Mogen Apps fur Handys, Social Media oder Location-based Marketing in aller Munde sein, SMS sind immer noch das meist-genutzte Medium in der mobilen Welt.
Are you a retailer looking for some great examples of how other retailers are using mobile marketing? Three Ace Hardware locations in California have been using mobile marketing, and reporting some pretty impressive metrics when it comes to the annual value of each new customer that opts into their campaign. National Wholesale Liquidators offered $5 off any purchase over $25 for their customers to opt-in to their new mobile marketing campaign. Lifetouch Portrait Studios was running a retail mobile marketing campaign, but they were looking to grow their mobile customer database at a faster rate. Avenue Stores ran a retail mobile marketing campaign in which they generated a 6,600% ROI from sending MMS coupons and promotional content each week to customers that had opted-in. In Northern California, five Westfield shopping malls created a retail mobile marketing campaign to send mobile offers, promotions and information about special events to interested customers. Kiehl’s ran a 6 month retail mobile marketing pilot, where the retailer with 250 locations sent up to three mobile offers a month to customers based on their proximity to their retail locations. Seattle Sun Tan was able to generate $196,000 in new sales in the first 30-days of their mobile marketing campaign. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox.
Since the early 2000s, with the growth of SMS messaging, companies have used this technology for marketing and communication.
In Europe, for example, SMS Marketing is the most popular form of marketing for mobile phones, adding about 100 million messages with advertising purpose. In Brasil, Business Solution International ? BSI ?, using all our expertise with knowledge in marketing and communication, can develop successful SMS Marketing campaigns for your business.
SMS Marketing is a great way to inform your customers about events like sales, special discounts and new store openings, for example, keeping them updated.
Works as follows: an SMS message is sent to the customers on your records, which, when presented in the shop counter, earns a special discount or a free gift. This type of SMS Marketing campaign provides excellent results with a very high return in events like parties and celebratory dates (Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas etc.), being a very effective way to promote an immediate increase in sales. In addition, as people usually take always their phones with them, the chance to forget it at home is very small, unlike what would be with coupons. It is also a measure aligned with the most modern marketing practices and environmental preservation, because SMS Marketing promotes a fully virtual communication, having no need to use paper. Through the customer records of your business, you can select the most important ones (either by size of account or other reasons) to send them special offers and invitations to exclusive events. This is a very useful use of SMS Marketing to promote the loyalty of these customers, preserving and strengthening the relationship. The internal marketing is very important to keep the company workforce engaged and well informed, and SMS Marketing is a great way to do this.
The popularity of email marketing meant that it very quickly became over populated with spam, thus reducing the chance that your email will be interpreted as a legitimate one and actually opened and read. Business, groups, charities and sport clubs of all kinds are using SMS Text Marketing to deliver short sharp sales or information text messages to their relevant, opted in databases. It is not that Email marketing doesn’t work, but we are supporting the fact that SMS Text Marketing’s has superiority over it! I've always found it to work extremely well, reliably and does exactly what it says on the can! Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software a€“ Professional compose and send group text messages from PC using USB Modems, GSM, Android or Windows mobile phones. Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for GSM Cell Phones creates and broadcasts group text messages to single contact number or list of contact numbers without requiring internet connection over worldwide location.
Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for Android Phones composes and sends instant messages to your friends, relatives, customers etc.
Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for BlackBerry Cell Phones forwards unlimited text messages from BlackBerry mobile connected with PC to group of contact numbers over worldwide. Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software for Multi USB Modem allows you to send multiple numbers of text messages using USB modem connected with desktop or laptop.
Bulk SMS Marketing Software for Multi Mobile creates and sends multiple numbers of text messages over national or global mobile network. SkyWire customers have embraced SMS and Mobile Marketing for years now, and with much success.
Below are just some of the successes our customers have had in the over 12 million campaigns they’ve sent through our patented software. Casino Hotel in Reno, NV sent 29,000 non-local Mobile Club Members a special room rate offer.
Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ had 809 concert attendees responded to signage at the concert venue.
Restaurant in Las Vegas, over a 1 month period, had a 31% response rate from local mobile club members. Spontex, the No.1 branded manu-facturer of cleaning tools in the UK have used their 80 years of experience and expertise in cleaning to roll out their product range into floorcare. The brand has now launched a compact yet innovative range of high quality wet floor spin mop bucket, all designed to make floor cleaning better, quicker and easier. The new range expands Spontex’s portfolio of market leading products already including cloths, scourers and gloves, to ensure that they now offer a full cleaning solution and must-have range for all retailers.
