Not only is Smashburger doing a phenomenal job at cooking up tasty burgers across the United States, but they’re also doing a phenomenal job when it comes to advertising their QSR (quick service restaurant) SMS campaign to customers. When you walk into Smashburger, the first thing you see is the sign below, instructing you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333 to join the Smashclub.
After purchasing a tasty Smashclub burger, the restaurant’s receipts also instruct you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333. Smashburgers is doing a great job as you can see above in using all available in-restaurant advertising options, and is a great example for any QSR looking to start advertising their SMS campaign to their own customers.
Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Starbucks is no newcomer to SMS marketing either, as they’ve ran multiple SMS programs in the past including the Starbucks 12 days of gifting, an SMS trivia game, an MMS campaign, and a limited time only promotion.
Below are six different brands using their receipts to advertise their SMS campaign to customers, which hopefully will give you some SMS advertising ideas for your own campaign. When it comes to hotels in Vegas, we’re big fans of the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, and the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel is a big fan of SMS marketing.
Being in the mobile marketing space I get to see a lot of different types of mobile campaigns, some good, some bad.
Always remember the golden rule when planning and executing a mobile marketing campaign: Keep it simple.

If you want to see more mobile marketing failures, check out our good friends at the website Mobile Marketing Fail, great resource for what not to do.
It doesn’t stop there though, continue down the page to see more of how this QSR is advertising their SMS campaign in their restaurants. Want more examples of brands that are using their customer receipts to advertise their SMS campaigns, check out how Chipotle is doing it here, or even Ace Hardware here. The first place to start is by watching our video on writing the perfect text message advertisement. Check out the paper coupons below, see how each deal is always at the top, and the qualifier below it? If so, we’ve got something special for you today, as we wanted to introduce you to the receipt. Check out this blog post on how Ace Hardware is using in-store SMS advertising to encourage customers to opt-in.
Most offers including the a deal (receive a free soda), and a qualifier for that deal (when you purchase any regular sushi roll).
More importantly though, we wanted to show you how you can use receipts as yet another place to advertise your SMS marketing campaign to customers. Hopefully with the receipts above, and the Ace Hardware post, you’ll now have a bunch of SMS advertising ideas that you can use for your own campaign.

The SMS advertising examples in this blog post include examples from restaurants, retailers, outlet malls, and many other industries. An example of one of these mobile campaigns is the one below from Community Color Mailer in Wisconsin. Lets say they distributed 50,000 of these to consumers, I would bet $100 that they didn’t get more than 10 people to participate. The key when writing any good text message advertising copy is get the deal portion as near to the top of the message as possible, while the qualifier can hang out below.
Really though, I will donate $100 to whatever charity Community Color Mailer wants if they can prove to me that more than 10 people participated in this campaign.
The reason being is that the deal is there to hook people, so you want the hook, the part that grabs their attention at the start of your text message advertising copy, not at the end.

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