Perfectly sized for backpackers and club-goers alike, the SD780 may emphasize compactness, but it doesn’t ignore the need for a small camera to take great pictures, either. Smart Auto: New to this generation of Canon point-and-shoots is a Smart Auto mode, designed to automatically identify eight different scene types and adjust shooting settings appropriately. Program Auto: This mode relinquishes some of the exposure controls over to the shooter, but leaves automatic exposure control in the hands of the camera. HD movies and HDMI output: In addition to HD video recording, the SD780 is ready for HDMI output to an HDTV. Face Detection: The DIGIC IV processor is able to track faces within a frame and give them priority in exposure and focus. Blink Detection: Also a new program for Canon, blink detection should minimize portrait photos in which the subject is blinking. This collection of functions is a feature set designed to help the user transition seamlessly between different shooting settings, giving the SD780 a take-it-anywhere appeal.
Video CaptureAs noted above, the SD780 is one of many new models in this year’s line to feature 720p video capture. Audio quality is not as impressive, sounding like a typical still camera recording in most cases. For a detailed listing of specifications and features, please refer to the specifications table found at the bottom of the review. Earning recognition as the smallest Canon ELPH model to date, the SD780 breaks new ground for Canon in terms of device footprint as well.
The alloy-clad SD780 is solidly built, with the kind of attention to detail that Canon’s design department is known for.
For a pocket cam, my one concern about the SD780’s build has to do with how easily its finish picks up scratches. The SD780 uses a tiny but manageable four-way controller to both navigate the menus and provide dedicated access to functions like exposure compensation and flash mode.
Menus are likewise laid out just like those from previous PowerShot models, with most basic functions controlled from a sidebar quick access menu (called up by pressing, of course, the FUNC button), and more in-depth settings managed in a series of page menus.
Canon has updated its display coatings to a new technology that repels fingerprints better than previous efforts (thank you, Canon!), but also seems to scratch somewhat easier. The SD780 is also endowed with what has to be the smallest optical viewfinder yet on a PowerShot model.
Timings and Shutter LagThe SD780 benefits from Canon’s latest-generation processing not only in the many new and updated soft features that DIGIC IV provides, but also in the overall performance boast seen with the latest processor.
Continuous shooting performance came in just above advertised, at some under one frame per second. Improved face detection in the SD780 is capable of tracking a bunch of faces without lag, and incorporates an even more accurate tracking system for following faces in a frame. Likewise, users can enable Canon’s Servo AF continuous focus system in certain shooting modes, allowing the camera to track moving subjects.
Lens and ZoomA 3x, moderate-wide to moderate-tele zoom lens was the standard optical choice for several generations of pocket cameras, but advancements in the last year or so have made lenses like the SD780’s 33-100mm equivalent zoom somewhat pass. Like the rest of the camera, the two-segment lens barrel is solid, and appears to be made primarily of alloy materials rather than plastics. FlashThe SD780’s flash emitter is tiny, sitting just above the lens, and the flash itself offers up tiny power to go along with it. Flash modes on the SD780 are basic, with a slow synchro setting joining the basic auto, on, and off options. Flash exposure was predictable and solid, with preference to slight underexposure and no strange cast imparted to skin tones assuming you dial in your white balance correctly (or let either the white balance correcting face detection system, or Smart Auto mode, do its thing).
Image StabilizationThe SD780 features Canon’s latest lens-integrated stabilization system, which uses a shifting lens element to compensate for camera motion. BatteryThe SD780 uses an extremely thin and lightweight 760 mAh lithium-ion pack for power. Exposure, Processing, and ColorThe SD780 exhibits typical Canon default processing, showing off deeply saturated (right up to the point of clipping, in some cases) greens and blues, hard sharpening, and lots of contrast. Speaking of backlit scenes, the SD780 features Canon’s i-Contrast dynamic range tool.

