We talk a lot about what Google doesn’t like, and you can find that advice spread across our blog. If you exchange links with a few other relevant websites in your industry, you’re alright. If you’re exchanging links for money, Google will eventually catch on and you will be penalized. You can syndicate your articles to relevant pages and places, but make sure yours is canonical and be sensible about it. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. More and more people are now focusing on Social Media Marketing which is also known as SMM. Search engines use highly complex algorithms to determine the authority of a website on a given topic. Of the many methods that are available to webmasters to create backlinks, some methods are encouraged, while others are not. Reciprocal linking was a favorite practice among web designers for a long time in helping them build backlinks. Free Bonus: Click here to get access to a free PDF checklist that shows you how to execute all 16 of the techniques from this post (the checklist also includes 2 bonus strategies).
But in my experience, the STRUCTURE of your content is just as important as the writing itself. You’re looking at content that 6,000 people have shelled out cold hard cash to get access to. Bucket Brigades are an old school copywriting tactic that were originally designed to keep people reading sales letters.
A good chunk of that above-average Time on Page is due to the fact that I sprinkle Bucket Brigades into every post. Bottom line: whenever you have a section where someone may get bored and leave, add a Bucket Brigade.
Google bolds those terms because it considers them VERY similar to the keyword you just searched for. You can generate boatloads of extra organic traffic when you also brand your techniques and strategies. You’ve probably heard about The Skyscraper Technique, my 3-step strategy for getting more organic traffic to your site. And if people post something in a forum, you can bet your butt that they also search for the same thing in Google. First, optimize your page just like you normally would (If you need a hand, check out these 14 advanced on-page SEO strategies). If a lot of results pop up (like with this example), add those words and phrases to your post.
With giants like Amazon littering the first page, it’s not easy running an ecommerce site to practice effective SEO. Check to see if the first page for the long tail keyword is less competitive than the one you’re currently targeting. As soon as you’ve added long tail copy to your product and category pages, move onto the next SEO copywriting secret on the list. For example, in my post on building an email list, I include benefit-rich copy in most of my subheadings.
Start your introduction off with an idea or concept that a Google searcher will agree with.
Now I’ve got a mini case study that will show you how to reveal even more LSI keywords that you can use.
Now it’s time to show you another proven strategy for attracting more clicks to your site. If you reply to a query with top-notch info, you can land mentions from some pretty baller sites. 9 times out of 10, the journalist chooses an angle like this because there’s growing interest in that topic. Click the image below and enter your email to get access to my FREE SEO copywriting checklist PDF. Trust me Brian, your website is so resourceful I’m probably discovering and learning new stuff daily not weekly !!!! The phrases “white hat” and “black hat” are loaded guns, and we only use them because they’re so ubiquitous.
Before you head straight to the comment section and write a rage-fueled rant, let me point out the fact that these are generalized statements.

As we’ve said several times, it’s a bit ironic to put the word “optimizer” in your title if you aren’t doing any actual testing for optimization. As all white hat SEOs already know, these tactics aren’t worth investing in if you care about long term results.
It’s a basic lesson that marketers in every other field understand quite well: it’s okay to pay for results.
Unfortunately, the whole “don’t buy links” mentality has really hurt our ability to think of SEO as a “put money in and get money out” field of marketing. Buying links – While we can’t straight up buy links or even offer “free products and services” in exchange for links, it’s perfectly fine to hire talent from people with influence on the web. Private blog networks – While setting up a private link network of sites that “pretend” not to be associated with you is a terrible idea if you care about a long-term online presence, we can take a page from the basic approach. Pay for inclusion in networks – Joining a link network, especially a publicly advertised one, is an extremely bad idea for brands.
Pay for tools – While fully automated link building tools are an awful idea, tools like Followerwonk can make link building outreach much more effective and efficient. SEO is business. We need to speak the language of ROI, and think about more innovative and effective ways to spend money, if we wish to be taken seriously.
And yet, it’s clear that some black hats can make a lot of money very quickly by taking advantage of loopholes in the algorithm. When there’s an opportunity to make money today, you should take advantage of it, as long as it doesn’t compromise the future of your brand. While it can be useful for SEO agencies to distance themselves from spammers, it can also become dangerous if it limits your thinking. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
What happens when a designer from the Netherlands and an internet marketing consultant from Miami toss around ideas?
This includes sending out free samples in exchange for links or any other ticky-tacky workaround. Using low-quality article farms or guest-posting on unrelated blogs is one of Google’s oldest pet peeves. Google’s algorithms can sniff out an automated link a mile away, and they are a bannable offense. Gaining back link is consider to be the most important activity for website visibility on targeted keywords. However, Article Marketing was extremely popular SEO technique from 2000-2013, but recent updates in Google search have reduced the efficiency of Article Marketing.
The number of backlinks you have is an indicator to search engines of the authority or popularity of your website.
Natural link building occurs when the site content and website is shared throughout the web manually by webmasters. Schedule an appointment with us, or fill out the form if you would like to ask us a question!
Brian’s techniques have made me become a much better blogger and a have a relaxed schedule.
The truth is, when you tell yourself you are a “white hat,” you can end up fooling yourself into thinking that your strategy will always work, and Google will never turn it back on you. While there are plenty of excellent number crunchers on the “inbound” side of SEO, like, say, Dr. I’m simply saying that more white hats are guilty of this particular offense than black hats. There’s just no excuse to leave money on the table by relying on assumptions instead of hard facts.
They will buy links, pay for inclusion in networks, pay for automated link-building tools, buy multiple IP hosting, and buy sites to set up their own private blog networks. For the black hats who know how to do it, these tactics can make a quick buck, but they are very far removed from the brand building that legitimate businesses need to survive.
Marketers buy ad space on television networks, they pay per click, they hire talent, and they invest.
The over-emphasis on guest posts and link-begging has led some of us to believe that you just can’t offer money to people when you’re trying to establish an online presence.
It’s perfectly legitimate to buy blogs, redirect them to folders or subdomains on your site, and when possible, hire the blogger. Reporting tools like AdvancedWebRanking make it easier to track and learn from your campaigns, and tools like KISSmetrics can teach us about our individual customer’s behavior. They’re interested in strategies that will continue to work for years and years, because they don’t want to throw their clients under the bus, and lose their reputation virtually overnight.

