It has been reported that singer-actor Seo In Guk will be hosting the 2014 KBS Drama Awards alongside actress Park Min Young at this year’s ceremony. According to a representative of the KBS drama department on December 8, Seo In Guk and Park Min Young have been chosen to stand as the MCs for KBS’ year-end drama awards show.
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Seo In Guk is appearing in “The King’s Face” as the lead male character of Kwang Hae Goon, while Park Min Young is acting in “Healer” as the female lead role of Chae Young Shin. But subscribing to an email, downloading product information, registering for a trial offer or buying something from your site does. The best places to put keywords are in the: URL, Title Tag, Meta Description, Headers and Subheader, Page content, Anchor text and Alt text. This is another opportunity to place keywords, links, get indexed on more search pages and, most important, give information visitors look forward to getting. It's also really cool that you organized them linearly behind a list of tips.If you wouldn't mind a shameless plug, I've created an Excel Template for SEO that might be of interest. You can able to attract numerous traffic from search engines which means you have a higher conversion than before. In addition, do not forget that you need to optimized it for a better results, higher conversions or traffic.

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