Alternatively the Express System mop has a 360 degree wringing system, speeding up the cleaning process and providing the ultimate solution for larger surfaces. The Spontex range also consists of two fringe mops, a flat mop with an in built spray system and refillable bottle, and a bucket and wringer to compliment the range.
With plenty of exciting launches and through-the-line marketing activity already planned for both 2014-15, Spontex are confident that they are set to put their stamp on the floor category. Heidi Allen, a professor at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, believes that paid time off may be the best way to encourage employees to adopt healthy habits, and she proposes that employers in the federal government experiment with programs based on this incentive.
What problem does this solve?There are many reasons that health care costs continue to rise, but one of them is simply that people are living sicker for longer. Point-of-purchase displays may help sell impulse items such as gadgets and open stock cookware, but when it comes to pushing mops, brooms and brushes, the best sales tools are rebates and advertising circulars. Manufacturers’ efforts to spruce up the category with new packaging and lively POP displays have been met with tepid enthusiasm from mass merchants.
Consequently, displays are grouped by item from various manufacturers and continuity of packaging has little effect, he said.
If POP displays aren’t being used, and new packaging has little or no effect, what entices the consumer to buy a mop, broom or brush? A company spokesperson for Venture Stores cited good in-stock position and strong promotions as two effective tools to increase sales. Edel of K Mart said he agrees that price means a lot to the consumer, and pointed to a trend away from hand-made corn brooms since they have gone up in price because of high labor costs.
A company spokesperson for Jefferson Ward in Miami said while some promotional pricing is helpful, the main reason people buy a mop, broom or brush is because they need it. Venture Stores reported that while everyday purchases do not seem to be price sensitive, promotional pricing is important to generating impulse buys. Since the introduction of microfiber in the mid-eighties, it has gained popularity and appeal in the cleaning industry.
There are a number of fibers that are manufactured into microfiber, but most are derived from polyester or nylon. Microfiber cleaning cloths are used for all kinds of tasks, but the impact they have on floor maintenance is noteworthy. Microfiber mops generally consist of a lightweight aluminum handle with a pivotable flat rectangular frame of varying lengths and widths. With microfiber systems there are usually two receptacles mounted on a cart apparatus; several microfiber pads or heads are submerged in the cleaning solution receptacle. O cedar spin mop are compact and lightweight, they produce less drag so they are easier to use and less tiring than traditional string mops.
When you consider that a gallon of water weighs approximately 8.33 pounds, you will come to the conclusion that mopping with a fully loaded string mop will tire an individual out rather quickly.
Because the mop is so maneuverable, it is easy to get the floor finish into the area it belongs. Although microfiber mops can be laundered in standard washing machines, wash them separately.
For hospitals, the front-line diagnostic tool is one of the best deals going-inexpensive, travels anywhere and lasts for decades.
However, practitioners who use the trusty tool might not feel quite so generous toward hospitals’ supply budgets if, as some predict, compact ultrasound devices start to replace them. In a serendipitous moment in 1816, a polite French doctor who thought better of putting his ear to a female patient’s chest rolled some sheets of paper into a cylinder to listen to her diseased heart.
An icon of even modern-day medicine, the stethoscope probably would be the most recognizable tool in a doctor’s bag if doctors still carried bags.

The choice of a particular brand of stethoscope can say as much about the taste of a doctor or nurse as the choice of designer sunglasses. Although the modern-day apparatus is a far cry from the hollow wooden cylinder Laennec developed, the technology hasn’t changed all that much in the past 50 years. Harvey Rubin, an infectious-disease specialist, professor of medicine and associate dean of student affairs at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, is only on his second stethoscope in his 30-year career. Golden berg of Medline says depending on the model, stethoscopes sold by his company range from $10 to $150 in price. Still, the economics of front-line diagnostics could change as soon as the next couple of years as a new generation of compact, in-your-pocket ultrasound systems enters the market, says Michael Silver, vice president of SG-2, a healthcare information and consulting company in Evanston, Ill.
For now, some pocket ultrasound devices that augment best stethoscope review are already on the market, but the price is the rub: as much as $20,000. Hospital financial officers don’t need to panic just yet at the thought of purchasing a pocket ultrasound system for every doctor and nurse on staff.
That said, doctors nevertheless are finding that compact ultrasound can save time and the expense of another procedure. SMS Marketing (hay Mobile Marketing) dang tr? thanh 1 xu hu?ng qu?ng cao hi?u qu? cao va du?c nhi?u don v? tin dung.
