If you manage or write for an ecommerce blog, one of your main goals is to have people actually see your content and more ambitiously, to rank on Google search. In addition to SEO updates, an easy way to send Google consistent signs that your content is relevant is through Google Plus. Being actively social as an author or brand on Google Plus can actually increase the Google search visibility of your blog articles or brand content.
One of the first and very important steps for Google Plus SEO is to link your author page on WordPress (or a related blog software) with your Google Plus Page. This whole process is very basic Google Plus SEO and should only take you about 10 minutes tops.
CPC Strategy is a retail-focused Search agency that uses a proprietary Search optimization process to drive conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent.
When it comes to local SEO, most local business owners and professional service providers are often clueless when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to locally-focused companies, Google local SEO can beneficial and practiced in-house with some know-how. If you are a business owner and you want to capitalize on Google local SEO, you will need to capitalize on long tailed keywords. You should get featured on as many listings as possible if you want to promote your business far and wide. Even though it can be extremely tedious and time consuming to find the directories to list your website on, it will be worth the time and effort. The mobile devices have a higher lead to conversion ratio because most people are using them to access the internet nowadays. You can leverage popular social media platforms such Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to increase the ranking of your website on search engines. Some of the things you will need to do to leverage Google+ for local SEO is make sure that you have an attractive SEO title, avoid going overboard with the content you post, put your links in the Link Attachment area in order to get the benefit of a DoFollow link, and track every piece content you post on Google+. If you are looking to grow targeted traffic that converts, local search will be a very powerful tool for your business. This entry was posted in Business, On The Web, Technology and tagged design, directories, Facebook, Google, keywords, local seo, marketing, mobile, moz, optimization, promotion, re-design, search engine optimization, seo, social media, Twitter, web development, websites.Bookmark the permalink. Google's recent changes to their search results pages threw paid search marketers for a loop, but what about organic search practitioners?
Removing the ads from the right rail of Google search results pages was a long time coming (well, a long time for digital).
It only makes sense that Google would eventually react to how searchers are adapting to the line of links they are used to by taking away the right bar.
While I understand why SEO professionals might worry, I don’t think the recent move to showing up to four ads above organic results will have a profound effect on organic search. All that said, no one trying to improve organic search traffic could be happy with the addition of extra ads before the 10 blue organic links.
When determining which keywords you are going to pursue, search each term to see what kind of search results layout you are going to be competing within. Review your top keyword targets to see if the SERP layout pushes organic results far down the page, and adjust strategy when necessary. Also, note SERP layouts that include other results you can target, such as videos, images or featured snippets. With more ads showing up on top, the local 3-pack is getting pushed down — and this pushes the organic results below the fold. This really highlights the importance of a solid local SEO strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses. Many have expressed their concern about the new SERP layout and are calling out Google for their greed. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
Mozbar is one of the amazing extensions that allow you to have a comparative evaluation of various sites within a short duration.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Wokbench extension provides precise keyword search solutions. Social media has of late provided an avenue to attract a high traffic for online marketing. Awesome Screenshot Google Chrome Extension makes the internet marketing interactive, interesting and effective. This spectacular SEO extension is the core SEO Google Chrome application that is able to capture data that relates to the entire Search Engine Optimization activities. The above 5 SEO Google Chrome Extensions are some of the Google Chrome Extensions that you can take advantage.
This entry was posted in Contemporary and tagged efficient google chrome extension for seo, google chrome extension for seo, seo google chrome extensions by Himadri Subrah Saha. Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie.
Make sure your name is the same for both your Google Plus profile as well as your WordPress profile (the name that appears when you publish blog posts). Now scroll down to “Contact Info,” and where it says “Google+,” paste your Google Plus profile URL. Don’t expect immediate results when searching for your posts in Google search results because it takes some time for them to validate this.
Jon heads up email marketing, content strategy, co-marketing, and revenue cycle efficiency. Our focused suite of data-driven solutions helps retailers own bottom-of-the-funnel traffic.
They often have a notion of what SEO seeks to achieve, but many business professionals, even those in marketing, have no idea at where to begin. Below are four ways that you can use to leverage local SEO to promote your business in 2016.
But since Google’s algorithm throws a lot of weight to larger directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages, it can be really difficult to reach the top ten in some of these terms. If your website is listed across major directories and online maps, it is going to give your local strategy a really huge benefit.
