Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to promote your small business and significantly increase your exposure and get leads and customers through social media channels? During our fast track course, we will cover such crucial areas as effective blogging, the fundamentals of SEO, social networking, microblogging, video marketing and much more. I have recently presented a  successful webinar on Social Media Marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs for Warwick Business School. Newsletter Signup FormSubscribe to our newsletter and get the latest in updates, new blog posts and training sessions!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Social media marketing began in the B2C space, as most social media platforms were created for individuals and their social networks rather than for business organizations. In a lot of cases, the goal of B2B social media marketing is to help you set up an initial interaction with a client.

Now that we’ve discussed why your company may benefit from B2B social media marketing, let’s move on to consider the tools you might use.
A significant portion of marketers also use blogging and video websites, such as YouTube, to help build their online brands. Next Monday we will dig into a B2B social media marketing success story to shed light on the marketing features available through LinkedIn Ads and strategies to utilize them. IDD had the pleasure of recently attending the Retail Banking and Marketing Conference in Charlottesville, VA. These interactive one-to-one or team sessions can be run on request at the place and time convenient for you face-to-face or via Skype. However, as these platforms have grown in popularity, the applications for B2B social media marketing have grown as well. While B2C campaigns may focus more on generating impulse purchases or strengthening general brand appeal, B2B campaigns are more personal and relationship-driven and may even appear to be purely collaborative or educational in nature.

Pharmaceutical companies have shifted their sales tactics over the past decade from a “physician as consumer” model to one in which fewer sales reps focus on stronger relationships with physicians and physicians have more opportunities to explore product information, ideally within the context of their own trusted networks. In order to achieve this goal, you need to identify the right contact or contacts (the B2B sales process can involve a lot of different stakeholders) and you need to provide a way for these contacts to learn about you (as a person and as a company) and how your strengths align with their interests.
Organized by the Virginia Banking Association, members, sponsors, and guests enjoyed two days packed with knowledge and information about the digital shift in the marketing industry. The result is that companies are now experimenting with the most effective ways to market to business clients through Facebook, Twitter, corporate blogs, YouTube, and, most often, LinkedIn. From government regulations, bilingual communications, database management, and a hypersensitive secure environment, a community bank is a special place.

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