If you understand a little more about why content is not being indexed it will give you ideas about how to get your content indexed. When you create your blog post you should do some keyword research using Google Keyword Planner to see what people are searching on.
There are other fancier tools you can use to estimate how hard it is to rank on these keywords such as Moz.  This will give you a better idea but if you want a free service then just do some searches on Google and go with your gut.
You’ll see in the image that SEOMoz displays a domain authority ranking out of 100 and a page authority. So make sure you are giving your website the best chance by getting your good content indexed and restricting any content you don’t want to get indexed. If you want to optimize your content read this post on optimizing your blog post for Google.
If people on the internet are talking about your post online that’s a good sign for Google that your content should be indexed. Another way of helping google finding the content is linking to it from another post on your site. If you understand why Google is not indexing your content this will help get your content indexed!
There is another way to determine whether you have found the global optimum: by exhausting all possibilities. When optimizing a Web page, you can vary literally hundreds or thousands of variables (background color being just one of them). Again, imagine the peaks as your conversion rate (or bounce rate) and the different dimensions as the variables on your page (only two are here, but in reality there are hundreds). Growing up with three younger sisters I know that “American Girl Dolls” are big deal around the holidays.
Search Flow is another really useful tool that allows you to see the search terms people are typing before and after their query. Yahoo Clues gives you information that will help develop a more complete picture of your customers. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when designing an eBay store, from the quality of the content and the appearance to the store, to the number of links pointing to your store.  A successful online shop requires more than a slapdash effort, so make sure you plan your store’s design carefully! White hat SEO  (search engine optimization) is the perfect choice for you if you DO NOT want to risk potentially fatal blows or doing things unethical, and could even get your site banned from Google.  In fact, for most companies and businesses it is the only method of search engine optimization you should ever use. I personally, have never gotten any of my sites banned from Google, but I could imagine the amount of distress you would go through.  Furthermore never outsource to SEO companies that use blackhat methods. But, hey this article is about white hat SEO.  In this article I want to cover some convention, l and maybe some unconventional methods you could use in order to boost your sites rank in the search engines.
These next tips are going to be some methods that you probably haven’t heard before are great white hat SEO tactics. This article was written by Garen Arnold, who is a graphic designer out of Kansas City, Missouri.
Earlier this week Google began to allow its search engine users to utilize and test the new Google Instant. Google Instant is a new feature to Google’s search engine system, which allows you to save time by searching more quickly than the previous design, by instantly giving you results as you type out what you are looking for.
It does this by monitoring how fast you are typing on your keyboard in real time, as the average time between key strokes is only 300 milliseconds, now even if you are a slow typist, as Google Instant loads results on to the screen, while you are typing you will already be scanning the results, thus allowing you to keep narrowing down your search without having to run a normal new search all together. Typically the human brain processes visual indicators, such as scanning the instant search results, in around only 30 milliseconds, so while you type at an average rate of 300 milliseconds, your mind has already glanced over the new results and you’ve already decided to keep adding words to the search phrase, or have already clicked a resulting entry and are done with your search.
I’ve ran some personal searches with many different phrases and it does appear to be quite a bit quicker to find what I am looking for, according to Google’s own page about Google Instant, by predicting your search results before you even finish typing, let alone press enter or the search button, it is saving you around 2 to 5 seconds per search. There are additional ways to speed up your search process as such as; the ability while typing in your search phrase, Google loads a prediction list of additional recommended terms, simply press the tab key for the recommendation to be appended and you can still keep typing after that, you may also use your arrow keys to control how it behaves with the corresponding results, including pressing the right-arrow to actually just go to the first result that is found (double or triple pressing required). If everyone used Google Instant worldwide, estimations are that this will save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day. Just in case you dislike the new Google Instant, rest assured, you surely can disable it, and return to the normal, previous Google Search, that you are used to using, you can simply visit your Google Preferences page and set the option to disable it.
