If you’re a sole trader, small business or a start-up it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself or within your team in order to cut costs.
Yes, it’s right you need to spend money to make money, but be careful what is you’re spending your time or your money on. Whilst your admin person or your partner might have a natural flair for creating witty Facebook updates, they will come a point when you need to look at the effectiveness of what they’re doing.
Think about how much you would pay monthly for a full time member of staff, then half it, and you should be able to find a great agency to support you with years of expertise. And if you do enlist the help of an agency, for a monthly retainer you may be able to call on a whole host of services that you’d never be able to access from your team alone. What’s more, instead of worrying about the other parts of your business, your outsourced marketing will focus purely on what they’re best at, leaving your internal team to concentrate on your bottom line.
It often pays off more to design yourself specific cover photo and background with your company colours, logo and any essential information you want to show off, as it were.
Your bio is also a very important factor, especially when it comes down to whether or not someone decides to follow your account.
To fully take advantage of the bio, you should be aware that words you have written in there will also help you show up on the search engines. Your account name, sometimes referred to as a ‘handle’, should be recognisable, easy to remember and relevant to your company. Following local people and businesses as well as influential accounts to keep your feed useful, relevant and easy to communicate with. Overall, whatever colours, logos and branding you do use and whatever you put in your bio – you should always have one thing at the front of your action plan and the top of your mind: your brand values and your social media objectives! If you are aware of what you need to do to optimise your Twitter profile, you will understand that in order to manage it successfully, you need a routine.
With cyber monday, black friday and the likes, it is clear that 2013 has very much seen a rise of online shoppers.
Whilst 2013 has seen a definite increase in the use of online shopping, 2014 is set to be even more tech-based when it comes to sales. Whether you earned a successful profit from your online sales in 2013 or are reading this to learn how you could improve yours- there are always the same basic steps to keep in mind when managing your website. The term SEO often scares a lot of people off as they assume it’s awfully technical and complicated, and far above their internet knowledge. We offer a range of specified SEO marketing packages to help get your business to the top of the search engines.
To ensure they don’t, there are some things you should make sure your website does for them. The ‘power of social media’ has been big news for a few years now and things haven’t changed.
Winning at social media can be easy if you have the time to put into it- and it is a full time job. Our social media packages work with each business individually to assess the best marketing strategy for your brand.
Some of those who are reading this may have seen a recent documentary from Channel 4’s Dispatches team.
The business lost its first page ranking for the target keyword, disappearing completely from the results.
In this article, we’ll look at the basics of inbound marketing and define some DIY techniques you can use to create your own campaign today. Inbound marketing is becoming increasingly popular because of its links with SEO, lower costs and opportunity for creative and dynamic elements. Perhaps the most important building block for a good inbound marketing campaign is a well optimised website. Mailing lists have a bad reputation thanks to spammy outbound marketing techniques, but an email list is still a very valuable tool.
The key to developing your inbound marketing campaign is to look for customers and help them to find you – don’t force your message in front of them. Due to the economical progress the world is facing with, more and more companies adopt the online marketing provided by a SEO services company.
Besides this relevant information, in order to make the correct choice when it comes to choosing the SEO services company to collaborate with, you must also take into consideration some facts and factors. Moreover, there has to be made some research over the testimonials of a SEO services company.
Overall, your company does indeed need the usage of such experts, but you have to be aware when choosing the suitable SEO team.
Logistics Marketing Group offers several SEO services for small to medium sized businesses that are able to fit into any budget. Our team of SEO professionals will work with your business to develop a SEO services strategy specific to your market niche to increase your web traffic and drive sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Logistics Marketing Group will optimize your website so that customers can find you in the “organic search” or the body of search engine listings. Social Media:  Logistics Marketing Group can implement a social media campaign which would allow friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter to receive information about your business.
Key Word Analysis:  Logistics Marketing Group will research to find the top key words (searches), that will yield the highest conversions for your business. Link Building:  Logistics Marketing Group will develop a linking strategy that will drive traffic to your business and help optimize your website. SEO is becoming very quality focussed due to the fact that Google is tightening and strengthening its algorithms to ensure readers are provided with quality.
Your website is aimed at individuals and not search engines, so remember to optimise it with people in mind.
This can be good for two reasons: to help your site gain recognition and to link you and your site to those content-rich sites.
Searching via mobiles is already overtaking searching on desktops and laptops so ensure you site is mobile friendly by design and functionality.
It is important to associate your site with other quality sites as this will show up on search engines. Above all, it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of your site content, your engagements, your posts, your connections and your links.
