Google's Play Books service launched last year as a competent reading app, and a necessary pillar for Google Play. Play Books supports PDF and EPUB files, which can be uploaded through the online library on your desktop. One of the many, many, many releases and announcements today that are only relevant to a select number of countries. Maybe so Google Legal has time to ensure the agreements pass the copyrights or some similar rights to Google after X years ? I just get suspicious given the conflicts that have gone on between Google and some book copyrights owners. Yeah according to Google "Books are available to purchase in the Google Play Store for users in Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, France, Russia and the United States." Pity they're not in Ireland yet!
I am wondering the same question, why they don't make tha apps Movies, Magazines, Books, Music international avaiable so that we can use them, but buying itself for the contries that are possible now? Let's be clear that I am not trying to defend wizkid's statement, but being able to upload books and easily pull them to your local devices wherever you are is way different then being required to move them individually to a folder to read on your local devices.
With Dropbox on your desktop, drag and drop your book to the Dropbox folder you want to use. Besides, any piracy going on through google play is going to be more centralized and more public. It's still much easier to use Dropbox and a book reader with integrated support, like Moon+ Reader.
The difference is that Google Play Books is 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better than any other ebook reader I've tried for Android.
On the other side it means i can read books on my iPad at home and pick it up at the same spot through the browser at work or on my phone.

That is functionality that has been available with third-party readers (like Moon+ Reader), which I mentioned. I am still trying to figure out how to get annotations made in Moon+ Reader to display on my PC. Only thing it's better is that PlayBooks allows for really no hassle sync no matter where (web, iOS, Android). Google Play books doesn't have the selection that Amazon Kindle app has or at least not that I can find.
I like it, but having to upload any files I want through the web interface is kind of a hassle. Since you are a calibre specialist, is there a way a synch epub annotations between devices? Guys, I have a problem, I am outside US, but even with proxy, my profile is declined, is there a way to upload some? So just uploaded 4 pdfs and started syncing them to my phone, ended up one 2mb book became a 500mb file in Play Books, and used 600mb of mobile data downloading them. Some users may experience errors downloading a trial when using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 in certain circumstances. An English language version of the trial will be downloaded, or choose from the list of available languages on the free trial page.
But one feature readers have since been asking for is the ability to incorporate their own files into the library, and now Google is adding that option to the service. So get to it and make use of those mountains of (legally obtained) EPUBs you have sitting around. I got the notification of the update, refreshed AndroidPolice (which I opened less than 2 minutes ago) and this article shows up!

I can install the app and view my books online (3 default ones) and even read them but I still can't upload my own ones or access the Books category on the Play Store to get more. I have been hoping Kindle would do this for a while so I could use their sync service for my own books as well. They need an API, so I can write a calibre plugin to allow me to upload straight from my calibre library to my Google Play Books library. For comparison, Amazon's Kindle service has long supported uploaded content, but it relies on awkward email attachments. When Dropbox is trivially easy and full featured on Linux while Google Drive doesn't even exist, there's a problem. They also integrate dictionaries for word lookup, like ColorDict (which include audio pronunciation), annotations, and many other features still missing from Google Reader. I hate loosing my highlights and annotations all the time and reviewing books on a large screen surely beats my mobile. But PlayBooks doesn't have many really basic things which EVERY other reader have: like ability to find all books by specific author (it tries to search Google Play Books Store, even if author is not on Play Store at all), no way to search uploaded files.
In testing on my platforms, Google Reader was also much slower in initial document open and page rendering.

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