This new instant search results technology is likely to make a big impact on people’s search behavior, once the general public has begun using it on a regular basis, it very well may lead to changes in Search Engine Optimization Strategies, be sure to keep a close eye for new search behavior in your niche.
With today’s technology there is no excuse for being caught flat footed by a competitor’s big moves. Before you go all Austin Powers, take a second to think about who or what you should be spying on. Also, if you are already using Google Reader you can now subscribe to updates from pages that do not have RSS feeds.
Social Mention is a real-time social media search engine that also includes social media alerts that can be emailed to you daily for any search phrase.
The search results can be a little slow to load and I do not really trust the sentiment calculation they use but overall this is an amazing site to collect free information.
Topsy is a social media search engine with some great sorting options so you can see conversations by the hour, day, week and month. How Sociable measures brand visibility across the web and assigns a score to each channel such as Facebook or Twitter etc. Check User Names is a great service but one sneaky way to use it is to enter in known usernames of your competitors and or their employees. I have read that people search for PDF files on competitors sties hoping to find something juicy but it is a harder one to get results on.
Google Ad Planner will give you estimates of unique visitors, their interest, keywords searched and sites they also visited simply by typing in a competitors URL. You can input a URL into the Google Keyword Tool instead of a keyword phrase to see what keywords your competition focuses on. Also, if you enable it you can use Google Analytics Benchmarks to compare your site to similar sites in your niche although the data is anonyms. Before you start an SEO or PPC campaign you need to know what your competition is doing in both of these areas.
The two best things you can and should be doing to stalk the competition is to go to Yahoo site explorer (download the csv file) and the Open Site explorer from SEOMOZ and to grab all of your competitors backlinks. Below are some sites that are really good but you should only focus on them after using the other services I mentioned.
Besides having a killer domain name Twazzup is another real-time search service worth giving a look.
BackType is another good place to find conversations and influencers of a competitor’s domain.
You can also, type a rival’s Twitter name into Klout and it will tell you who they influence and who influences them. One of the first things I do when conducting an SEO site review is to check a sites major keywords VS its top ten competing sites in Google. Two recurring problems I find are a lack of keyword rich links from unique domains or way too many keyword stuffed links being built. Both tools are free although you need a paid account to get all of the data from Open Site Explorer but the free data is available instantly and easily exportable to excel. You should now have everything you need to compare your anchor text density to your competition. Sometimes nobody in a niche is actively building keyword rich links and you can reap the rewards. All links are not created equal so if you are in a situation where you cant have too high of an anchor text density to be successful make sure you use POWERFUL links for that keyword because you won’t be building as many.
Use your discretion because each niche will have wildly different acceptable percentages but whatever you do, stop guessing when it comes to anchor text density and develop a customized strategy. I have been using SEOmoz tools now for a while so I thought it would be nice to do a review of some of the SEO tools they offer. One of the best things that a Pro membership offers is actually not the tools at all but resources.
You will also have access to a ton of video and audio cast all aimed at teaching the latest SEO techniques.
Along with the Guides and Q&A sections, your pro membership will also give you access to the SEO toolbox. The two features I use all the time are how many unique Root Domains are linking to a URL and the anchor text breakdown of links pointing to the site.
In general there have been few issues to date but I will list out a couple because no service is perfect.
Open site explorer is truly amazing but one thing that is very annoying is that when you look at the anchor text used in links pointing to your URL it separates upper and lower case keywords that are the same word.
The Crawl Test Tool is really neat but is no match for the IIS SEO Toolkit which is also free. To be honest the problems we have had are very minimal and we have seen seoMoz actively improving its tools all the time.
Wouldn’t it always be nice to know how people find you?  You can ask everyone who ends up being a buyer, but when it comes to website customers, you can even find out about people who just came to browse as well as those who make a purchase. You can use the tool to segment these visitors into different groups, and understand the buying patterns of each better.  Does your site seem to resonate more with Germans and less with Americans?  Is that banner ad a waste of time, whereas the premium directory listing sending in lots of leads?  All here, just waiting for you to have a peek.
