63 percent of small business owners use digital products as part or all of their marketing strategy, most combining digital and print.
43 percent of website owners picked a website domain name at or before the time they launched their businesses. 46 percent of small business owners have, or plan to create, a social profile for their business. 88 percent of those with social profiles list Facebook as a top social media channel for marketing their businesses, followed by LinkedIn (39 percent), Twitter (31 percent), Google+ (22 percent), Pinterest (20 percent), and YouTube (17 percent). 65 percent of those with Facebook business profiles use or are considering using Facebook advertising. 63 percent agree the top motivator for getting a website is to generate new customer leads. The top three reasons Facebook users reported for creating a business page were customer acquisition (62 percent), building a network of followers (50 percent), and increasing brand awareness (45 percent).
There’s a 100% chance you use the internet to help run your business (how else would you land here?).
The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.
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We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. The mission of the Staten Island Business Outreach Center (SIBOC) is to provide technical assistance to business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to ensure their individual growth thereby providing sustainable economic growth on Staten Island.
SIBOC serving the Staten Island Business Community since 1980, offers programming to assist new entrepreneurs and existing businesses.
Our one-on-one business counseling and seminars on timely business topics are available to all Staten Islanders.SIBOC offers FREE programs to assist in any stage of business growth- start-ups to experienced business owner. He also requested that you map out an online marketing strategy and budget for reaching out to your target audience. The problem is, as you present the carefully planned strategy and budget to him, your boss is suddenly sceptical.
What can we achieve with $200 dollars when our competitors are spending between $1000 to $1 million dollars every month online? As a follow up to my previous post on how much it costs to do business online in Nigeria, I will show you how to successfully automate your marketing effort like a pro using online tools that cost $10 or less.
If you plan on building an email list, you need email marketing software like MailChimp that manages your database, sends out automated emails and gives you a report on who subscribed, opened and read your emails. What’s the point of having a website if you don’t know how high you rank on Google search engine for your industry keyword?
From creating social media updates to posting and monitoring conversation and website traffic, you will agree that managing social media channels can be very tedious. As a digital marketer, you can’t ignore jotting down ideas that might be useful in your next marketing campaign or blog post for instance. If you are new to online advertising, then it’s advised that you start with a small budget and a specific goal. Online Payment Gateways like Interswitch can be very expensive, but it’s necessary if you don’t want your digital marketing efforts to be in vain.
The good thing about most of the tools mentioned here is that they have mobile apps for Android and iOS. Caroline Wabara is a digital marketing consultant and trainer with a unique perspective on social media, SEO, WordPress and Content writing.

LinkedIn has become hot social network amongst Nigerian job seekers, professionals, companies and entrepreneurs. Where your visitors are coming from – This is hugely important if you’re targeting a specific audience. How your visitors found your website – this is very important for determining which of your efforts are paying off. Web browsers used by your visitors – knowing which web browsers your visitors use allows you to know which browsers you should be focusing on. What keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get to your website – this helps validate your SEO efforts. The RISE model is built around proven strategies, strong core messaging, precision targeting, speed and affordability. RISE can help with any single aspect of your vision, help you do it yourself, or we can create and execute a complete annual marketing plan. Through this process we ensure that all the foundations are in place for a strong brand, tools, and campaigns.
Once your identity is established, we work with you to arm your marketing plan with the best tools you need to communicate with your audience. With RISE, you have at your disposal industry-leading experts, the latest software, and a network of other resources for every tool your company may need. Now your marketing plan includes the needed tools, it’s time to implement those tools in campaigns. The third and often most neglected campaign area in a growing company—CORPORATE CULTURE— is critical for long-term stability.  This is why the RISE approach includes internal communications, training and hiring practices.
Finally, your message, tools and campaigns must include a MEASUREMENT plan and be continually evaluated.
You decide what success looks like—the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—and watch them to see where improvements can make your marketing budget work more efficiently.
Ongoing management consists of the energy and experience that goes into making your tools, campaigns and measurement a reality from day to day—it is marketing operations. IT’S TIME TO RISECall 844-811-5252 to get started, or click below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. RISE Strategic, LLCRISE serves clients across the United States and is headquartered north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
There are a lot of things you can do by yourself (DIY online marketing) like on-page optimization of Meta titles and description or sharing website pages on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
And that is the right time when you should call (858) 224-8395 and see what Organiksoft has to offer to you and your business website or personal blog. Effective Google Optimization as on-page optimization, URL structure, keyword related landing pages, internal linking, coding etc. Smart Link Building – Link Acquisition from highly authority domains strictly related to your industry niche that will send strong signal to Google, Yahoo! Help with Panda and Penguin Affected Sites (penalty assistance and reconsideration requests) – let us discover why your website is hit by Google algorithm updates. Measure your Internet Marketing efforts – we do custom detailed return on investment (ROI) reports for every client of ours.
We hope that all stated above convinced you that Internet Marketing is even more important of developing a good website.
Showcasing products and services is second (44 percent) and providing basic company information third (42 percent).
Share what your personal experience has been in using digital marketing tools for your business by adding a comment below.
You, too, are the lifeblood of the American economy — and the economy of your hometown.
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If you want to track how well your website is doing on Google search results, you need a keyword tracking software like Positionly. You have two options, either send each of them a reminder manually (this can be tough!) or better still, automate the process using Boomerang for Gmail.
Evernote is my go-to tool for saving ideas I find on the web to taking down client’s requests and writing my blog posts. The goals could range from driving traffic to your website, to lead generation or brand awareness.
Thanks to stock photo sites like DollarPhotoClub, you can download as many photos you need with just $1 per photo. Instead of giving people your bank account details, you can get a highly secure tool for running transactions from your website. She was introduced to digital marketing in 2008 while doing her masters in Education Administration and has been doing business online ever since. It shows if visitors found your site directly, through a referral from another website (ex: Twitter, Facebook), or from search engines. You have the most beautiful website that is packed with pretty images and useful information related to your service or products, but you haven’t done any internet marketing, like search engine optimization or link acquiring so far and it is somewhere on 19th page on Google search. There is no online success or profit without customers or site users who are making desired conversion. Substantial forum presence and cool videos on YouTube (second largest search engine after mighty Google) or Vimeo can do the magic to your ranking and reputation. After deep and relevant analysis of your link profile and content audit we will take necessary measures to recover your site and get you back on your feet. Why do you think Facebook, Twitter and Konga always request for your email address before you can access their website?
But if you want to automate your email marketing process from first sign up to sale, you should spend at least $10 dollars per month.
If you want to stop asking this annoying question, “Did you get my email?” SideKick by Hubspot is the right email tracking software for you. If you own a Google Apps for Work account for your company email, they work great together like bread and butter. There’s a free plan, but as your free quota fills up, you can upgrade to the $5 dollar plan.
As you gain experience and leads, you can start pumping more cash into your advertising campaigns. But I dont know maybe its because too many Nigerians are not aware of AIOP, or not just familiar with it.
That is why you should hire professional team like Organiksoft and let them tailor your online success. Positionly will track these keywords every day and tell you whether you’re ranking page 1 or page 20 for that keyword. With this tool, you can easily track that hot prospect and follow up on them at the right time. The best part is that it processes the deposit within two business days and doesn’t charge you a monthly fee. What is the point of your super-fast, nice looking website that has no visitors and traffic at all? If you really want to track your email marketing efforts and prevent SPAM-mails from entering your inbox, I strongly recommend this tool.

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