Hi?u theo 1 cach don gi?n nh?t, SMS Marketing la qua trinh b?n ti?n hanh cac ho?t d?ng nh?m truy?n t?i cac thong tin c?a minh t?i khach hang thong qua tin nh?n di?n tho?i (SMS). The statistics we’ve compiled below prove just how popular SMS Marketing is, and why brands should explore the world of Text Marketing to increase sales and improve customer service. SMS marketing, text marketing or mobile marketing, whichever you call it,  is all the rage.
One of the problems with the Macy’s program is the promotion is almost always the same.
Overall, SMS can be a great tool to target subscribers and almost guarantees your message will be seen Where companies will go with SMS in 2013 may ultimately determine whether consumers will be open to receiving messages from companies in the future. SMS werden gesendet und gelesen auf den altesten Knochen bis zum Top-Notch Smartphone: ComScore hat analysiert dass 65% aller Handy-Nutzer SMSen schicken, wahrend nur 30% den Browser verwenden oder Apps downloaden.
To promote their new campaign, Julep sent emails to their pre-existing email database of customers, and posted information about the new mobile marketing campaign on various social media profiles. In addition to Julep generating significant click-through and purchase conversion rates, their subscriber churn for this SMS promotion was a mere 00.90%. The promotion was advertised in-store, online, and in the retail chain’s print advertising. The portrait studio tested running a $5 discount promotion when customers opted-in to the mobile marketing campaign. The 500 location retailer that caters to women wearing apparel sizes 14 or larger reported that the MMS campaign had an average open rate of 97%, with the subscribe database growing at a rate of 30% month over month.
To grow the mobile subscriber list, Westfield advertised the campaign on signage throughout each mall, in addition to offering the chance for one customer to win a $1,000 shopping spree after opting-in.
After the pilot was complete, it was found that 73% of the customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase. The 10-day mobile campaign was promoted on 33,000 Redbox kiosks, to Redbox’s more than 3 million Facebook fans, and 30+ million email addresses. In addition to the new sales for the 35 location tanning salon, the retail mobile marketing campaign was able to generate 4,750 opt-ins from customers to receive future mobile offers.
On average, these messages are read by users less than four minutes after they were sent, making SMS Marketing a powerful tool. This is a very common form of promoting in other countries, like the United States, for example, but not widely used in Brazil.
This is a fact that can be explored in future institutional communication campaigns of your company. This way, in addition to draw closer the various levels of the company and the direction, you can also find out how they feel, identify problems and understand better how the organizational climate is. While both are valuable they serve different purposes, and it is important to know which tool to use for which type of information. Many people have several subscriptions so that gives us 4.5 billion reported mobile users in the world (Ericsson, 2014).
No other marketing tool can offer a similar rate, making SMS Marketing one of the most effective ways to get your message to your customer. Now you can easily promote your business by sending group text messages to national or global mobile networks through bulk SMS mobile marketing software.
Software delivers share market updates, business campaigns, greetings, notification, standard messages and other personalized sms to customers, friends, relatives etc.
Mobile messaging program helps to increase business revenue and sales by sending group text messages on national or international mobile network within few working steps. SMS messaging program provides facility to import contact number from PC to send bulk text messages across the world within a single click. SMS messaging software for multi USB modem provides facility to attach multiple number of USB modems with computer to send or forward thousands of bulk Sms. 189 rooms were booked (1.3% response rate) at an average of 2 customers per room (378 people) for two days. 6,384,850; 6,871,325, 6,982,733 and 8,146,077 - Website Contents Copyright 2014 - All Rights Reserved.
The Easy Max mop for example has a patented magnetic head that clips effortlessly into place, whilst the integrated wringing system means a perfectly wrung out mop every time, without any wet hands. Employers are investing more and more every year in employee wellness initiatives, with mixed results.
Employers, who partially bear the burden of increasing health care premiums, have become interested in the notion of employee wellness as a means to save money.
People sit at desk jobs and slowly gain weight year after year of employment, contributing to high chronic-disease burden, disability, and high health care costs.
But if you could increase employee productivity by an equal amount by having healthier employees, you would break even while spending very little. I used to work in government, and I think that’s probably where my enthusiasm for this project starting in government comes from.
K Mart offers both machine-made brooms from Libman and hand-made brooms imported from Mexico and Hungary. The category does a basic business and there doesn’t seem to be any tool to increase sales volume. A microfiber cloth may consist of a single type of microfiber or a blend of more than one type.