Do people linger over your sales pages, or immediately turn away when they find them? Andy Hayes is the managing director for Travel Online Partners, a travel online marketing firm. Once you get a better understanding of your market and determine whether or not you can devote the time necessary to move perform well in this niche, the next step is to locate available domains.
Typically, popular keyword phrases are not available, and if they are, the price for a premium exact match tends to be significantly higher. If all of the extensions are taken for the phrases you’re typing in, you might want to consider using a catchy name with only one of your major keywords in the title. You may have heard Google is rolling out “Brand Links” suggestions for a ton of generic keyword searches.
So far I have heard a ton of whining about how this is going to kill mom and pop shops (again!). I know some of you are thinking…but I only sell MY brand not my competitor’s brand and this new Google feature is going to kill my organic traffic. A simple solution would be to create a landing page for each of these competing brands and compare your widget to their widget. As a customer gets closer to the end of the buying cycle they start doing brand searches and comparing widgets. I tend to skip biding on generic traffic like “laptops” because it converts poorly and is usually bid up too high by people with “broad match” turned on. Also, getting your ad there now before everyone else figures it out can help you to establish your click through rate and account history for that keyword, which is huge for adwords. 1251140?Que herramientas utilizas para una autentica optimizacion en los motores de busqueda? El analisis SEO es esencial para optimizar tu sitio web, lo que da como resultado un sitio web de altto rendimiento y bien posicionado en los buscadores. SEOmoz toolbar, o MozBar te permite acceder a tus datos mas importantes del SEO al navegar la web.
Despues de instalar la barra de herramientas SEOmoz, podras ver con facilidad las metricas SEO desde tu explorador. Utilizar las metricas te permite analizar rapidamente la pagina web en la que te encuentras. Si necesitas mas informacion de la pagina que estas examinando, utiliza la caracteristica “Analyze Page Overlay”, de forma que puedas examinar los elementos de la pagina como los meta-datos, las palabras clave y otros atributos, asi como la informacion respecto a los enlaces.
Al analizar estos elementos puedes obtener una revision instantanea de tu sitio web y de que tan optimizado esta en realidad.

Elementos dentro de la pagina – aqui podras examinar los elementos on-site, como las meta-etiquetas titulo, data, cabecera, etc, y como influyen directamente en la posicion que tu sitio web tiene en los motores de busqueda, que es el motivo por el que inicialmente estas analizando tu pagina, es decir, ver que tan optimizada esta. Atributos de la pagina – aqui se incluyen los meta robots, el tiempo de carga, el rel=”canonical” y los datos sobre los enlaces internos. Datos sobre enlaces – esta pestana te proporciona informacion sobre las metricas de tus enlaces. Descubre las caracteristicas mas importantes de las paginas web utilizando otra herramienta de la barra SEOmoz: destacar los enlaces. Ademas de los resultados SERP, tambien puedes crear perfiles de busqueda personalizados para realizar una busqueda que otorgue los resultados objetivo. Para poder editar las caracteristicas que te ofrece la barra de herramientas SEOmoz para poder hacer un analisis personalizado, utiliza el menu de opciones para elegir las metricas que quieres ver desplegadas.
La barra de herramientas SEOmoz es una herramienta gratuita que puede descargarse desde el sitio web de SEOmoz.
Puesto que la optimizacion dentro de la pagina es necesaria para una buena optimizacion SEO, descubriras que esta barra de herramientas es muy util puesto que te permite examinar y analizar los elementos dentro de la pagina de forma muy sencilla desde tu explorador. Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que tengas la mejor experiencia de usuario.
The place where you have a last ditch attempt at getting potential clients, customers and fans to get in touch or, in my case, convince them otherwise (I get a lot of emails).
