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Whether it’s the Pope’s Twitter posts or your neighbour’s dog’s Facebook page, nearly everyone uses digital marketing to big themselves up – and businesses are no exception! Digital marketing is basically the promotion of products or brands, via one or more forms of electronic media.
There are different career areas within digital marketing, including social media marketing, which is concerned with attracting high numbers of internet followers on social media through a distinct online presence.
A typical day in a digital marketing job includes activities such as designing website banners, conducting keyword research, reporting on web statistics, keeping up with current digital trends and new social media platforms being set up to rival Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest etc., as well as contributing to company and industry blogs and managing e-communications. You can access a digital marketing career through both the graduate and non-graduate route but unless you have lots of practical, hands-on experience in this line of work, the non-graduate route is a trickier option.

Moving On is devoted to helping young people make the right choices for their future – education, qualifications and careers. As more and more companies and organisations engage with consumers by using digital marketing platforms such as the internet and social media, the role of digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to a business’s success.
There is also search engine optimisation (SEO) which deals with finding strategies to increase the number of visitors to a website, enabling it to become higher-ranked in search engine results, pay per click (PPC) campaigns, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing.
If you opt for the graduate route, all degree subjects will allow you to entry onto a digital marketing training scheme but there are some particularly useful subjects to think about studying, such as digital marketing and social media, marketing, business, journalism and creative design. A digital marketing apprenticeship trains you to become a specialist in all electronic and digital marketing techniques and develops your communication and research skills. It is an ever-growing method of promotion and it’s why companies use digital marketing techniques to advertise and promote their products to as large an audience as possible.

Due to the competitive nature of the digital marketing industry, studying one of these related subjects could increase your chances of gaining a place on a digital marketing training scheme. You’ll work alongside people experienced in digital marketing staff, gain job-specific skills, earn a wage and get holiday pay and you’ll also study part time towards a related qualification.

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