No matter if you use it to share your service’s rich history or to highlight news and events taking place day-to-day, Facebook offers a very affordable tool to stay in touch with your community. And while many services use Facebook as a free advertising or marketing tool, for the most part it presents a low-cost device for communicating and sharing information—on a national and even international scale.
Darren Horrigan from The Infants Home in Ashfield, Sydney, agrees that for even a self-proclaimed novice user, the communication opportunities available since creating a Facebook page 18 months ago have been considerable. Now Clare Court’s Facebook page is used to share details about the program, inspiring initiatives from overseas, political debates, union information and other early years information. A benefit of creating these relationships and communicating regularly via Facebook is you’re reaching an engaged audience—as opposed to sending a blanket email to your database, for example, people have to Like your page to start receiving your posts, so they are actively opting to stay connected. Once you decide to create a Facebook page, you need to set clear guidelines or a social media policy around how your page is to be used, by whom, and to ensure you cover privacy and ethical issues.
Take care when making comments about anyone, including employees, colleagues, clients or other service providers.
Avoid falling victim to identity theft by limiting the amount of personal information you disclose on social media sites. Activate password-protected screen savers on all computers and ensure employees always log off before leaving.
When sharing information via social media, ensure you set high privacy or security settings and think carefully before divulging your home address or other personal information. Consider including specific conditions in employee contracts and policies relating to social media use.
This is an edited excerpt from an article, Social Media Risk—Child Care, used with permission of Guild Insurance. We're a creative custom publishing company specialising in design and journalism and have provided professional services to public sector and community-based organisations since 1993. Many users (myself included) get turned off when they can’t even try a product, without first having to provide personal information. Assuming that users like your product enough to want to login to use it, make sure it’s really easy for them to do so. Unless your product involves any type of public forum where the user might not want to be identified with their real name, then don’t ask them to create a username, that they will then need to remember just to use your site or app.

The flip side of adding social networking tools to products these days is that some of them only work if your friends are also using it.
Assuming you have a great product that users enjoyed using, and you have convinced them to share it with others, then make it easy for them to do so. If your product doesn’t really have any social features built in, you can try bribing your users to invite their friends. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile.
Share your smile facebook cover photo is specially designed for facebook timeline in HD quality.
Yes it is true today July 17, 2012 Facebook will no longer offer a SHARE button track your FB shares in real time which people can put on their website.
Facebook sharing is a huge way to generate traffic to your website and form awhile now there were 2 options of allow your visitors to share your content on Facebook with there friends. The strange thing is that on some sites it still works, but on mine (and yours) it just disappeared.
The sites that you still may see the button on are not using Facebook’s live API which tracks shares in real time. Just like to add another downside, the Share button let’s you put captions or descriptions for the link you want to share while the Like button will just post the link from your personal profiles without any introductory descriptions.
A policy at Platinum Preschool, for example, dictates that although all educators are encouraged to contribute to the Facebook page, nothing is posted unless approved first by Ms O’Brien or co-founder Nichola Mclean. Carers and supervisors must always gain the client’s express consent to what information will be used, and how it will be shared.
Strict control of what information is added to your Facebook page or who is moderating blogs is essential for protecting your good reputation. Being able to market it successfully is an equal, if not more important part of the puzzle. Unless you have a proper launch strategy in place to fix this issue, you’ll end up with a chicken and egg problem.
YouTube does this by letting you embed videos onto your site, with a prominent YouTube logo in the corner.

One way was putting a Facebook SHARE button on your site that when pressed would pop up a window that let’s you either post to your timeline or send as a private message to one of your friends. A full service Internet presence provider specializing in WordPress development for business owners. I noticed this on my site too and have done many searches to try find something official, but can’t. But yes, this might be a good for some thought, since the Title and description from the Link can’t be changed (Optimized Meta Tagssss Remained!).
Offer users credits towards paid features for friends that they invite and start using the system. Jarrett Gucci along with his team of professionals have designed over 400 WordPress websites.
I did come across this blog post though so it’s good to know that someone else is aware of it. I suppose if you want to share an article more than once on Facebook, you will now have to copy and paste the URL and take extra steps to share that way.
But I wonder, too, why you’d want to change the title, description, or image of someone else’s article?
Ideally, you would like your product to market it itself, by having people automatically recommend it to others. Facebooks’ developer tools make it easy to integrate Facebook login and friend lists into your product, so users can invite their friends.
Jarrett Gucci believes strongly in creating websites that are unique, functional and generate referrals.
Create features that genuinely add functionality to your app when users’ friends are using it (as opposed to spamming your friends with no benefit to you).

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