So we’ve had a look at the best About Us pages and now I want to do the same for the Contact Us page. Let’s take a look at what I think are 10 of the best Contact Us pages on the internet. Click here to see some beautiful themes that will present your Contact Us page in a perfect way on every device and make sure you come back to see the new Blog Tyrant responsive theme soon! As you guys probably know by now, I have a few other online companies that keep me busy during the day.
Sometimes, just by looking at a good Contact Us page, you can tweak your own so as to increase conversions and save a potential lost client. I wanted to include this Contact Us page because I thought it gave a really good idea of how a professional agency page should look. This is a really good one for showing you that your Contact Page isn’t necessarily just about helping people get in touch with you.
Did you know that Glen from Viper Chill once stole my laptop at the Singapore Airport while I was in the bathroom and then put all my ideas up on his own blog? I’d like to hear from you now and read some comments about what you think makes a good Contact Us page.
I spend a lot of time writing them so please consider giving it a share, or you can subscribe below to get updates sent to your inbox. It would be sort of like you tweeting out my post on serial killers or what to get empaths for Valentine’s Day to your followers, I suppose. Sometimes putting up with all this waves would steals some valuable time from me but I just know that these things are very necessary necessary an I was hoping you were going to discuss some plugin or tips for contact pages? It would have been nice if you recommended some tools for creating contact forms, like WordPress plugins. It’s super simple, but it does answer the basic questions and, rather than take my reader to a dead end, I give them three options to continue. It might be of interest to those re-doing their contact page (or to those who are completely stuck!).
Nice post on the contact form being everywhere… so many people called me or emailed me and said How do I get a hold of you?
Really liked the quick reference to the $5000 job you scored via a Twitter conversation – and the importance of making every viable contact option known to our readers. PS And I’m on a mission to cut down my emails, so I absolutely despise that annoying pop-up about subscribing by email every time I visit your site. I have found a solution however, just leave Blog Tyrant open in a tab and refresh the page.
Right after reading this I went and sent Loewy Design a doodle, just couldn’t resist.
For those who don’t understand the difference between the local and global minimum (or maxima), think of the conversion rate as a function of different elements on your page.
Let’s continue with the example of an extreme yellow background giving you the global minima (in the bounce rate). Theoretically, if your page didn’t contain anything other than background color (and you couldn’t even add the background image because, well, your boss hates it), then you could cycle through all background colors available and see which one gave you the lowest bounce rate. Headline, copy, layout, page length, video, text color and images are just a few such variables.
Yahoo Clues is a free service that gives you keyword trends and demographics data on specific search queries.
Notice the higher income group is no longer searching for coupons but they are still looking for free shipping. Yahoo mentioned that they take into account population size when weighting the results so that the same large states don’t show up first each time. This is very valuable information that will allow you to search where your customer has been and where they going. By finding out how specific age, gender and income groups search you can become a better marketer to each group. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those lucky sellers?  Follow these SEO tips for improving your eBay store, and next time, you just might be. For starters you are probably going to want to use a good CMS (content management system), such as WordPress to make adding, and removing changes that much easier for you.  (see 5 Must for SEO with WordPress). Another thing people commonly do is find a variety of forums that are related to their website and answer questions.  They will then leave a link in their signature with their website. Garen provides people with the Best Web Hosting Service by using his expertise to help people choose the best web hosting service for their business. A good technique is to head over to LinkedIn or Crunch Base and search for a rival company.
The search results display a ton of data including which social media sources are generating the most buzz.
A really nice feature of Topsy is that you can search within a specific domain or a specific Twitter account etc.
Each source they display has its own box that you can toggle off or on under the available sources menu. It is very simple to use and compare yourself to competitors to see which channels you need to improve in. Simply tell Google what you what to be update about and how often and it will email you whenever there is new information. The tools bellow will help you to see which keywords your competitor is running advertisements on Google and what keywords they rank for organically.