The default, vivid, and neutral settings shown above cover the basic range of adjustments, but Canon has also included presets common to its higher-end PowerShots for shifting skin tones, and even a custom option for manually dialing in sharpness, contrast, and color. Lens FaultsThe SD780’s 33-100mm zoom proves to be a decent compromise, providing excellent center sharpness in the lower half of its range. Distortion may not be a problem at telephoto, but the SD780’s performance does suffer in terms of sharpness from around the midpoint of the zoom range on out. Likewise, users who like to get up close and personal with their shots will notice some chromatic aberration in boundary areas. But Canon hasn’t ignored the fact that a camera at this price point needs something to set it apart from the general picture taking pack, either. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. Capsule endoscopy is a unique procedure in which a patient swallows a tiny, pill-shaped wireless camera to take pictures of his or her digestive tract. This entry was posted in Eye on Industry and tagged Camera Modules, Medical Devices with Cameras, Medical Imaging Cameras by admin.
I finally got my hands on the new Sony NEX-5 digital camera this morning, when FedEx showed up with a pre-production model. ABOUTPulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith creates iconic portraits of the famous and infamous for magazines, books and advertising.
Samsung says the new camera should find its way into cell phones and other portable devices. Don't wait, choose and buy speedily!We guarantee Shopping All the products at our site is 100% safe and high quality.
And to this end, the new camera brings image stabilization and a host of other buzz-worthy features to Canon’s slimmest SD model to date. The SD780 is also designed to put more creative options in the shooter’s hands, including color accenting and panorama photo stitching. Overall, video from the SD780 looks nice, though users are presented with limited options for controlling video exposure beyond the most basic settings. Also, the SD780’s small form factor makes it easy to accidentally and unknowingly cover the microphone, as it sits just beneath the lens.
Streamlined and understated, the SD780 shares some in common with other PowerShot ELPH models, but goes its own direction with single-color finishes and interesting hues. After riding around in both my pocket and my briefcase for a few weeks, the SD is already showing some minor wear from inadvertent contact with coins and keys.
Canon’s on-screen interface remains one of the most transparent and easy to comprehend control systems out there, and those with any camera experience should feel completely comfortable shooting with the SD780 in less than an hour with the camera.
A 230,000 dot display, the screen’s generous viewing angles and overall smoothness were, if not class leading, certainly more than sufficient. The screen is definitely easier to clean, and even light scratches seemed to buff out with a little work. The linked viewfinder is, not surprisingly, a good ways from accurate, and is small enough that shooters who wear glasses will likely need to remove them to get close enough for a decent through-the-finder view. In our lab tests, the SD780 proved to be lightning fast off the draw, whether you’re able to prefocus the camera or not. It’s a slightly disappointing number for a camera that handles well otherwise in the speed department, but the fact that the SD780 can shoot at this rate until the card is full gives it at least one advantage over some of its competition. I played with new technology on several occasions, mostly shooting in the locked-down Smart Auto mode, and was nonetheless impressed with just how fluid the SD780’s ability to keep a lock on subjects is. Maximum stated range is listed as 11 feet when the camera is given automatic control over sensitivity.
The SD780 uses its AF assist lamp for red-eye reduction, along with a built-in red-eye correction post-shot tool that can be set up to process images automatically after the shot. This odd behavior was one of the few times I ever found it necessary to override the Smart Auto system’s decisions by jumping into program auto instead. The option, which automatically lightens shadows without affecting highlights, is subtle at best, working fairly well for strongly backlit human subjects, but having little impact on general shots with wide dynamic range.
Edges show some definite softening, though it’s not severe enough that casual shooters are likely to notice.

Neither situation is likely going to give casual shooters pause, but for photo enthusiasts considering the SD780 as a pocket cam, they’re worth noting.
With that standard, we generally found what we expected: at ISO 80, shots are relatively clean, but noise (or more appopriately, the evidence of noise reduction) ramps up in a hurry from ISO 100 on up. On balance, the camera is really no worse than average given its resolution and sensor size, but it’s certainly no better either. Shoot with the camera for a little while, though, and you’ll quickly figure out that this is a device that proves to be much more than the sum of its parts. In this case, that something is size, with the SD780 taking up less square space than a credit card while remaining impressively thin at the same time. This market includes “pills” that use camera technology or sensors to identify conditions in the digestive tract.  SmartPill, a capsule product that measures pH, pressure and temperature in the gastrointestinal tract with a sensor, was recently bought by Given Imaging, a pioneer in capsule endoscopy, for $6 million.
Though I saw prototypes at PMA this year, it’s shocking to hold it your hand and try to figure out how Sony was able to fit an APS sensor into such a small package. It won’t replace my DSLRs, but I can keep it with me all the time for a grab shot that I might have otherwise missed. My preference is Nikon, so I hope Nikon steps up and creates one like this as well so I can use all of my F mount lens.
He has appeared on The X Factor, Fine Living Network and Israel Channel One and exhibited at the Library of Congress and the Aperture Gallery. So, small in fact, that it is far thinner and more compact than many 5 megapixel cameras available today. A truly shirt-pocket ready camera with image stabilization, Canon’s latest face detection and other processing technologies, and 720p video?
When this function is employed, the camera will snap a photo when it detects one additional face appearing in the frame, ideally allowing the photographer a leisurely amount of time to join a group photo. Buttons give a solid, positive click when pressed, and even the interesting, surface-integrated zoom toggle seems to be made from dense brushed metal. Best to get a small, form-fitting case or skin for the SD780 if you’re concerned about appearance over the long haul. Color accuracy is quite good as well, and the screen seemed very close in presenting overall exposure as well.
Still, a cautious approach to toting your SD780 or an aftermarket screen protector would probably be advised. As always, though, having a viewfinder beats not having one, especially in bright sun or for taking action shots. Shutter lag times were short enough to make response essentially instantaneous, and everywhere but in low light, the SD780 was able to acquire focus lock and capture an image in well under half a second. That said, other than potential concerns about battery drain, we found Servo AF reliable enough in most cases that it makes sense to simply turn it on and leave it there for taking snapshots.
This has been the going rate on flash power for awhile among Canon’s small cameras, but in practice it means that if you like to keep ISOs low (below 200, say) to improve image quality, plan on having five feet or less or working distance depending on ambient light.
Best to pack along a spare battery, especially if you intend to take advantage of the SD780’s video capabilities.
Its unobtrusive nature may well be a benefit, though, as there’s very little reason we could find to ever turn the option off. Pixel peepers will likely be less inclined to give the SD780 a run given this weak showing, but even so, decent noise control that keeps ISO 1600 images usable for small prints or web display leaves us willing to cut the SD780 just a little slack in this regard. Streamlined in every sense to fit with the kind of casual, memory-capturing shooting that most of us engage in most of the time, the SD780 is a camera that churns out great pictures without fuss.
With great styling cues and excellent build, gadget fans will no doubt find the SD780’s solid, ultra-reliable photographic performance to be just the icing on the cake.
As far as the optics go, Samsung has equipped it with a 30mm wide-angle equivalent lens capable of close macro shooting of up to 0.4 inches away.

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