Screaming Females have always had a quirky aesthetic about them--lead guitarist and lyricist Melissa Paternoster wears a Catholic habit to all her concerts and ironically hails Satan--and their music videos are no exception.
This was posted in staffchat, Ian Porter, Andrew Treske, Ethan Butler, MVM, Japanime, gentrification, narcotics, stop motion, New Jersey, hail satan. Shortly after announcing details for their new album, Asking Alexandria stayed relatively quiet on social media. Music that moves listeners emotionally lives longer, makes a larger impact and builds a more loyal fan base. Inspired by NF’s new tear-jerker “How Could You Leave Us”, Rapzilla wanted to highlight some Christian hip-hop music videos that could leave you choked up. Grab tissues, and tell us your favorite visual in the comment section, especially if we didn’t include it on the list below.
The ex-hustler rewinds to when he first cried out to God for repentance in this emotional visual.
Top YouTube comment: “The moment you realize that you might've been in her shoes, waiting for a loved one to return after so long and to find out it was the last time you would ever see them.
NF's sophomore album on Capitol CMG Label Group, Therapy Session, is on pace to outsell his previous LP, Mansion, by a massive margin. Surf Gvng spoke to Rapzilla about being relevant and the label of a Christian artist while at SXSW.
In early March, there was a “Christians in the Arts” event at Columbia University where a handful of artists gathered on a panel to answer some tough topics about Christianity.
Earlier this month there was a “Christians in the Arts” event at Columbia University, and emcee Andy Mineo was part of the panel that addressed the students. Yesterday multiple news outlets reported on Stephen Curry’s signing to Under Armour breaking the paradigm of the sneaker business model. After several successful independent releases, Social Club has signed a major record deal and rebranded in the process. After making all their social media avatars white earlier this week which prompted fan-speculation of a White Album – those speculations turned out to be right overnight. A new collaborative feature lets anyone in the room share music, as well as other media like videos and photos, right onto the TV.

Your video, "Samsung TVs let you share music from friends' phones"will start after this message from our sponsors. 6 January 2016A new collaborative feature lets anyone in the room share music, as well as other media like videos and photos, right onto the TV. Japanese company creates synchronized drone LED show; also, you may see buttonless fingerprint scanners on phones sooner than you think.
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To counteract its brutality, the Earhole staff will share cool music videos with you on today to procrastinate and help you face the fact that yes, the week has begun. I don't know how to pronounce his last name, I don't know what you'd call his hairstyle, I don't even know if there's a hype train I'm late for. Here we have the New Jersey trio in a characteristically surreal and DIY video where the state of New Jersey eats each member of the band alive in stop motion, among other things The video is worth watching for these bits of hilarity, but "Bell" is a fantastic track on its own; bask in the sound of Paternoster's guitar shred and caterwaul and be reborn in the waters of ROCK. Until a couple of days ago, a majority of their social media updates dealt with upcoming tours. Android debate is endless and being a hardcore Apple fan boy, I often feel the missing bits with an alternate way. The video is a tribute to 16-bit video games (including a Rampage reference!) that completely rips on the gentrification of New York City.
But after seeing the "DRUGS" video, what with the double exposures and the ironic DARE shirt, I want to know more.
That changed yesterday though, when they revealed the music video for the title track off their upcoming album, The Black. I remember coming home to a house with no people in it — kids gone, wife gone — that was tough.

One of the feature that I miss in Whatsapp version of iPhone is to attach music file and this is a big limitation. Or vice versa.Soon Veedeo will support more convenient ways to share video from Facebook to WhatsApp and vice versa. Thi’sl, thank you for choosing to use this song to show the world how to come to God — in humility, with honest self-reflection and with a willingness to submit to God on His terms. It takes a good while to get over it, and even after some years, it still tries to creep up and bother you, but you do eventually learn how to move on with God.
This is a step by step guide, and I suggest you to follow this process once every day for next 2-3 days to remember the steps.
We are watching and appreciate you using your talents to inspire us to keep fighting for a godly life.
This is free and you can download it from here. The goal here is to transfer any file which we want to send via whatsapp into iZip local files folder, and this is not only limited to music file, but you can do the same with other file formats like video files and doc files.
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