TweetLa popularidad de las redes y medios sociales ha crecido exponencialmente durante los ultimos anos, y es innegable que, actualmente, la presencia de una empresa o marca en la web debe ir mucho mas alla del SEO o posicionamiento en buscadores tradicional.  El Social Media Marketing, no solo nos permite nuevas y variadas formas de llegar a nuestros clientes, sino que potencia la visibilidad de nuestra marca o sitio web en los buscadores.
Crear paginas de empresa en Facebook se torna casi imprescindible, ya que todas ellas son indexadas por Google y las mas relevantes pueden posicionar realmente bien para terminos competitivos.
De igual modo, los videos de Youtube relevantes aparecen de forma muy destacada en la busqueda universal de Google, por lo que crear un canal de Youtube y anadir contenidos multimedia de calidad se revela como una buena estrategia de posicionamiento en los SERP. Muy bueno el post, la verdad es que bien dices que todo no es Google, las redes sociales tienen un gran papel en este mundo y no nos tenemos que olvidar de ello. Este sitio usa cookies para personalizar el contenido y los anuncios, para ofrecer funciones de medios sociales y para analizar el trafico. La frase ‘el contenido es el rey’ esta muy manida, pero sigue siendo cierta a pesar del paso del tiempo.
Precisamente por ello aun cuesta creer que todavia existan empresas que no se hayan concienciado de la importancia de la combinacion de estrategias de Marketing de Contenidos y SEO. Parece que nos cuesta mezclar el SEO con otras estrategias, como ya pasa con su combinacion con el SEM.
Igualmente, el contenido de calidad fomenta su viralizacion, por lo que aumenta tambien el numero de links hacia dicho contenido. Sin duda, la clave del exito esta en una combinacion entre el Marketing de Contenidos y el SEO, dos estrategias que impulsaran nuestra web de la forma mas eficaz.

La combinacion perfecta aunque en muchas ocasiones dificil de conseguir de una manera muy optima. Marketing tends to be one of the last thing any business really wants to spend money on, and it’s easy to assume that because social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to use, that it’s free to market your business there.
It can often be that despite posting every day, sounding good and giving a lot of “love” to the page, you hit a wall and stay stagnant around 100 likes. You’ll spend time writing the ad, filtering applications, interviewing, negotiating and settling in. So if you’ve previously ignored the opportunities there are for bringing skilled contractors or agencies in to the business, think again.
They’ll take care of your online marketing, won’t need space in your office, won’t cost you extra in taxes and will have software and tools that you may not be able to justify spending on for your staff. Most agencies will be able to offer an hourly rate or day rate if you just want to spend a little before you commit.
Whether by a retweet, a hashtag or a search, if someone happens to come across your profile, you want it to be the best representation of your brand as possible.
Designing a cover photo for your profile using the specific dimensions and size guides will ensure that your image is positioned just how you want it.
If your profile appears in a list, then your bio is the main thing people will see, and will inevitably be how they judge you. If there is a specific term, key word or phrase you want people to find you with, then your bio is a good place to include it. Seeing as you’re only allowed 15 characters, your company name might be too long to have as on your account.
Following more accounts than the amount that follow you is however, very normal and expected, especially for someone who’s just starting out on Twitter. Many business owners just can’t find the time to do it themselves or can’t afford to hire an in-house marketer, which is why services such as our Social Media Management and SEO packages exist! As we know, the options are a lot more varied for shoppers these days; with more tablets, iPads, smartphones and laptops, people now have many choices as to how, where and when they choose to shop. This will mean that the competition between the quality and how user-friendly websites are is bound to rocket. It uses a range of techniques to assess your website, and depending on how it ranks means how far down it will show in the search menu. Innovative and modern web design can cost you a fortune and many would say it is worth the cost. If you already run an eCommerce business, then you will know the sorts things that your site needs to do.
Google will pick up on all of this and judge you on it; if there is too little it is probable that there is a lack of information there, whereas nobody wants to be faced with a page full of block text. There are so many platforms to share on that one can no longer guarantee the same effect as the other. Which is why many companies will tend to put their social media on the back-burner, although they are aware that being active on one or more social media accounts will benefit them and work in their favour.
The programme investigated the purchase of social media influence from companies in the UK and abroad. There is no way that these were natural – in their niche, the business would not have that many customers in an entire year. As Google tightens up its algorithms to prevent manipulation and spam, more and more businesses are turning to inbound marketing to help them generate revenue and get found by the customers who are looking to spend. Basically, inbound marketing can be summarised as non-intrusive; unlike outbound marketing, you don’t need to display a huge banner or use a megaphone to get noticed.
