Like a bar code, QR technology enables smartphones to scan unique black & white images, delivering instant information in response. HOMECELLERS is a best-in-class mobile marketing service for the real estate industry featuring real estate SMS text messaging, mobile web, social networking and real estate QR technologies. So in order for SMS marketing services to be utilized to their full advantage, your tone and your content need to work, and they need to work together.
If you think you’ve covered all your bases, and that your SMS marketing strategy is close to perfect, there may be an outside force that can cause your subscription list to shrink. A rude waitress, an offensive disc jockey, a less than helpful customer service department – all of these things can leave a bad taste in subscribers’ mouths. Are Your Clients Asking About Text Messaging?We recently created a 10 page guide to help you quickly understand SMS marketing, answer common questions, and begin to strategize your client's first campaign. Ready to See More?We would be happy to give you a quick online demo of our software, discuss your plans for SMS marketing, and go over pricing.
One of these oft-missed channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS. Marketing through SMS hits your targets anywhere also helps you to convert leads into customers.Offering a wide range of Bulk SMS Marketing Solution to suit every customer’s need. Our service is highly intuitive and simple to use, even for staff with limited computing skills.
We provide high quality, mission critical, business SMS software to companies who rely on us to get their messages delivered fast. Octosys Itech SMS Marketing solution will help  you in building your social identity.Interact with your customers directly. The test run of Trumpia in Oahu was so successful, that we've already decided to expand our use of the software to all 62 of our locations. With Trumpia's text messaging software, you can reach who you need to reach instantly no matter where they are.
Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following. We find that the service is good for a group scattered throughout the event grounds and whose main source of communication is mobile phone.
I've managed call centers at multinational companies in the past as an executive and I can tell you that Trumpia's Support is top notch. Landline texting allows your customers to call or text your existing business phone number. Auto Campaign delivers messages automatically based on conditions like click-throughs, interests, and birthdays. Trumpia's omni-channel offers the only marketing automation software that works with SMS, MMS, and email. Unlock messaging for your system with our messaging API that already comes with a shared short code for high throughput.
Free Shared Short Codes allow you to launch mass texting campaigns ASAP whether you're getting your own dedicated code or not.
Omni-channel API allows your program to send messages via SMS, MMS, email, and social media.
Take control and organize your multi-location enterprise with an array of tools and user management features. Get campaign consulting from our experienced team to tap into our technical and marketing knowledge.
Engage all customers or members by supplementing your campaigns with email and social media.

Email-To-SMS feature allows you to send a text message from within an email system by simply sending a message to any phone number using a special email address.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing provides the lowest cost and highest return rate that is definitely a boon to today’s shrinking marketing budgets. The SMS campaign infrastructure is2 such that new campaigns messages can be set up in minutes.
The SMS campaign infrastructure offers opportunity to execute3 campaign from idea to delivery in minutes. The average time for all mobile4 carriers and SMS services are less than 7 seconds from send to receive. Response rates of the SMS campaigns are immediate because they are real-5 time and calls to action can be acted upon faster than traditional advertising.
The SMS marketing offers advertisers7 full control over message designing, development and dissemination. SMS opt-in and opt-out has only one step, and besides entering a mobile8 number, there is rarely any personal information required up front.
Mobile phone users represent all demographics which makes SMS9 marketing tool of limitless opportunities. SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other10 marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers. The 160-character length of SMS is a11 boon for advertisers as it forces them to be clear and concise.
SMS marketing strategies are effortless to implement yet have a14 higher return on investment than other forms of marketing. As a real estate professional, you can generate quality real estate leads by marketing your listings on cell phones and other mobile devices through the use of our unique real estate text marketing platform.
In fact, some companies and organizations trudge along blindly, completely unaware that their text message marketing tactics are doing more harm than good. Your SMS campaign can be a vast success, and you can ensure that your results surpass your expectations by learning how to keep your subscribers entertained and engaged. Here’s what usually happens – a local company, let’s say a restaurant, signs up for text message marketing services. They might feel like the knowledge and updates you share have little significance or impact on their lives, or that your announcements of events or promotions are of minimal interest. To make sure your tone hits the mark, try this – read every message aloud before you send it. Free appetizers, discounted haircuts, buy one get one half off event tickets – they’re all great tools for helping your business, and your subscriber list, grow.
If no customers redeemed your free appetizer promo code the first time you sent it out, texting it five more times over the course of two weeks isn’t going to suddenly make the incentive a big hit. As you know, your company or organization reaches far beyond your text message marketing services. It’s true that using these tips will help you craft a winning strategy with your SMS marketing services, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you know your business and that you know your customers. It is incredibly powerful and continually being enhanced to bring users new features and functionality. With our direct connections to all the India mobile networks and our excellent global coverage, we provide a superior service, because we know that every message matters. Truckers get alerts when shipments are available to be picked up, and customers get alerts that their order is ready and on the way.

They barely even notice as their supporters flee from their subscription lists like rats from a sinking ship. They’re so excited to see their new marketing strategy at work that they go a little overboard.
While trying to win over customers with humor, a local diner might text a joke that many subscribers find offensive. But a free child’s admission to a local zoo is an offer that many subscribers may actually redeem. And if you learn that a recent ad campaign, a defective product, or a dirty restaurant is a problem, focus your efforts on fixing the problem as soon as you can. You know what your customers need, what your supporters believe in, and you know what your business or organization can do to help. And with every text message inquiry, you get the phone number of the prospective buyer for follow-up. The owner of a museum may text using 10-dollar words and lofty platitudes that alienate supporters.
When subscribers feel this way, it’s easy to understand why they’d choose not to receive further messages. There are plenty of ways you can connect to customers and supporters outside of texts, and if someone has a bad experience in one of these arenas, they may choose to cancel their subscription to your messaging campaign. When customers see you responding to their feedback, your relationship will become stronger than ever. And an effective text message marketing campaign is just an extension of that relationship. To maximize impact, you can also post your listings direct to FACEBOOK and TWITTER from your HOMECELLERS account. On your boxes, you print “Text “Pizza” to 6874 for a free offer!” When texters send the message, they receive one back offering them a free order of breadsticks with their next purchase.
A salon might hard sell their services so often that they start to sound like shady used car salesmen.
Track each promotional offer, then adapt your efforts to focus on the promotions that were redeemed the most and don’t waste your time sending out the types of offers that were mostly ignored. So if you feel a little uncertain that your efforts are hitting the mark, just think about that relationship and try to evolve a strategy that will nurture it and help it grow. Why not order a pizza and use your promo code to get a free order of breadsticks?” Try a campaign like this and you’ll be surprised by how many additional orders you receive.
The more diverse your text message marketing campaign is, the more likely subscribers will be to find your messages useful and relatable.
Additionally, with HOMECELLERS, you can customize your own personalized agent text ID, creating the equivalent of a mobile business card, delivering information on ALL YOUR LISTINGS through a single text message. Lastly, with HOMECELLERS, you have the opportunity to combine the strengths of our award-winning real estate SMS platform with your own brand image.
Just sign up for our custom branded package option, send us your logo and we'll take care of the rest!

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