Twitter is often thought of as the domain of the celebrities and sportsmen but the truth is the small business can use twitter to develop relationships.
The biggest single factor that has helped my businesses gain enquires and orders is by referrals other twitter users pass to me.
This entry was posted in Social Media, Twitter and tagged 500 social media tips, find new business, social media, twitter, Twitter for small businesses, Twitter Power by David Guice. A small business owner in a local market, whether you are in the retail, consumer or business to business space, we are pretty sure you have your hands full.
A new study of over 22,957 brands and 50 million pieces of digital content analyzed by TrackMaven, shows what should be an alarming requirement to any small business not already utilizing consistent content marketing. Brands are having to create and post MORE content, and even when they do, they’re getting even less engagement.
Small businesses need to understand that they are no longer only competing locally for their prospects digital attention.
Since there is only so much content consumers can take in, content marketing for the small local business is like air. Your local small business must have an integrated digital marketing strategy that is highly targeted for each specific digital channel that incorporates unique content marketing. Integration – Increasing traffic to your small business website might just be disastrous. Additionally, your small business website must contain strategically developed content that works within a funnel to move your visitors where you need them to go. Consistency – Finally, not only do you then have to create content, you have to do it consistently. Let’s face it, the burdens associated with a small local business are frankly pretty overwhelming. December 25, 2012 by Tara Jacobsen Small business marketing is not just talking about your products and services day in and day out. Here is a list of the promotional holidays – we like to call this surfing the seasons! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. Using twitter has helped my businesses find clients and my blogs find traffic and customers.

It lets anyone send a message no longer than 140 characters to anyone who has chosen to follow you.
Its all about being social so it must not be seen as an advertising board, its a way of having that social conversation as you would if you do if you have a face to face meeting. I have found if you have done business with a fellow twitter user and they are happy they will tweet a testimonial. Are we saying that small business content marketing is required because it is something we do, or is there data that shows why content marketing, blogging, graphics, video and other digital content marketing is so important for the small business? The research conducted across all major industries and included 6 of the top digital marketing and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs. Now they’re competing with ALL digital content that can reach their audience, whether it comes from someones friend, or another local business.
Now that adults discover both local and national businesses, content, products and services digitally and more increasingly from their mobile devices, small businesses must now look at their marketing as multi-channel and competing worldwide like never before. Small businesses must also be extremely active on social networks based on that strategy that not only incorporates substantial content creation efforts that stand out, but also reflect a human and personally, timely and responsive approach to customers that engage with your content.
At the same time, each component of your website, social, search and content marketing has to strategically and coherently work together to overcome the challenges of digital marketing facing your small business today. In fact, the more consistently you create quality content, the more effective your search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing will be.
Adding digital marketing and content marketing for your small business, to these requirements and responsibilities can leave you feeling even more exhausted, both physically and mentally. Oftentimes, if you frame your message around a holiday, you can increase interest in your marketing efforts. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
Most small business owners have the best intentions to implement marketing programs on a regular basis, but running their own business gets in the way, resulting in sporadic hit or miss marketing efforts which naturally produce mixed results. This makes it worthwhile to me as a small business owner times precious and twitter needs time to be effective. You may say what you can say in so few characters but the power of building relationships with people behind your business is a factor large business cannot match. You would discuss the weather, football, rugby or things going on locally twitter is no different.

They are normally happy to recommend your service or product which is a very powerful sales tool far better than an advert.
The research tracked and measured an astonishing total of 75.7 billion interactions and came to some very interesting conclusions. It also means that you are competing with content created by statewide brands, national companies and even worldwide organizations and sources that are creating and distributing their content online. In reverse, the less consistent you are at continually putting out new, creative, unique content that your target audience wants, the less effective your search results, web traffic and overall digital marketing will see. Hiring a full-time Marketing Manager is usually not an option as small businesses cannot afford the salary and benefits involved.
Small business owners don’t have the time to stay updated on all these constant changes; they need to stay on top of changes in their own business.
Building common interests are a fantastic way of finding like minded people who you become to know and trust.
The right digital marketing strategy is the most important thing you should be focusing on right now.
I have spoken to many businesses who have found twitter to be a great cost effective tool in our social media toolbox.
It’s an overused cliche but people do buy from people and if you can use twitter to get to know your clients and customer more it can only assist the business sales process. We allow you to do what you do best: run your business, and we take the marketing off your shoulders.
And the good news about all these changes is that using Social Media, small businesses can effectively compete head to head with the big guys without having their big budgets. Your local small business content marketing and digital marketing strategy has to come from data, research and be highly customized to your specific business, local market and industry.

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