They all really do the same thing so find the one with the best info for your niche and start spying. You can follow a conversation stream and see how the top influencers are for that particular keyword. However, they usually assign arbitrary goals for how many links they need to acquire for each keyword. Sort your anchor text by unique occurrences and be sure to count things like “SEO” and “seo” as the same word. This is great information because these sites are already doing well for the keywords you are targeting.
You just don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and have your anchor text density be 45% while everyone else is in the 3 to 10% range. That is actually pretty normal and can help bring your other anchor text densities down to a natural looking range. You have access to a Term Target tool that helps you decide whether your pages are doing a good job of targeting your relevant keyword phrases. If you’re more concerned with branding and don’t get as excited about the traffic you could potentially receive from a high value exact match domain, then exact match is less of an issue. Start brainstorming and write down several variations of the top 5 or so keywords for your market. There are various places to look for premium domain names and some of the sites to utilize are Buy Domains, Sedo, and Flippa. Although you won’t be eligible for the exact match bonus, you still have a keyword in the domain and it might actually work out better for you in the long term if you focus on a catchy name that is good for branding rather than exact match traffic. If you think you can buy a domain name that gets a ton of exact match traffic and sit back and get rich, you need a reality check. Concentrate your link building efforts on your brand pages that are lagging in the search engine.
First, the longer you complain and envision the sky is falling, the longer you put off doing something about it. Especially by leveraging web 2.0 sites like squidoo if your domain is not an established authority. By positioning your site to rank on the various brand searches Google is suggesting, you will keep yourself in front of the customer and do some positive branding of your own. Google brand links gives you an opportunity to gobble up some quality traffic by bidding on their suggested brands. You will have to test but from my previous experience you are likely to see a nice ROI on those branded searches. Take a good look at all the brands Google is suggesting in your niche because that is where you know additional traffic is going to be headed. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es descargar su barra de herramientas y la veras permanentemente en la parte superior de tu explorador. Algunas de las metricas disponibles con esta barra de herramientas on la autoridad de tu pagina y de tu dominio, el conteo de enlaces, la fortaleza en el ranking, etc. Utiliza la opcion “Obtener un analisis completo de la pagina” para obtener una revision completa de la pagina. Como resultado, esta herramienta puede ayudarte a mejorar los datos en tu sitio web y asegurarte de que este completamente optimizado y sea amigable en terminos de SEO. Veras que estas metricas son extremadamente utiles al llevar a cabo un analisis interno del uso de palabras clave. Algunas caracteristicas que se incluyen son la autoridad de la pagina, el propio posicionamiento de Moz: MozRank, el total de enlaces, los enlaces internos y externos, los dominios de raiz de los enlaces, etc. Puedes utilizarla para destacarr los enlaces que se siguen y los que no, los internos y externos, etc.
Ello es muy adecuado si necesitas implementar metricas adicionales a tu analisis, como por ejemplo, ubicacion geografica. De esta forma tendras una evaluacion personalizada de las metricas que te interese monitorear. Detecta las metricas que te interesan y desactiva las que no necesitas ver, de forma que tengas una evaluacion personalizada de tu sitio web en terminos de palabras clave, enlaces y otros elementos.
There really is no other word to describe it, so it’s unfortunate when it feels like everyone isn’t making the most out of an amazing resource built directly into Google Analytics. People browse websites on their iPhones and iPads as much as they do on their laptops and PCs. One of the things that I have found with this non-blog based sites is that the contact page can be quite important and can even help to set the tone of future relations with your clients. I have been to so many webpages where the contact form is broken or doesn’t send properly. Give them reasons to comment – article ideas, news links, alert new products in the niche, guest post topic idea.

Is it the traditional party hat shape or did you get creative and end up with a swan shaped hat like you get with take away food? A box with your link appears but there’s nowhere to say or click anything to post it.
Sometimes I do it from my email using the button on top left and sometimes from the original post using once again the retweet button on top left.
Don’t miss this opportunity to lead them elsewhere, such as your blog, newsletter sign-up, etc. I’m in the process of building a new website (or at least my designer is!)and am interested in any articles, posts etc related to website design!
