A year ago, if a brand wanted to become part of the national dialogue on the biggest ad buy day of the year, it was pay-to-play. One year ago, and seconds after the Mercedes-Benz Superdome lost electricity, I responded to the debacle with a single tweet on behalf of Audi, and the floodgates of what would be called “moment marketing” opened.
Moment marketing is when a brand responds to an unforeseen event – breaking news, unexpected dialogue, a pop culture happening – with a relevant comment on social media. As social matures, brands and agencies have tried to put a regimented framework around efforts. The Super Bowl ad and the millions that go along with it isn’t going anywhere, but bad television creative can be quickly overshadowed by a skeleton social media team leveraging quick wit in ways traditional advertising never could. Only a handful of brands are set up to accomplish this end game because it literally demands corporate give up the keys to the kingdom to a select few. The phenomenon that is the second screen has made television advertising not redundant, but a curious onlooker to the dynamic conversation that happens around it. For most brands lacking huge ad budgets, the idea of capturing lightning in a bottle, which is most assuredly the definition of moment marketing, is their one and only opportunity to get anywhere near the stage the Super Bowl presents.
Andy White is Director of Social Business Strategy at Sprout Social, a social media management and engagement platform. Masterplanner is a continuously updated source for fund-raisers, openings, and major events for the next 12 months. Every year, thousands of event and meeting professionals gather in South Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. The BizBash Event Style Awards honor creativity, innovation, and excellence in the meeting and event industry throughout North America. We are currently accepting speaker submissions for our 2016 Event Innovation Forums, Workshop Series, and Elevate Conferences in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. THE essential resource for corporate and independent planners to discover venues and suppliers in 18 cities across North America. Find out how Cisco used social media to communicate with the 20,000 attendees at Cisco Live when the event's mobile app stopped functioning. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social Media Command Centers (SMCC) or also called Digital Command Centers (DCC), are critical to organizations who want to establish differentiation and attain Competitive Advantage in today's Digital Universe.
Brand Management New Product Launches Reputation Obtain Competitive Management InsightsCompliance & Social Audit Market Research Get ready … Now! Arlanis Reply has opened the first social media command center in continental Europe, offering companies an opportunity to listen in on relevant global online discussions of their brands. In many industrial companies, social media monitoring is only just getting underway, Reply CEO Tatiana Rizzante said at a press briefing. Thomas Puhl, a partner at Alanis Reply, said the aim of the new command center is to shows customers in detail how Radian6 data can be visualized and interpreted. The software is also able to do a rough sentiment analysis, displaying, for example, positive tendencies in green and negative ones in red. Salesforce offers automakers an integrated cloud-based CRM platform that includes social media monitoring. Reply is an Italian consultancy that helps company use new communication channels and digital media to improve business processes. Germany is an important market for Reply, representing roughly 20 pc of the group’s annual revenue. Social media command centers have proven to be an invaluable tool at major industry events and for companies that want instant access to their customers.
Our Social Media Command Centers allow attendees to participate in real-time social media conversations while allowing our clients to capture valuable branding information and respond to customers instantly.

