After I attended Catalyzing the Sharing Economy conference (the sharing economy is defined as the use of networked, mobile, information technology to share goods and services), I shared a post with some notes and ideas about why I think it is the next generation of networked social change.
Now that we’ve had some time to reflect,  I am wondering about how the Sharing Economy will catalyze new forms of philanthropy and CSR?
Jeremiah Owyang has a framework that describes the sub-sectors of the Share (or collaborative) economy and lists different companies. How do you see the sharing economy disrupting corporate philanthropy and giving in general?
I could also see marginalized populations participating with Feastly, providing authentic ethnic cuisine and making extra income. I read a related article in The Economist recently and particularly liked the way they compared the sharing economy to online buying on eBay, for example. Proctor has worked with Disney princesses and the princess of grump on other DeviantART projects, but Grumpy would probably pick this one as her personal favorite.
After all, both she and Elsa spend so much of their time with people trying to love them while they'd rather just be left alone.

Actions online are triggered by clicks, and clicks can only occur if the user interaction, or UI, is worth noticing. If you would like to write for us as a Guest Blogger, send us your copy by email or contact us via social media. Achieving these types of partnerships would likely require a non-CSR point person in the organization. Lets hope that the big boys such as AIRbnb are doing this for the public good and not purely seeking out opportunities for enterprise.
Artist Eric Proctor replaced Disney's snow queen with the world's fuzziest frowner for the perfect recast. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Yes, the one whose height or width or functionality didn’t match the rest of the buttons.
No changes to functionality whatsoever, which is a good thing, considering how the pop-up dialog is very simple and intuitive.

From a design point of view, which is, safe to say, a very important part of marketing and social media advertising, a social button that represents a social network better and is able to stand out more as being different and unique promises far more engagement than a standard one.
Want to look at structural racism, affordable housing or daycare, or gender and safety issues? I was at the conference on Wednesday only and was not aware that AirBNB had encouraged hosts to offer their places free of charge after hurricane Sandy hit the NYC area. I think the Sharing Economy can serve the public good if educational bridges are extended to our neighbors.
Are these data sets part of the “public benefit” potential of these companies and will they argue such when the inevitable battles between nonprofit and for-profit versions of home or car sharing services arise? Can cities and sharing companies strike pro-active data sharing deals that protect users privacy, inform public policy, and benefit communities – without going to court?

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