This service will suit the needs of clients needing to attract advertisement on their website. By Ryan Vowles -In the modern age of online review sites, small business owners may find it tricky to maintain a healthy image on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Places, Yahoo ‘Local’, CitySearch, and the all-powerful Facebook.
When you are only getting a few reviews here-and-there, your overall rating can change with each gust of wind.
A 2013 survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that 90% of customers attributed their buying decisions to positive online reviews.
These reviews impact your ranking in online search engines, whether or not your page even gets clicked, and ultimately, who gives you their business.
For example, your business has just 12 reviews on Facebook, but with the all-so-elusive five-star-rating.
You should do your best to encourage customers to review your business online to boost the overall review count. To be clear, these attributes don’t automatically discredit an online review, rather, they are precursors commonly associated with deceptive posts.

Their study found that 5% of reviews that had no evidence of actual purchases or transactions had significantly lower ratings. Possible explanations for this activity could be rival businesses trying to smear their competition, or just individuals satisfying their own intrinsic needs.
Second, encourage your satisfied customers to review your webpage on the platform you are most concerned with. Many times, this sort of thing is just too much for an owner of a small business to designate time to. Years in the field have enabled us to build a network of potential advertisers for your site.
Like a baseball player’s batting average with just a few at-bats, it only takes one negative review to damage your percentage on a given review site. Unfortunately, they happen to be scattered amongst the many previously mentioned review sites (and more), resulting in many review pages with only a few reviews, rather than one review page with many reviews.
The younger sister of the previous reviewer wants to stick up for her sibling and decides to give your company a 0 star-rating to get revenge.

So yes, it is imperative for your small business that you keep tabs on your online reputation.
This will help combat negative and deceptive reviewers (like the previously mentioned sister). Eric Anderson and Duncan Simester published a 2014 study in The Journal of Marketing Research focusing on low ratings from deceptive users.
They were; above average word count, less complex words, inclusion of unrelated details, and repeated use of exclamation points. Whatever the case may be, it may only take a few of these deceptive reviews to harm your image on a review site.

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