Don’t be scared of inviting people to sign up so that you can build a valuable list of interested leads. Write a book; ebooks are great providing you’re willing to give them away for free, but a print book is even better. Before you know it, you’ll be generating sales leads at a fraction of the price you paid before. Everyone dreams about founding a firm that will look good and gain profitability in a short period of time.
All people use the search engine to find several products, services, even information related to some interested topics. See what others have gained by using their services, how pleased they are with the results, how the entire process went along and other details stipulated by other people. Follow the steps mentioned above and you will end up working with real experts in the SEO domain, who will provide your business with a famous brand! A website without successful SEO, is the same as having your website floating in the middle of a vast ocean.
As a result, SEO is getting tougher and in order to maintain a good position in the search engine then it is important to add a touch of quality to your website and above all make the content of your site stand out from all the others. Make sure you have options on your site for sharing to social media and remain active on your networks. El buscador numero uno de internet confirmo oficialmente la influencia de los enlaces desde Twitter en el posicionamiento web. Es muy necesario que tengan muy en cuenta a las redes sociales y no solo la cantidad de enlaces pues se vuelve ya una guerra de conseguir enlaces, y listo, que la mayoria de las veces son robots. Ademas, compartimos informacion sobre el uso que haga del sitio web con nuestros partners de medios sociales, de publicidad y de analisis web.
No hay duda del potencial de Marketing de Contenidos en cualquier estrategia de Marketing Digital, especialmente en combinacion con el SEO. Para hacernos una idea, de acuerdo al estudio ‘State of Search Marketing Report’ de Econsultancy y SEMPO llevado a cabo a principios de este ano, un 45% de las empresas de 25 paises afirmaron que integraban el Marketing de Contenidos dentro de sus estrategias SEO. El SEO por si solo nos ayuda a subir posiciones en los rankings de busqueda, pero eso no siempre es suficiente.
El Marketing de Contenidos y el SEO son materias que se complementan y que mejoran la eficacia de uno y otro.
Con ello conseguiremos que Google (y el resto de buscadores) nos de puntos y mejore nuestro posicionamiento. Y es que, tal como se ha publicado en estudios como el de Quicksprout, las web con blog integrado suelen contar con un 434% mas de paginas indexadas en los buscadores.
Todo ello siguiendo los parametros de Google y el resto de buscadores, lo que, ademas, fomentara que dicho posicionamiento perdure en el tiempo. En mi opinion todo gestor de contenido tiene el reto de encontrar el equilibrio perfecto entre SEO y contenido de calidad e interesante para el usuario.Muy buena publicacion. Or would it be better to leave the professional marketing to the experts so that you and your team can concentrate on providing a service to your customers.
And you’ll have to pay the tax on your employee’s earnings too, as well as all the other glorious paperwork that goes along with hiring someone. You may eventually choose to sign a 3, 6 or 12 month contract, but won’t need to commit like you would with staff.
Have your logo and any other usable graphics you have associated with your brand on your Twitter profile. The best thing to do in this situation is to come up with a witty and or recognisable abbreviation of your name.
Just keep it in moderation, (say a two to one ratio) and only follow relevant accounts to your cause.
The competition is already high for eCommerce businesses due to the sheer size of the competition; you’re not just competing with other shops on the High Street anymore, but with companies located on all corners of the globe.

As long as your website is “Google-friendly” and uses a few basic SEO techniques such as regular updates, is user-friendly, responsive and uses specified keywords your website will get seen.
Because there is so much choice out there, people really do have the option to pick and choose where they buy their products from. Each type of business will tend to do better on one form of social media than another, purely because there are so many now. Not only will sharing on social media increase your general reach, (potentially thousands more people will see your brand via one post) it will help your SEO by giving you more backlinks to your website and regular updates as well as forming relationships and engaging with customers with ease. Businesses and celebrities who want to build up a following, whether for reasons of appearance or in an effort to boost their search rankings, are able to source hundreds of new fans and followers from overseas with just a few pounds. That’s right – buying social indicators is so bad for your SEO that rivals will attack you by doing it!