The Country Radio Seminar (CRS) is a annual event that brings in some of the biggest names on the country music chart to celebrate the growth of the industry. The CRS 2013 is kicks off today and Neon Roots has built a custom Social Media Command Center for the event!
In a delightfully insightful opinion post on Fast Company last week, Bulldog Drummond CEO Shawn Parr advanced the observation that "culture eats strategy for lunch." The point, in brief, is that no matter how much strategic thinking you do, the culture of your company will either bolster your success or unravel your elegantly wrought plans.
Good leaders know how to delegate, so there's no great shock in the observation that most business leaders offload social media projects to underlings, henchmen, and Twitter-savvy interns. The kinds of interactions that build really valuable relationships -- as opposed to canned or forced marketing messages -- between brands and their followers require a real connection to the people behind the brand.
Does that mean the top brass should redirect all its energies to surfing Twitter and Facebook feeds?
Realistically, though, executives can only do so much, and your CEO can't tackle the social web alone any better than that one intern in Marketing can. On a recent visit to Round Rock, Texas, I spent some time in Dell's Social Media Command Center and had some enlightening conversations with the team responsible for responding to the company's customers on the web. Rather than simply leave social response to the social media response team, Dell empowers its social team to call in engineers, sales people, shipping and fulfillment workers, and even executives to respond to issues as they arise on the social web. Business is inherently social, and business in the online age demands a strategy for social media. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
But technology, in the form of social and the second screen, has changed marketing irrevocably — for the better.
Other brands like Oreo, Calvin Klein, Jim Beam, and PBS responded in a timely way, and the rest is history.
At its essence, moment marketing cannot (and should not) be brainstormed or outlined in triplicate as part of a content calendar.
A ‘Social Media Command Center’ can be in many ways a black hole of superfluous technology, process, and procedure.
Technology provides the means, but the connection that begets virility is made at the most human level.
More spectacularly, the fact that one good idea, one good line can break through the noise and eclipse the effectiveness of a $5 million dollar ad buy is the very essence of the democratization of social: the People invite a brand into the collective consciousness, not corporate sponsorships, and not money spent. Monthly installments on trends, news, and ideas by industry luminaries make this a must-listen for every planner.
This short presentation outlines the options available to quickly take advantage of the connected community.
Puhl showed reporters how the software can display Twitter, Facebook and other comments on topics such as the launch of Sony’s new Playstation, the upcoming election of the world soccer player of the year, or the imminent formation of a new German government. The software maker sees such monitoring as a key tool for companies to get more insights into the preferences of potential and existing customers. You know: Management decides it's time to get into social media, and appoints some whippersnapper to the task.
And while Parr didn't talk about social specifically, it occurred to me that this is a great opportunity for some dialog about the overwhelming impact of company culture on the effectiveness of social campaigns. But as in so many areas of 21st-century business, the anachronistic nature of the social web has changed the rules and turned the delegation instinct into a liability. At the very least, that means that the people whose fingertips are typing out tweets and responding to users in forums and other online communities need to have the power and autonomy to respond as directly and effectively as possible to your customers on the web. To ensure social responsiveness, you need to get people involved from all areas of your business and empower your social listening team to enlist help from anyone -- absolutely anyone -- within your organization.

The most striking thing I noticed -- apart from the NORAD-style wall of monitors awash in Radian6 social maps -- is that, for such a large company, Dell's social media team is anything but siloed. So if a customer has a strange problem with their laptop and doesn't get satisfaction from the tech support line, Dell can intercept that customer's complaint on Twitter and bring in an engineer who actually worked on that laptop's design to respond and solve the problem. Even if your social command center is really just one person listening watching for brand mentions on Twitter and the web during the course of their workday, you can empower that person to call in the big guns from across your organization whenever a customer needs attention. If your business isn't already going social from top to bottom, it's time to get your leadership up to speed. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
Since then, we have seen brands attempt to insinuate themselves into every live event and breaking news story, anxious to become part of the trending dialogue, with decidedly mixed results. And because of its very nature – always moving and impossible to predict and anticipate – it’s the single hardest thing in social to execute successfully. It’s something that began as an image – the larger the team and the more flat panels in a room, the more important the brand.
Moment marketing done right can only work when a brand steps away from the steering wheel and enables its best and brightest to take the corporate entity in directions no one predicted. My two questions ahead of this year’s big game are: What will be the moment, and who will make it their own? These once-a-year, one-day events are where the most influential names in the industry network, collaborate, discover, and become inspired to create incredible events.
But for more detailed statistical analysis, a team of social media experts needs to look at the data.
The potential perils with this approach are many and severe, but even under good circumstances, this approach comes with a steep lost-opportunity cost. In a more ideal scenario, it means the CEO should be one of those people, monitoring the socialverse and representing the brand through direct engagement.
But there's no question that when business leadership is in the loop on social activity as a matter of daily business, companies are more effective at responding to crises and opportunities in the social sphere. It's a sound strategy that acknowledges how disgruntled customers use social media, and helps the company respond intelligently to inevitable gripes on Twitter and other social forums. The cost of doing so is almost certain to be small -- usually just the time it takes for a department head to read a tweet and type a reply. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
However, the resulting additional layers of complexity, process, and technology do little to guarantee success in the moment marketing age – that comes down solely to the individuals involved.
A very scary thought for even the most relaxed suits, but one that I argue needs to be embraced at all levels. Only the most groundbreaking and affecting of TV ads have a half-life longer than the ad itself.
And that -- even if we ignore all the ways a lone-gunman social strategy can backfire on a good company -- is a very compelling reason to spend less energy thinking about your business's social strategy and more energy thinking about your company's social culture. Conversely, in my observation, if your top executives aren't directly involved in your social efforts, your company's prospects for social success are limited.
The cost of not doing it could be (as dozens of blundering brands have already demonstrated) days of lost productivity for your leadership as you scramble to make up for an otherwise avoidable mistake.
Yet the one blackout tweet, produced by a skeleton team, made Audi the center of the conversation — not their Super Bowl spot.

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