This technology has allowed us to have extremely fine synthetic fibers that are lint free and possess strength and durability as well as exceptional absorbency, which is why they have faired well in our industry. The frame will usually have several fabric-fastening strips that the microfiber pad or head attaches to. When the technician cleans an area, a clean pad from the solution receptacle will be wrung out by hand or with a flat mop wringer and used to mop the designated area.
The different types of heads available give the technician an opportunity to use the right pad for the right job.
Also, the continual dumping and replenishing of fresh water means the technician has to pick up and dump a substantial weight (4 gallons of water weighs approximately 33 pounds). The low, flat profile allows the technician to get floor finish closer to the baseboards with less splatter than traditional string mops. If they are washed with other towels or rags that have lint, the microfiber will pick it up and hold it. Technicians using microfiber in hard-floor maintenance are usually very happy with the end results. Better yet, most doctors and nurses don’t give a second thought about buying their own stethoscope any more than they think twice about buying their own work shoes. The diagnostic device that subsequently was developed by Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec began the modern era of cardiac diagnosis, says Richard Lee, a cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston. As it stands, it is a must-have accessory for doctors and nurses, worn slung around the neck, crammed into a lab-coat pocket or stuffed into a back pocket. The listening device consists of two conjoined parts: on one side, a diaphragm to hear high-pitched sounds and on the other side, a bell to hear low-pitch sounds. When he came to Penn in 1983 he brought the stethoscope he purchased as a first-year medical student in 1972, paying less than $100 for it.
The doctor looks in your eyes and ears, listens to your heart with a stethoscope and feels around your neck and abdomen. More powerful computer chips are driving the technology, and the price will no doubt come down as more companies compete to make them, Silver says. Ch? c?n vao Google go t? khoa “Mobile Marketing“, b?n s? co ngay 90 tri?u k?t qu?, va con s? tuong ?ng v?i “SMS Marketing” la 38 tri?u – nh?ng con s? kha “kh?ng” d?i v?i m?t linh v?c qu?ng cao. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The incentive is for 20% off, which we all know is their standard coupon (think Bed Bath & Beyond).

Companies need to start treating SMS like an independent marketing channel and less like it is email. Well, as previously mentioned, reorder reminders and information alerts like flight delays are great. There are only so many times you can send someone something of no value before they decide they don’t want it anymore.
By now you have no doubt heard all about the MailboxIs Your QR Code Process Mobile-Friendly? Below you’ll find mobile marketing examples from retailers such as Julep, National Wholesale Liquidators, Lifetouch Portraits, Avenue Stores, Westfield Malls, Kiehls, and many more. The mobile marketing campaign was advertised to customers in-store, in many different locations including at the register, on corner displays, and even on customer receipts.
The 12 location chain was able to build up a mobile database of 50,000 customer mobile phone numbers, and it was determined that customers that were part of the mobile marketing campaign on average spent 80% more than customers that we’re part of the mobile marketing campaign.
This new tactic to grow mobile subscribers at a faster rate worked, resulting in a 163% increase in consumer opt-ins. Westfield was able to generate 6,000 opt-ins within the first week of launching their mobile campaign. The retailer gave customers the option to sign up for mobile offers on their mobile phone by texting  “KIEHLS” to the 25787, or through their website.
The most impressive results from this mobile marketing campaign was the fact that customers that redeemed the initial mobile offer, spent 500% more than regular customers. This is due to the use of short codes and the added layer of accountability required by the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc). In contrast email marketing reports a 22% open rate, this significantly reduces your chance of success. Send a text message to 100 customers and an email to 100 customers and see which gives you the most return!
207 concert attendees’ redeemed the offer at the POS of the Night Club (25.5% response rate).
The need to curb health care costs by addressing the increased prevalence of chronic disease seems self-evident, but how to do this hasn’t been. A recent study suggested that the average employer spends almost $700 per employee per year on wellness programs, with larger employers spending even more than that. Government is a place where people start their careers as young adults and often stay until retirement.
Occasionally the imported corn broom is promoted for $2.90, and the iron-shaped scrub brush also does well when promoted. A denier is a unit of measurement that equal to the fineness of a yarn weighing one gram for each 9,000 meters of continuous filament.
The individual fibers are split during the process of manufacturing; these tiny splits are excellent for holding soil, which is why microfiber mops are effective. The pads or heads come in a variety of thicknesses and textures, and they can be used for many different applications, from dry mopping to floor-finish application. Mop buckets are designed to carry cleaning solution in which the twist and shout mop is frequently submerged, churned and wrung out. When the pad becomes soiled it is not put back in the solution receptacle, it is put in a container for soiled cloths, and a fresh microfiber pad is pulled from the cleaning solution and attached to the mop.
