Small business online advertising can often be difficult for small businesses still getting on their feet. One of the best and most profitable ways for small businesses to advertise online is through pay-per-click marketing (PPC), a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). WordStream has been featured in USA Today as an aid in helping small businesses use Google AdWords to their greatest advantage.
The article reports on the trend of Big search engine platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.) whose bottom lines depend on selling ads linked to search results. These search engine platforms pour millions of dollars into initiatives to help small and medium sized advertisers make the leap to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. So what's the "correct" way to use PPC as part of your small business advertising strategy?
Begin with solid keyword research: Keyword research is the core component of effective online marketing and using keywords in advertising.
Organize and group your keywords: Keyword grouping allows for more strategic online marketing for both PPC and SEO campaigns. Commit to Advertising Online: To see continuous benefits, you should regularly test, update and improve your small business online marketing campaigns. The best small business online advertisers continuously research and improve their keyword lists. While small businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the intricacies of how to use Google AdWords, WordStream offers comprehensive online advertising services for small businesses wanting help with PPC online advertising. Learn how WordStream, a leading online advertising company with unique PPC management solutions, can play a role in your search marketing strategy. A small business marketing strategy can help you identify who your customers are, measure your company’s position compared to competitors, and track the performance of your marketing actions. Which online marketing techniques will help you increase traffic and differentiate your product from competitors? WordStream Advisor’s automated alerts will notify you of areas in which immediate action can be taken to yield better results, and make suggestions on which areas of your account can be improved. Google AdWords is great at providing ways for you to spend money, but the vast array of features and data can be difficult to analyze. Our goal at WordStream is not just to help you attract more paid or organic traffic; we strive to help you generate more quality leads which you can cultivate to transform into sales. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget.
Just because you own a small business with less-than-extravagant resources does not mean you cannot have the effects of great marketing that large businesses do.

Small Business Saturday® is just around the corner and we’ve got tips to help you think big about this awesome day dedicated to shopping small.
Spearheaded by American Express OPEN Forum, the first Small Business Saturday® launched in 2010.
Send email newsletters, special offers, and invitations to keep your customers coming back again and again.
December 25, 2012 by Tara Jacobsen Small business marketing is not just talking about your products and services day in and day out. Here is a list of the promotional holidays – we like to call this surfing the seasons!
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans.
Small businesses looking for online advertising ideas have numerous options available to them.
PPC continues to grow in popularity as an effective online advertising method because it serves as a relatively easy, cost-effective way to get your advertisements in front of a huge pool of potential customers using Google AdWords and other search engine marketing platforms to display your message.
Learn about how WordStream's PPC Software and Traffic Express service can revolutionize how you advertise on Google and drive relevant, valuable traffic to your business while saving you time and money. Implementing a few best online advertising practices will ensure that your small business succeeds with PPC. With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week system, you can discover new opportunities, optimize your account, and adjust your ad spend to align with your paid search goals.
WordStream's Ad Software for Google PPC helps you make sense of your AdWords account and control your spend. WordStream can provide you with tailored suggestions for your unique online advertising needs, proving personal attention without the high costs of hiring an online marketing agency.
If you're struggling to control costs and realize ROI from pay-per-click marketing, you may need a hand to break through the challenges you'll encounter while creating and implementing your small business advertising plan. Our team of Google AdWords Certified professionals can guide you and show you the best way to market your small business online.
As a small business, you too can use the awesome tools that are around you that you may not even realize you possess. Small Business Saturday® is a day where people make a point to shop and buy from locally owned small businesses. Oftentimes, if you frame your message around a holiday, you can increase interest in your marketing efforts. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.

The best online advertising for one small business may very well be the worst form of online advertising for another. And with higher click-through rates, you'll earn higher Quality Scores, which lowers your bid price and improves your rankings and visibility! We can teach you PPC, give your account a tune-up, or even take full control of your AdWords campaigns, making sure you get the maximum return on your PPC investment. Before spending tons of money on marketing strategies that might prove fruitless, take the time to determine what would be most beneficial to your customers. Building the solid types of relationships with customers mentioned above takes a good amount of time and effort, which, for a small business owner, can be difficult to find.
All too often, businesses will go to extreme lengths and efforts to reach out to customers only to completely disregard them upon completion of the sale. It falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right when consumers are revving up for the holiday shopping season.
It is not necessary to bombard them with fliers and emails that constantly persuade them to purchase your services or sale items.
In order to ensure you are able to spend an adequate amount of time dedicated to connecting with customers, it may prove helpful to hand your load of administrative work over to an automated, digital system. Customers are extremely valuable to small businesses, as they not only are likely to become returning, loyal customers, but there is also the chance that they will refer your business to their friends and family. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to VerticalResponse with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Busy-work tasks such as managing call logs, organizing folders and spreadsheets, keeping up on follow-ups, and tracking down customer files can all be eliminated by simply using a small business CRM.
Whether through their continued purchases or free marketing, your customers are definitely an asset to your company. By viewing your future marketing from their eyes, you will thus improve the productivity of whichever avenues you choose to pursue. Offer them interesting and informative content, but without the pressure of buying everything you have in stock.
All of your customer notes, contract information, and log activity will be orderly and categorized within the system, allowing you to focus on more important things, such as building and strengthening those connections.
The stronger your relationship with them, the stronger their probability to help increase your businessa€™s profits and overall success.

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