My wireless router does that to me from time to time…and back comes the pop-up, basically every time I visit the site.
It’s like a region in space where every point represents a variation of your page; the lower a point is in space, the better it is. Upon further testing, what if you found that no background color at all gave you a lower bounce rate? In exhausting all possibilities, the color that gives you the lowest bounce rate should be the one that is absolutely the best.
Your goal for the page (in terms of conversion or bounce rate) is determined by all of these variables.
While this information is helpful it’s not nearly as powerful as the demographics data they give. Once you click on a specific data set Yahoo Clues will tell you some additional searches they made.
Using social media marketing can be helpful in drawing traffic and links as well, albeit no-follow links. You can even drill down to see conversations from specific sites as well as the top usernames at those sites. Using the new left menu updates, discussions, blogs, and news sections are really great for staying up on the latest information.
Simply run their results VS your domain’s backlinks and now you have a highly relevant list of sites to target for link building.
It doesn’t matter much that you have tons of links, it matters that you have tons of unique root domains linking to your site. I have seen sites with like 6 keywords listed that were all really the same exact keyword just with different capitalization. Plug these variations into keyword research tools such as Google or Wordstream to see traffic estimates and remember to specify exact in the search. Just because you buy an exact match domain doesn’t eliminate the hard work that it takes to actually start ranking for your keywords.
Second, although generic searches can yield a lot of traffic they rarely offer high conversions.
If you do not want to host a review on your own site then leverage the domain authority of a site like squidoo and do reviews of brand X and compare it yours. I have seen some rather small brands showing up for high volume search queries.  Jump in and start carrying that brand and establish your site before your competition does. You can quickly build a list of who you would want to start out carrying or who you would need to beat in that sector.
With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the ways that I use event tracking on real projects…For those who haven’t used event tracking before…(read on to know the score!)Event tracking is very simple to set up. This means we have to change our design to responsive – make the website change to the device. You need to set the client up for the way your relationship is going to work in the future.
I like to make my posts big resources of information for visitors and have found that often it is you guys, the ones who leave comments, that make it that way.
Also notice the high quality photo which helps you feel like you have already met the guys when you finally do meet them face to face.
This is really important to note: you should put all your contact methods on there including social media and other methods. If you are trying to impress a potential copy writing client, make sure you have some amazing copy. The image is high def and gives you some simple imagery or symbolism and there is nowhere for you to get lost.
TED, for example, asks if you know any good speakers that could work well at their conferences. Well, actually its not true but the degree to which Glen continually comes up with the same ideas as me, two months ahead of my launches, makes me paranoid enough to now wear a tinfoil hat. I haven’t had a chance to read every comment here, but happened to read the first and the last just above me.
One comment I will make is that it’s a great idea to add your business phone number, email, social media links to every page on the top right hand corner of your website. Join 21,000+ others for email updates and I'll send you my FREE guide on starting a blog and growing it using my own personal strategies.
This means that the fitness landscape (as seen in the images above) is not one-dimensional and never as simple as it appears. This is very interesting because you can see that right after they search for the company they start to search for coupon codes and free shipping.
I just recently read an article where a company was following around rivals key sales people and watching them check into locations on foursquare or Twitter (with geo location turned on).
This is a great way to have the information you need, displayed in a clean and efficient manner.
Being able to sort by hours, days, weeks, and years is also a really nice way to filter out old information. So the best way to do this is to act like site wide links are all just one link for our purposes.
Most toolbars scrape link data and PR from Google so this can result in a temporary ban on your IP address. I realize some may want to see that but I should be given the option to standardize the data. Head over the SEOmoz website to learn more about the membership packages they have available. If you’re pleased with the amount of search traffic that particular keyword phrases yield, start checking if they are available for purchase or if they are already taken. It takes just one line of code to fire an event to Google to track something; this could be a PDF download, a video play and so on.
