We've improved the "Share" buttons in the lower right hand corner of book displays on Dripbook.
The LinkedIn button (totally new!) : automatically makes a post to LinkedIn along with a representative Includes a link back to your Dripbook account. The Delicious button : automatically makes a bookmark of the page to your Delicious account. One more note : We worked with Facebook to allow movies from Dripbook to play within the profile or Fan page where they are posted.
As I mentioned earlier, the Facebook share button does not really work as expected because it merely displays the link on Facebook and not the video itself.
The result is a Wall Post with an embedded video you can play directly from within Facebook.
I recently attended a social media webinar and requested for a link to the recorded video for further reference. Bought a ukulele and trying to learn it (with some degree of success, compared with previous attempts at the guitar and the piano). Second only to sharing videos on YouTube, never has online video had more power than it has on Facebook. Sharing video on Facebook has exponential power, but that’s no reason to be terrified you can use this weapon to achieve a lot of good. The simplest way to share videos if you have a good Internet connection is to send it straight from your video camera (if it’s your mobile device) to your Facebook page.
If you don’t upload Facebook videos directly from a mobile device, you can transfer the video to a desktop computer from your video camera and then upload it to Facebook. For larger videos, you can upload them to a compatible video sharing website and embed the video into your Facebook page as a status update. If you have a Facebook Page for business or dedicated to your career then it’s possible to embed your whole YouTube Channel onto a tab on your Facebook Page. Of course, the last way to share a video on Facebook that you haven’t created is to simply hit the share button on one of the videos of a friend and now all your other friends can see it, too. Here’s the challenge: You see a video that you like, you watch it, but when you try to find it later… it has disappeared in a News Feed. Once you have the application installed, just log into your Facebook account and you can start downloading Facebook videos to your RealPlayer library.

There are no magic tricks to making a viral video or in the case of a horrific bachelor party misdemeanor… preventing one.
I am so surprised that I never know RealPlayer could download videos from Facebook, after I have watched videos so many years from it… unbelievable! Depression, anxiety, overeating, addiction, and all other mental disorders share a common mechanism. The new documentary, In an Ideal World, follows men in California's Soledad Correctional Facility over the course of seven years.
A short film follows a Mexican professional wrestler who dreams of becoming a world champion. It's never been easier to share your own books or the books of other creative professionals.
Image books have a representative image included, and video books can be played directly from within the Facebook wall. This feature works not just from the "Share" function mentioned above, but also from Dripbook's Facebook Application and even from manual links.
This is either a thrilling or a terrifying concept; it depends entirely on the nature of the video and the kindness or otherwise of your friends. Give it a good title, tag your friends who would like the video, hit update, and that’s it. If you’re feeling artistic and want to edit the video first, you can upload videos to Facebook straight from the editing software package on your PC. Download the free version of RealPlayer and you can easily find and save videos in your Facebook feed on your computer.
This is extremely noticeable if you have a large number of friends who are constantly updating their profiles. If you don’t already have RealPlayer you can download it by clicking the orange button at the top right hand corner of this post.
This is an easy way to start downloading and collecting videos shared in your Facebook News Feed. In truth, the secret to creating a video that spreads around the world in a matter of hours, almost always lies somewhere within the nature of the video content. If a friend acts shamelessly and you manage to catch this hilarious, or downright scandalous act on video… should you post it on Facebook?

Do you want to download videos from Facebook so you can save them in your personal archive? You need to select each videos to download and in this way, you can add more videos to RealPlayer Downloader queue to download.
So, anytime a video book on Dripbook is linked to in Facebook, the video can be played within Facebook, like with Youtube. Hitting the “share” button is so darn easy and often it’s too late to take the video down without anyone having a chance to see it. The specifications for the format types, the aspect ratio, and the file size can be found here. Use it to automatically download Facebook videos that your friends have posted in the last seven days on Facebook straight onto your desktop. You can also use the app to download or bookmark videos from any other online video sharing website for that matter.
Ultimately, that’s a question of ethics and what feels right to you and your friendship with that person. According to an analysis of 1 million Facebook profiles by online reputation management firm Secure.me, users from across the pond have a slightly stricter concept of personal privacy when it comes to their online lives.
Think about if what you’re posting is a video you wanted downloaded from Facebook before hitting the share button. Or vice versa.Soon Veedeo will support more convenient ways to share video from Facebook to WhatsApp and vice versa. Veedeo exports a high quality .mp4 file with AAC stereo audio and automatically saves it in your camera roll.
Depending on your connection speed, sending the video via iMessage might take a minute or two.
Continue reading… Share Video on Instagram With Music Veedeo App TeamWhen your video is ready you can share it on Instagram with a single tap. Depending on your connection speed, uploading the video on Instagram might take a minute or two.

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