No other SEO work had been done recently, so the following results were purely due to the new influx of +1s. Luckily, it still appears in the local listings and is receiving some traffic that way, so the situation is not as bad as it could be – but can you rely on this? It’ll also make your website contents easier to find, so it’ll complement everything else you do. You can try publishing blogs via social media, posting guest blogs rich with unique content, or even creating videos. Then, offer your email list subscribers value in the form of a discount, some unique content or valuable extras and freebies. Build a healthy Google+ profile, spend time networking on LinkedIn and snap up opportunities to get your name and face known. The sooner you adopt inbound marketing methods and embrace them, the further ahead you’ll be when your competitors catch on. SEO services are a very cost effective form of advertising that targets a much larger audience. People will soon return when they realise they aren’t getting the same quality anywhere else. Keep a stream of constant updates and give others information that they can and will want to share. Ademas, tanto nuestra cuenta de Twitter como los tweets que nos mencionen pueden aparecer en los resultados de busqueda, copando disputadas posiciones.
Y es que Marketing de Contenidos y SEO son dos estrategias esenciales para el exito de cualquier pagina web. Sabemos que desde hace algun tiempo, Google viene cambiando sus algoritmos a fin de premiar a aquellos sites con un contenido de calidad, que aporten valor al usuario. De esta manera, el SEO puede ayudar a potenciar los contenidos a traves de la optimizacion, y el Marketing de Contenidos nos ayudara a escalar posiciones en los buscadores.
Por otro lado, gracias al Marketing de Contenidos es mas sencillo posicionarse por palabras clave Long Tail, tendencia que ha crecido en torno al 68% desde el ano 2004. Queremos que nuestro contenido sea visualizado, y una forma de conseguir esto es mediante un buen posicionamiento.
But, if you are using your valuable work time or enlisting members of your team to run your Facebook accounts and such, then it’s costing you money. A popular saying doing the rounds on a meme states “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you’ve hired an amateur”. Or the opposite could be the case; that the social account really takes off and needs a lot of attention and management to serve the customers.
You’ll probably find that a full time marketing role isn’t affordable to start off with, so will you find someone with the right skills and experience that’s really willing to work part time?
You’ll see the effect of their work almost instantly, as you won’t need to train them and settle them in to the office before they start becoming productive.
Unfortunately the Twitter background isn’t responsive, so how it is viewed will depend on the screen being looked at.
Follow people that are likely to interact with you as well, as Twitter can get rather boring if your Tweets just get lost in the over-crowded bustle of a famous account. If your website doesn’t fulfil their (probably high) expectations then they can simply click the little arrow at the top of the screen and choose someone else. Simply having it so the clickable links on your site highlight themselves when the mouse touches them will give your website a higher ranking.
For example, one type of business might really thrive on Facebook but not get so much interaction on say, Linkedin.
I had set up a Google Plus page for the business (as we all know, Plus is great for your SEO) and things were moving forward. Whatever you do, make sure your content offers something really interesting – and publish frequently.
Even if you’re not directly promoting your business, the fact that you’re visible means people are developing a connection with you from afar.
Keywords are essential in this case, but do you know which ones are suitable or the density for using them upon your content?
An efficient company is able to have a qualitative content of their website, so that its name would appear on the first results. You can figure out whether the company is trust worthy or not, by the way a manager explains certain results and benefits of using their services. A person can click on a link displayed on one website and be instantly directed to another website. De esta forma, quien quiera alcanzar los primeros puestos en las paginas de resultados de los buscadores tendra que pensar en implementar una estrategia de contenidos.
La idea es que cualquier estrategia de Marketing de Contenidos se dirija al publico final, al consumidor que leera y consumira ese contenido, ya que si el contenido es bueno para el usuario, tambien lo sera para Google. Por lo que como comentas, no hay que elegir ninguno, hay que utilizar los dos de forma paralela.
Having something simple that represents your brand through a certain colour scheme or pattern will work well on all devices.
The purpose of being on social media and creating a presence for your brand is to get seen- keep this in mind when posting and choosing who to follow. So if you were having second thoughts about hiring a SEO services company, the concise answer is yes, you ought to, indeed! Reliable companies don’t use big words, they simply prove their efficiency through the amazing SEO services done in the past, for other clients.
But before getting straight into the action, you must first of all understand the benefits of these SEO services, so that you will properly choose the appropriate business to make your company noticeable. Among the benefits included in the SEO services package provided by a company, there comes the increased traffic, a better overview upon your brand visibility, leading to higher profits gained through a boost in sales. However, once your website is optimized, your business will have a significant increase in return on investment. You also need to make sure you only receive links from high quality websites to ensure that Google views your website as high quality. People with experience in this domain, accreditation and dedication towards their job will always gain a positive reputation reflected in the company’s name.

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