Because they leave very little moisture on the floor, the floors dry quicker, a definite benefit to individuals who are in the facility during cleaning hours. Using a microfiber mopping system will result in the technician lifting less and moving lighter loads. Cutting edges, getting into corners and controlling lines make it much easier for the technician to be exacting in detail without leaving excess floor finish on the baseboards. Philips sells both acoustic and electronic stethoscopes for $199, and is the market leader for electronic stethoscopes. Companies just haven’t completely figured it out yet and that is to be expected to some degree.
This information was then sent to local Ford dealership, where sales staff to do a follow up call with the interested buyer.
It was also found that 81% of respondents to a survey after the pilot reported that they recalled receiving the mobile offers from Kiehl’s. Check out the following blog posts which gives information on how big a retailers mobile subscriber database should be in comparison to their email marketing database, and what a retailer can expect in regards to their average opt-out rate for their mobile subscriber database. Radicati Group projected there are just 2.5 billion email users worldwide in 2014 (Radicati, 2012). After the event, the 215 customers who redeemed the ticket offer were offered admission to Night Club for half price. It certainly doesn’t seem like newsletters that encourage exercise and contain healthy recipes are a powerful intervention. The efficacy of these programs has been mixed and largely modest, with programs that target chronic-disease management having the highest payoff.
For an enthusiastic employer who wants to invest early in employees that they plan to keep for decades, implementing this as a carefully-designed experiment that competes with other incentives is a terrific place to start.
In terms of visual appearance they are extremely thin and are more than 100 times smaller in diameter than a human hair. After several trips to the bucket the solution is no longer effective and the cleaning solution is anything but clean. Although the microfiber flat mop does not hold as much floor finish as a best spin mop, it has better control in getting even, consistent coats applied with fewer problems.
There are no moving parts; most stethoscopes in use are old-fashioned acoustical devices, even though the past decade saw the development of electronic stethoscopes that add batteries and a microphone to better amplify the sound.
But overall, its highly regarded acoustic brand, Rappaport-Sprague, still dominates Philips’ sales despite the equity in pricing, says Grace Palma, marketing and communication manager for the medical supply division at Philips in Andover, Mass. Institutional purchases probably account for 30% of those sales, and institutions typically buy the lower-priced products, which are ubiquitously used for routine testing such as blood-pressure readings and sometimes are even disposable, he says.
If the physician feels something unusual, the ultrasound could be a handy tool to see it a little better. Why shop now when I can wait for the next one?  Another problem with this the link simply takes me to a mobile version of the site. Your SMS Text Message is delivered to recipients in minutes if not seconds of pushing the ‘send’ button and over 90% of messages are read with 4 minutes of deployment! Concert venue and Night Club increased revenue by $56,000 compared to similar concerts and show combos. My idea is that employers should define what specific healthy behaviors they want from their employees, and then offer employees time off as a reward for doing them. To get more vacation time, government employees have to be promoted to management or earn it through accrued years of employment. When I was a government employee, I would have dragged myself to the gym three times a week, every week, every year, if someone told me I could earn two weeks more vacation doing it.
Although you want to take the person to a mobile optimized page, I find shopping on my phone to be cumbersome (as do my friends and colleagues) and rarely ever do it. So consider running a specific and unique program during the year such as 12 deals of Christmas; one text per day for 12 days with text-only specials. Check out this blog post, in which we let you in on the one trick that will supercharge the growth of your mobile subscriber database. Things like exercise and healthy eating habits get harder to do the longer you go without doing them.
Time off to spend with friends and family for travel or recreation would be highly incentivizing, and also good for employees’ mental and emotional well-being. In the long term-10 years or more down the road-a whole new class of devices may combine the listening prowess of the stethoscope with the viewing capabilities of the ultrasound, Silver says. I might be better off navigating to a specific product or category in order to keep it more focused on the immediate conversion.  Here is another example from BuyBuy Baby.
I think many people would participate in a program like this for time off that would be impossible to get otherwise. Not to worry, only 13% of the largest online retailers have an SMS loyalty program, so there’s still time for your brand to launch their very own mobile marketing campaign. Making it possible for one-click reordering while on the go will certainly pay better dividends than a random batch and blast text message like the BuyBuyBaby or Macy’s messages. Campaigns like this can create demand for your text program and keep your messages fresh for your audience.

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