To make the process easier, you can take advantage of free tools that allow you to scan sites and check how you are ranking locally. Here you can see actionable insights to get listed on relevant directories, helping to promote and proliferate your business across the web, all while supporting your local SEO efforts.
You just have to make sure that your mobile site is friendly for it to attract a lot of visitors. Whether you’re doing search engine optimization for surgeons or a local retailer, by using the above-mentioned tips, your business will start moving up the ranking. This is also further evidence of Google’s continued gravitation toward being a mobile-first search engine, since the right column of ads was not visible on mobile search. While we can’t change the SERP layout, there are a few ways we can react to maintain a solid SEO strategy. With so much variation in SERP layouts and the potential to have up to four ads before organic results, strategic keyword research is even more important. I recommend placing a higher priority on keywords that have fewer ads between the organic results and the top of the page. Below are just a few examples of SERPs related to muffler repair that still favor organic results. If local SEO is relevant to you, I recommend focusing on getting into the local 3-pack to stay above the fold. For example, if you see your blog post is being outranked by video results, consider making a video, posting it on YouTube and embedding it in the blog post. I’m here to reassure SEOs that the sky is not falling, and everything is still okay in organic search.
The scenario has been adapted by advance virtual marketing techniques across the web applications board.
The application is a time saver compared to other SEO tools; however, it is very vital to note that MozBar is highly resourceful.
This SEO Chrome application is widely used and popular amongst internet marketers as it provides an in-depth analysis on each and every keyword.

One of the tools that you can consider to enlist in your 5 SEO Google Chrome Extensions of your preference is the SEO Site Tool. This feature allows customized screenshotting of a specific section that one is interested. Basically, Chrome SEO Plus relays all the information about the traffic flow in to your site. For instance, you can add your city or location to the keywords in order to narrow down your approach, start ranking quickly, and drive more targeted traffic to your website. It is aimed at impacting the ranking of websites depending on their mobile-friendly status. This may require a mobile website re-design, or potentially mobile web development services to build you  a mobile-friendly website. People are also scanning the page faster by taking only eight or nine seconds to click, down from 14 to 15 seconds in the 2005 study. We have to continue to evolve and adapt to a mobile-first world, which means less on sidebars and faster scanning through search results. Currently, some of the internet options that have proved to be efficient are the SEO Google Chrome Extensions.
It utilizes OpenSiteExplorer platform to display link metrics that comprehensively overlay search results. However, the screenshot application is designed in such away you can be able to access the entire web site or page. It allows you to have the accurate statistical data that will be able to help you evaluate Google PageRank position. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly.
He enjoys Bear Grylls-like backpacking trips, archery, weekend getaways in Southern California, watching his beloved Chicago Bears, and bidaily coffee consumption. Local search on mobile devices can help promote your business and make it known by many people across the world. With just a few tweaks on your Google Plus profile and business page, you can build a very strong foundation for SEO success. As you go about online optimization, you have an option to implore various top Google Chrome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Extensions.
This gives you an advantage over your competitors to refine your site and make it highly optimized attracting massive web traffic.
Consequently, you will be able to evaluate your position against your competitors’ position on a specific keyword.
Further, the tool amazingly delivers the result in various segments for easy comprehension. Apart from your site ranking, the extension also evaluates your social media shares and backlinks flow. From this chrome superior extensions list you will be able to formulate your preferred 5 SEO Google Chrome Extensions.
Additionally, Mozbar relay a detailed SEO data that comprise of Meta, link metrics, title tag amidst other site information. Hence, this Google chrome feature is vital as it monitors the actual applications that have direct impact on your internet marketing SEOs campaigns. This allows fresh ideas or useful data to be added onto the page for other user’s consumption. Once the editing process is completed there are several options available to upload the edited piece of the screenshot. A boutique agency in Atlanta focused on results and ROI with SEO and Content Marketing for our clients. Since the person behind that website probably knew that you would be looking for terms like “Spaghetti” or “Chicken Parmesan” or “Orzo,” along with “Italian Food Atlanta,” then there is a very good chance that the site was optimized with such words.Can you guess which restaurant may be getting a visit from someone in the area craving Chicken Parmesan for lunch?Reviews. Local and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with Business 2 Community.

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