SEO (Search Engine Optimization):son los resultados orgA?nicos o naturales que se consiguen en buscadores, es decir, sin pagar a Google. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): son los anuncios que aparecen en determinadas bA?squedas en buscadores, en la parte superior y a la derecha de resultados.
El 75 % de las visitas se realizan en el SEO, es decir, en el posicionamiento natural, y el 25 % en la parte SEM, es decir, de pago por clic a Google. No tenemos que pagar por clic, y podemos aumentar las visitas sin necesidad de pagar por cada una de ellas.
Resultados a medio y largo plazo, los resultados en llegar pueden tardar meses, especialmente si se trata de una web nueva. Puede sernos A?til, en campaA±as especA­ficas, como lanzamiento de nuevos productos, ofertas y promociones concretas, en fechas determinadas con caducidad.
SegA?n Kotler (economista y especialista en marketing internacional), dijo, Google es lo mA?s cercano a Dios, ya que siempre tiene una respuesta.
SANTISO ASESORESConsultores de Negocio en Internet especializados en los sectores de turismo y gastronomA­a . La Mission di Studio Samo e sviluppare in Italia una cultura del web marketing attraverso consulenza strategica, servizi alle imprese, progetti originali, articoli, libri, corsi di formazione e workshop sull’utilizzo di internet nelle sue molteplici forme per lo sviluppo del business. La strategia alla base di un qualunque progetto di web marketing e far ottenere al sito la massima visibilita in relazione al proprio target. Attraverso la nostra piattaforma di eLearning Academy Studio Samo offriamo video corsi online di alta formazione in ambito Web Marketing, tenuti dai migliori esperti del settore.
Web Marketing BlogAttraverso il nostro blog offriamo risorse gratuite, articoli utili e guide per approfondire i temi piu attuali dell’Internet Marketing. Il corso di SEO e Search Engine Marketing (SEM) di Studio Samo e stato studiato per coloro che partono da zero o che vogliono approfondire le tematiche Seo e Web Marketing per aumentare drasticamente visibilita e conversione del proprio sito web.
Il corso Seo Web Marketing e rivolto a chi parte da zero o vuole approfondire le tematiche Seo e Sem idonee ad ottimizzare un sito web alla vendita. Il corso Seo e Web Marketing viene erogato in aula in diverse citta d’Italia (Bologna, Milano, Roma), in azienda e online (scopri il nostro corso SEO online su Academy Studio Samo), con assistenza post corso in real time attraverso il nostro gruppo Facebook o tramite email entro 48 ore. Via SEL: it’s [SEO] too often considered some murky “dark art” or a sinful practice that should be avoided. It is true that many talented marketers still feel that SEO only consists of short-sighted tactics and algorithm chasing. Of course, not all SEO graphics are designed to solely explain how search engine optimization may integrate into the complete marketing mix.
Finally, here is a set of slides we show clients and prospects when discussing the relationship between search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and social media marketing.
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Few can argue that the invention of the Internet was one of the most important to the 20th century, but you could make an argument for the search engine being up there with it.
For this reason, one of the best ways to get your dental surgery ahead of the competition is to find favor with the search engines. The term ‘search engine marketing’ was first coined around 2001, and was used to describe the actions that businesses took to ensure that they ranked highly in the search engines for the variety of keywords and terms that they had chosen.

