We offer an extensive range of services ensuring our projects and products are well rounded and impressively implemented. We've worked on some impressive projects over the years, each one carefully designed and built to our clients' needs. Have a look through our featured portfolio items and case studies by clicking on the right, see if there's something you like.
While we love working with our clients, we also have our own ideas and dreams that occupy our spare time. Here's a list of our in-house work - all built from the ground up, from the idea and strategy to the design and development.
Challenge: The key was to understand Rovos Rail’s vision, taking what they’re passionate about and translating that into SEO ranking content, with the intent of exposing a new target audience to their luxury brand.
Solution: We implemented a rich content strategy, with the intent of expanding the landing pages available on the site, thus increasing its domain authority and SEO-weighting.
Results: 214% increase in organic traffic and 231% increase in non-brand organic traffic from June 2012 to Aug 2013. THE CHALLENGE C the World’s site was not appropriate for their target market – a more mature audience.
THE CHALLENGE We were tasked with providing the client with a fresh, modern new look and feel for their website, whilst also ensuring that it was fully responsive across multiple mobile and desktop devices, as well as being SEO-friendly.
Project Trapped was an integrated campaign for efferflu C Immune Booster aiming to demonstrate how it feels to get stuck inside when you have the flu.
Challenge: Create a promotional Formula 1, user-friendly mobile app with constantly updated content and an interactive component. Challenge: In South Africa, Technical Universities are seen as inferior to their traditional University Counterparts.

Challenge: Insurance is a phenomenally competitive industry within South Africa and, as a result, Adwords keyword bids within this field are incredibly expensive.
Challenge: To redevelop the Sotheby’s website from the ground up, focusing on UX, design and the restructuring of content. Web SEO Online Marketing SpecialistsWeb SEO is an online marketing agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. We also offer website analysis and audit services to help you determine the needs of your website and online campaign. Muito observador, calculista e firme, o comportamento de Baker pode indicar tracos de cinismo impaciente, mas ele possui um grande senso de responsabilidade etica. With over a decade of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, we’ve managed to establish a strong footprint in Cape Town. If our clients are achieving success, then so are we – the only way a relationship can stand the test of time. The landscape of digital marketing is extremely volatile and we do not believe in multi-teared management, but rather a focus on nimbly staying ahead of trends and therefore ensuring our clients number one objective – increased business.
We've worked in the same office as well as spread out across Cape Town, France and London over the years (kudos Skype and Basecamp), working with local and international clients. Our team gets to work in the manner that suits them best encouraging each to take pride in the quality of their work. We're here to assist you with the execution, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. The content on their site was extremely limited, offering very little information on what each of their journeys offered. We took each journey and expanded on its highlights and attractions, including strategic keywords and deep links in every article.

In the same period, we experienced a 92% increase in landing pages that drove traffic, and a 167% increase in indexed pages.
Solution: We created a cross-platform mobile app that is slick, fun and easily navigable with strong visuals and an emphasis on news and content. Solution: The website’s sophisticated design is modern, streamlined and easily navigable, enabling people to locate real estate fitting their exact specifications. Veterano de 3 guerras, Baker era o agente da SAS mais velho em atividade ate ser recrutado pela Rainbow.
In 2011 we expanded nationally and that was followed about international expansion a few years later. This was negatively influencing their SEO rankings and traffic, while also frustrating users who were unable to source the information that they required. We focused on digital storytelling and the idea of using narrative to entice people to venture to exotic locations. Rovos became the number one ranking destination for relevant keywords, including “luxury train travel”. We have two sides to our business, our digital marketing side that focuses on SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing and our development side where we design and develop websites. We increased Rovos’ online presence, enabling their brand to be found by users browsing various terms, in various areas, thereby growing the online visibility of our chosen keywords – and in turn, ensured Rovos reached an extended audience.
O "PS" Family logo e uma marca registrada e "PS4" e uma marca de logotipo plataforma Software Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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