IDD had the pleasure of recently attending the Retail Banking and Marketing Conference in Charlottesville, VA. This is an old post that I have re-formatted because it still fits in with small business social media and social media strategy.
I use LinkedIn for business applications, Smaller Indiana for local business networking, Facebook for social application, and Twitter for information. Organized by the Virginia Banking Association, members, sponsors, and guests enjoyed two days packed with knowledge and information about the digital shift in the marketing industry.
This is basically an awesome chart  featuring the different ways to cite social media using both MLA and APA style.

There are 4 points social media applications should touch in regards to your daily life: Business, Local Business Networking, Social, and Information. I am going to leave this comment up for the simple fact to give everyone that reads this blog an idea of what not to do when commenting on blogs.
Facebook is to keep me updated on my friends and acquaintances from college and high school. FriendFeed is a wonderful information aggregation tool where you can follow influential people and the information they share.
From government regulations, bilingual communications, database management, and a hypersensitive secure environment, a community bank is a special place.

Smaller Indiana is a great place to connect to local professionals and share ideas on how to make Indiana a better place.

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