Previously the service enabled you to share a video to social networks, but it didn’t provide the ability to customize the text that goes along with it. Now creators can customize the message subscribers see whenever you upload a video to your Channel. The text will be included when your video is shared across connected social accounts, such as your linked Google+ profile.
Additionally, once you connect your YouTube account with Google+, your public videos will be featured on the Videos tab in your Google+ profile. Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes. Mobile apps that promote photo and video sharing are eating up more of consumers' time and representing a threat to YouTube's dominance, according to a new study.
Flurry Analytics tracked 180,000 apps from October 2011 to March 2012 and found an 89% jump in minutes spent on photo and video apps. While it cannot be concluded that mobile video apps are cannibalizing YouTube, the shift in time spent between these two platforms appears to be a signal of disruption. I know and have worked for plenty of servers which more than survive using solely donations.

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From YouTube — On the YouTube page itself, click on the "Share" tab below the video player.
In YouTube comments — When responding to a video using the comment box, any time stamp mentioned in your response will become a hyperlink to that point in the video. This post will appear in YouTube feeds just as it would if you were to upload a video and then make a Channel post about the same video.
This means that you no longer have to visit each site to manually create a new post for each video. The research company found last June that for the first time consumers were spending more time on mobile apps than on the web. Mobile playbacks on YouTube have tripled in the last year to more than 500 million views a day and every minute over three hours of video is uploaded to YouTube from mobile devices. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

In times like these, it's appropriate to just skip ahead to the best part (in this case, 20:26). Please use a browser that supports JavaScript and turn on JavaScript in your browser's preferences.
Offering you an even greater convenience, YouTube noted that this also works with the scheduled publishing feature. Consumers spent 87 minutes a month using such apps — including Viddy and Socialcam — in October and 231 minutes in March, according to Flurry. That data supported a hypothesis from Wired in August 2010 declared that "The Web is Dead," pointing to a shift in consumer usage of the web to apps. Consumers spent 425 minutes, on average, on YouTube in March, which is far ahead of the time spent on mobile photo and video-sharing apps.

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