Hopefully most of the selling would already have been done if they are on the Contact Us page, so this is the tiny little flirt where you get their phone number. You need to include a Skype address because it is a really simple way that people can contact you without paying. Jason’s argument goes something like this: if you tested dozens of shades of blue, you might decrease your bounce rate, but if you tried something completely different (such as a yellow), you might achieve the absolute lowest bounce rate possible on your page.
The point is, unless you have reduced the bounce rate to 0% (or the conversion rate to 100%), you can never be confident that you have indeed achieved the global optimum. If you were selling these you would want to make sure you coupon codes were getting spidered by Google and if you offer free shipping put that in your title tag.
They would then use that data to determine which clients the competition’s sales people were talking to. In these cases just build up links slowly but don’t worry if your density is 6% and there’s is .02% etc. Buying an exact match only increases your chances of ranking but remember, it doesn’t guarantee them. His Contact Us page is great because it uses a Q and A style format to keep people away, while using his sidebar to direct people to more important things. Well linked, easy to navigate and has all the information you want from emails to physical locations.
Let’s look at different criticisms that have surfaced on the Web recently and see why they are unfounded. In this example the user has clicked the email link, so I’ve call this “Click Link”.Then we are attaching a label to the event. They also do a very good job of personalizing the experience with quirky copy and well placed text. I am happy to report that my contact page does have some personality, but is a little half done right now.
You would be surprised how much info an employee might give out over Facebook or other social media channels. I had a cute little story about my three cats up for the first few months but then sadly two of them died this winter (I know! When you have the SEO toolbar installed and you perform a search on Google, the results show up with all the important information you need to determine how competitive your marketplace is. On the real page, it has several links to the contact email address, so by using the label I’ve allowed more detailed tracking in Analytics. This tool allows you to see the volume of your competitor’s backlinks, whether or not they are listed in important directories such as DMOZ, what their Alexa rank is, and other valuable information listed directly below the result. This is especially handy for working out which email links are being most effective.The 4th option hasn’t been included in the example however it allows you indicate the event will not be used in the bounce rate calculation.
We’ll come back to this later.If you are new to event tracking then I’d suggest you check out Google’s official page for it, it has all the information you need to start tracking your events!Event tracking in the real worldNow we’re all up to speed we can get stuck into the good stuff.
I also need to figure out how to do one of those friendly thanks and where would you like to go now pages. Here are just a few:DownloadsDownloads to files typically aren’t tracked in Analytics by default.
However, you can attach event tracking code to them and start measuring your downloads.SEOmoz is using events to track outbound links to their Firefox toolbar.Outbound LinksEver wondered how much traffic you are referring to various websites? Event tracking on outbound links is a great way to measure this.Live HelpMany ecommerce sites use live help to aid their customers when making purchases or by answering their questions directly and quickly. Many of these systems don’t natively integrate with Analytics however we can attach a click event to the live help link.Baskets and CheckoutsMany websites have multiple links to their Checkout page or their Add To Cart page.
Event tracking can be used to see where users are actually clicking on the page.In the image above, event tracking is used to track where visitors are adding products to the cart from. In this case, they are adding from the category page.Error ReportingTracking where users are having issues on your site is highly important if you’re interesting in improving your conversion rate. Let’s consider a typical checkout by a user: they go first to the checkout page, enter all their details, hit the submit button and then get an error on their email address or their post code. Rather than setting a URL destination or a visit duration you can carefully select what type of events you’d like to track as a goal as shown below…Use event tracking for the right reasonsNow we’ve looked at a good number of real world uses of events you might notice that it’s possible to get carried away with them.
Events are powerful but they aren’t always the right solution to track what you need.Virtual pageviews, for example, are another fantastic way of tracking data that is usually hidden. I recommend checking out this article.I hope this has provided you with a better understanding of events and where you can use them. Enter your email below to join The Future Buzz community of more than 25,000 passionate marketers, bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs across platforms. Thanks for this article I’m especially excited about tracking outbound links as mentioned above.

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