Google seems to be furthering its plot to take over the world by tapping into the one social network it HAS managed to develop well, and that’s YouTube. Yes i too have this issue now and it seems there is no way around it other than to delete the post from G+. Google has definitely gone down a bad road; they need to back up and take the fork in the other direction.
Now I’m  thinking just looking at your screen shots above is why do they put Facebook and Twitter first, then the Google + 1 button when you click the share button? I freakin’ hate that in order to post a comment HERE I had to open a twitter or Google Plus or facebook account! It’s really annoying that in order to post a comment HERE, you have to have a Google Plus, twitter or facebook account.
They need to allow you to merge accounts, login as multiple accounts simultaneously, and configure particular sites to associate on-site actions with certain accounts.

I haven’t encountered any videos with a Google+like instead of a regular like though, yet. I also removed the exclamation point at the end because I didn’t want it to sound like I was mad. Even if you’re not seeing it, what are your thoughts about this further step in the Google Plus-YouTube integration?
I cant comment on facebook without everyone being able to see what i post and i cant like on YT without posting to G+. Then suddenly, the thumb disappeared and was replaced with a +1 Publicity for Google+!  I don’t have Google+ and I have no intention of ever getting one. As a matter of fact, YouTube was originally conceived as a social networking site, which is why you have the option to say whether you’re male or female and what your marital status is when you sign up (although that information no longer shows up on your channel). Don’t get me wrong, the client has a Google Plus page, but their YouTube and Google+ profiles are NOT linked together via the same Gmail address.

I know what my social contacts are talking about — I see it on Twitter, Facebook, et al. Please feel free to comment and please pass this on to your friends and to your contacts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as anyone else that comes to mind! As a matter of fact, when Google Plus for businesses first rolled out, you had to have your profile attached to a personal Google+ account, and that meant usually using a different Gmail than ones already set up to use with YouTube accounts. Yet, that doesn’t mean I want to show them EVERY video I simply want to show approval for over at YouTube.

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