For those who aren’t familiar with the search engines, or just how important they are to businesses, you should consider that Google received 5,134,000,000 Google searches in 2012 alone, and are the largest search engine around.
Many businesses focus all of their marketing efforts on Google, which is completely understandable when you consider that there are billions of searches made via Google every single day.
A business is started to make money and to serve their customers or clients to the best of their abilities. Search engine marketing is used to target this traffic by creating ads that will be found at the top of Google’s pages for the keywords and terms you use. There might only be a handful of people searching for a dental surgery in your area, but with search engine marketing you are guaranteed to be seen by them, and this puts you at a great advantage over the competition in your area, who might be struggling to get a decent search engine ranking and who may not have considered SEM. For a superb guide on how to use SEM and paid search correctly, check out the guides at Search Engine Land. If you are familiar with the search engines and online marketing, there is a solid chance that you will have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization. The main difference is that SEO is the organic way of generating traffic to your website and improving your search engine results, and SEM uses paid ads to do the same.
An example of the difference between the two can be made by using Google Search for “dental surgery in [your location]”.
Small dental practices or those just starting out might not have much of a marketing budget, which makes search engine marketing less of a possibility than search engine optimization, which takes time but doesn’t cost much money to put into action. You should never fully write off any online marketing tool, and search engine marketing can definitely have a positive impact. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Sign up for the Digital Dentist Marketing Newsletter for a monthly digest of the latest in dental clinic marketing!
El SEO consiste en optimizar una web para conseguir posicionarse en los primeros lugares de forma natural, por las principales palabras o criterios de bA?squedaA  relacionados con un negocio, empresa o colectivo determinado.
Coerentemente con gli obiettivi di business, utilizziamo tutti gli strumenti che il web mette a disposizione per garantire la massima efficacia e ritorno sull'investimento. I nostri corsi, di stampo pratico, sono rivolti ad aziende e privati (con borse di studio per non occupati) che intendono accostarsi o approfondire le principali tematiche del Web Marketing.
I nostri docenti forniscono lezioni su misura per le tue esigenze specifiche, individuali o per piu persone della tua azienda, in date ed orari che scegli tu. Per partecipare al corso non sono necessarie competenze specifiche in quanto ripercorriamo le basi teorico pratiche del posizionamento nei motori di ricerca. Saprai monitorare i risultati ottenuti e migliorarli in base alle statistiche che imparerai a misurare. That is just not the case and other organizations have used similar charts, visualizations, and graphics to help illustrate.
We hope to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion and insight related to our campaigns, online initiatives and research in the field of search engine marketing. There aren’t many people that don’t use Google, Yahoo or Bing at least once a day to find shop, answer of question or to find a piece of news.
This is no easy fit, but fortunately there are a variety of ways to do so, and one of those is via Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Location is vitally important to online marketing, as generating traffic to your website means nothing if it is people who aren’t going to use your business.
They currently own 67% of the market share, but Yahoo, Bing and a variety of other search engines generate significant traffic too.

Not only do Google have a wide range of organic and paid ways for you to reach your target audience, but they also have directories and social media services at your disposal too. But unless your business already has a large following – or a large advertising budget at its disposal – it has to find its feet, and an online audience to boot. If people are looking for a dental surgery in your area, they will see your ad at the top of the page and are likely to click through to see what your business offers and what it’s all about.
They offer a comprehensive guide through each aspect of paid search, without giving you too much of a headache.
We have covered the basics of SEO for your website already, and it is different to SEM in a number of ways. Although they are vastly different, they can be used together as a way of earning results and reaping the rewards of great rankings. The organic (unpaid) results are based on relevance and quality, and will have ticked the right SEO boxes to ensure Google ranked them for the main keywords. Paid ads and PPC campaigns only last as long as you keep paying for them, and your search engine results may not be great without that paid boost.
Ensure that the content across your website is the best it can possibly be, and then give the best of it an occasional boost with paid options.
Il corso si conclude con il modulo avanzato dove vengono affrontate tematiche di attualita sulle novita del Search engine e Web Marketing. Ha un’esperienza piu che decennale in ambito web ed e consulente web marketing per molte piccole e grandi aziende italiane. A primary reason for Search Engine Land (SEL) to create this was in the acknowledgment of the difficulty traditional marketers and site owners have in understanding search engine optimization (SEO). Chances are if you have a PC or Windows phone, it will automatically be programmed to Bing. The likes of Google+, Google Places and Google+ Local are all extremely useful and can be used as a way to find customers online and to build your relationship with the biggest search engine. You should be organized and not get carried away, which is very easy to do, especially if you are generating traffic and converting visitors into customers as a result of your SEM efforts.
After all, there is no point is having great paid rankings if the content on your website is poor. The SEM results are based on paid advertising and sponsored links, and appear at the top of search engine results.
People familiar with Google and other search engines are aware of the difference between paid and organic results, and are likely to base their decisions on which business to opt for based on quality, rather than rankings.
E’ docente di diversi seminari di web marketing presso l’Universita di Bologna (“Web Marketing Strategies and Analysis” presso la Scuola di Economia, Management e Statistica) e docente del corso SEO online di Academy Studio Samo. How do we proceed?Get to know us… contact us and let us talk about how meaningful SEM Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords strategy can be for your organization.
Using SEO and SEM tactics together should see your blogging, social media and website content pay off with a boost from the paid side of your online marketing efforts.

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