through sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and others. We help brands like McDonald’s, Carlsberg, adidas and more thrive in our new world of mass connectivity and influence.

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