Sites can rank for ridiculously competitive terms like “car insurance” in 3 days using links from hacked websites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of the way Google’s algorithm works today, as long as you can justify what you are doing as legitimate marketing, and as long as you are investing the revenue in strategies that will continue to work for the long haul. Ethics are crucial for the success of your business, but they shouldn’t be used as an excuse to plug your ears and cover your eyes.
Think about it this way, if you were able to find the automation software, so is Google, and they’ve trained their bots to recognize the scent.
Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will use these links to assess the order in which their search results are displayed.
When the backlink comes from a location that is relevant to your website and is an established authority on the topic, it is considered a higher quality backlink and will weigh more in your favor than a link from a website that has nothing to do with your topic. With the exposure in the right places on relevant websites, you begin to share traffic loads with other websites and all websites benefit.
The goal was to boost rankings and muscle their way into search engine results with loads and loads of low quality links.
First, brainstorm which keywords are the most important or relevant to your website, build a list, and prioritize it. Worse still, you can close your mind off to insights that dramatically improve business results.
If you don’t already understand why it’s absolutely vital for SEO to be crystal clear and ethical in the years going forward, take a look at what we wrote over at Search Engine Journal.
Pete, your average white hat SEO is less likely to put things to the test than your average black hat SEO. It’s strange how few SEOs (on either side of the fence) actually test their pet theories about the algorithm, or run the numbers to see how well their cherished tactics and strategies are playing out.
Sites that rank using these kinds of tactics are short-lived at best, and eventually get struck down by algorithm updates, manual reviews, or user spam reports. And there certainly are white hat SEOs who understand just how incredible results can be when you have money to invest. Advertorials (not to mention advertisements) are an incredible way to increase exposure, when used properly. If you website has more high quality backlinks than your competitor, you’re on the right track to ranking higher in the search engine. An example of this would be a website that reviews restaurants getting links from restaurants. They use these complex methods to make sure that the results for any given search are the most relevant to that topic so that their users are satisfied and keep coming back for answers and information.
There are also services such as linkfarms where webmasters can purchase or barter massive lists of links all at once.
Rather than one visit going to one website, with a backlink that visitor might visit two or three related websites. Google and other search engines are aware of this, however, and their updates work to discount practices like this to continue to make sure that the results they display in their search engine are relevant. When you hire microcelebrities, influential bloggers, well-known photographers, and so on, you will attract traffic, and you will earn links. If that same website about restaurant reviews was linked to by an insurance agency, the link would not weigh as much. These activities produce a spike in link generation and can cause your website to be flagged by a search engine and possibly sandboxed or blacklisted (removed temporarily or permanently from the search results altogether, respectively). With the same principle applying to all three (or more) websites, their traffic has the potential to easily triple.
You just need to be willing to hire people who always earn natural links, no matter what they do.
Traffic turns into links, and if the content is better, it turns into more, higher quality links.
Once enough data is collected by the search engines on a given site, they can determine quite easily if the backlinks that have been created occurred naturally or otherwise.
That’s how Google works outside of the most competitive niches, and it’s a fact that you can use to build entirely natural links with ad exposure. Not to mention the fact that buying no-follow links for the referral traffic is perfectly fine, and seriously underrated.

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