Contact us if you're interested in deploying your business intelligence data in SharePoint.
If you want to do searches in other versions of SharePoint that are more up to date, then you have to do this in a certain way, such as something like SharePoint Server.
Other versions of SharePoint such as the one from 2010 or even 2013 has some extra capabilities as well. This makes for faster and more intuitive searches based on new aspects of the software that have been added into SharePoint recently.
Overall, SharePoint Search is a useful function and something that makes your life considerably easier in the sense that it can make you get through it without having to go through it manually with your eyes.
This is especially the case with more recent versions of SharePoint search capabilities since they got faster after integration with programs like what Bing has.

It pulls together valuable content from various data sources, making collaborative business intelligence possible within an organization's existing SharePoint environment. This often requires starting out with a search component that then sends data to an index component which then sends data to an analysis component based on which version that you have. For example, enhanced search capabilities have come out recently due to Microsoft acquiring some technology from Bing in 2008. Searches should now be faster than ever and they should function exactly as the person searches wants them to function in order to get the best results possible. It helps to do this if you really want to make sure that you are as secure as possible sine other people might be using your computer. It definitely helps to make sure that you do each of these components properly or the entire thing isn’t likely to actually function the way that you would like it to function in general.

The trick was to make sure that everything integrates properly throughout Windows but this should no longer be a problem and everything now runs rather smoothly. This will then make the Windows Search option within Sharepoint open up, and you can then add in whatever search criteria that you want. You will then want to uncheck the SharePoint box which will be under the area that says changed selected location.
If you then click OK, you will modify it so that searching within SharePoint is no longer possible.

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