OK, come to point, the first and solid reason to create this course is to teach the newbie brothers and sisters. That's why I am going to create this course to teach you about SEO in easy way with video lecture. Social Signals(They are the fb likes,comments and shares, google+ +1s,comments and shares, twitter tweets, retweets and comments. NOTE: I will discuss both on page and off page seo in details with video in upcoming lectures.
Google Webmaster Tools ( This is tool where you add your site and make your site more index able by google. If you like this article then show a little generosity and share it with others on social profiles. It has improved conversational search.It has added some new features which I have discussed in the video tutorials below.

I tried my best to explain you each and every point about Google search algorithms and I am sure that you would have gained a lot of knowledge from it.If you are having any problem regarding anything then please fell free to comment and ask us! Great explanation especially Latent Semantic Search (LSI) ki Haroon bhai apki site bohot achi hai aur ap b …! Thanks You Bhai But Ap Sa main Social Media Pa Bhi Contact Karunga Kuch Madad Hasil Karne Ka Liye.Allah Pak Hamesha Ap Ko Khush Rakhe Duaon Main Yaad. The course which the MOZ and other brands provide are very good but the type of there teaching is very high and the persons like you and me and the newbies can't understand that courses.
As your site gets old and getting more traffic especially from google more is your Domain authority. I think all of you have a basic concept about SEO that by this we can make the search engines to index and show our website in there search results. Social signals also tell the search engine or GOOGLE that how people treat with your content or site.

I bet you that everyone from you have Google the default search engine and every time use google for searching. And if you use them then it will come to black hat SEO and no one will rescue you from google penalty. After google roll out its penalties, google cleaned its search results from spammers about 90%.

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