Scroll down until you see File Sharing, and select Bookman from the list in the Apps section.
Files will be displayed on the bookshelf in Bookman automatically after completing file transfer. Tap the Setting icon at the right bottom of the bookshelf and select FTP in the File Transfer section to enable the FTP feature.
When you change the settings, you will need to turn off the FTP server to reflect the new settings.
I will use a free FTP client called FileZilla that supports both Windows and OSX to explain this method.
Enter appropriate parameters to Host, Ports, User, and Password under General tab on the right side of Site Manager.
If you are able to connect successfully, you will see the list of files in Bookman on the right side.

Select the files you want to copy from the list on the left side, and drag-and-drop to the list on the right side. You have to restart Bookman in order to have files show up on the bookshelf after you finish file transfer. Setting configuraton of an FTP client varies depending on the software, but basically you will need to enter the parameters below to connect to Bookman. You can use a search engine like Google or directly input the URL to the address bar to access websites.
You will see download confirmation message when you tap the link of the file you want to download, and file will be downloaded to MyLibrary. You can download files directly from a cloud storage website such as Dropbox which you can access from a web browser.
Selected files will be copied to the Inbox bookshelf and then you will be able to view the files in Bookman.

If you have too many applications installed, Bookman may not show up in the application list. Enter the IP address and the port number displayed in the Network section of the FTP screen on Bookman to Host and Port. Once file transfer is completed, the red light will be turned off and you will be able to see the files in the list on the right side. Select Normal in Login Type on Filezilla, and enter the same user name and password set on Bookman to User and Password.
If this is the first time connecting to Bookman, you will see Getting Started.pdf only in the file list.

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