Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Social Media is a range of internet based tools and systems that enhance and increase the sharing of data and info readily among individuals. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have created online areas where folks can share as much or as little individual information as they want with other participants, that is social media definition. Social media tools and information sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, as well as countless others,  makes locating particular info, graphics, or websites significantly accessible. Programs that have developed within and around these platforms, internet sites, and devices are endless in number and performance, but all make internet sharing as well as content searching much easier, despite their distinct niche.
But I think spreading this message is essential if the clinical research industry is to harness the potential of digital patient recruitment. For those with just a passing knowledge of digital media, the distinction between social media and other forms of digital media may seem unimportant. To illustrate this point, I’ll borrow an example from my days as a clinical research coordinator. Second, a mutual understanding of terminology is needed to advance our knowledge about these diseases. Similarly, understanding of core concepts is needed to craft solid digital patient recruitment strategy, as well as advance our knowledge on the subject. Before discussing the definition of social media, it’s important to put social media in context. Social media is part of a vast and rapidly changing digital media ecosystem that includes many components.
As you can see, many of these components are strongly intertwined with the Internet but not necessarily so.
This interdependency and blurring between components can cause confusion for those new to digital media.
If you asked experts for a definition of social media, you would get many different answers because the digital ecosystem is evolving so quickly. These Facebook ads, though often effective, are not social media.Facebook advertising is a very useful patient recruitment tool that is gaining in popularity. Or imagine a research site that has a Facebook Page (as many do) to post information, allow fan comments, and interact with potential participants.
To take another common example, consider a website created for patient recruitment purposes.
Interactivity is the core of social media.As Facebook became increasingly popular, pharma marketers wanted a Facebook Page for their brands.
Because of the unique regulatory requirements of pharma marketing, Facebook agreed to give pharma marketers special treatment. We think these policy changes support consistency for the Facebook Pages product and encourage an authentic dialogue between people and businesses on Facebook. The Facebook decision is entirely consistent with what Facebook is designed to be — interactive. If digital media is not your area of expertise, all of this can get confusing, particularly considering rapid change in the digital media industry. So what should you do if you aren’t really sure about digital terminology and concepts?
Our clinical trial newsletter includes exclusive digital strategy, patient experience, and innovation information not available on our website.
About Rahlyn GossenFounder of Rebar Interactive, a digital strategy and marketing company serving the clinical research industry. Trust and relationships are everything in social media, which is why it presents some difficulty for protocol-specific recruitment.
We cannot expect to bombard patients with trial information via social media and have them react positively.
Though I think social media has some challenges in terms of protocol-specific recruitment, I think it is a *great* opportunity for education and awareness. Q.  More and more of my customers are paying with credit cards that have chips in them.   Do I need a chip-based credit card reader? Because about 40% of credit cards in the United States presently have embedded chips, domestic retailers and credit card processors face significant potential liability for fraudulent transactions.  As a result, if your business processes credit card transactions, you should promptly convert to EMV enabled credit card readers.
Emails, texts and other communications that an employee has with an attorney using a company account may not be privileged, according to the most recent decision on the issue from a court in Delaware. Did the company have a policy informing employees that personal communications on company accounts or devices are not private? Did the company monitor and review, or inform employees that it may monitor and review, such personal communications?
Did the company notify employees, or was the employee otherwise aware, of the company’s policy? In addition to the states listed above, courts in other states (including Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Minnesota, and Kansas) have applied this four-part test, but found on the facts of the particular case that the company did not satisfy each element of the test, and thus that the employee did not waive privilege. But the SCA imposes some limits on employers.  And, as few recent cases demonstrate, it is all too easy for employers to step over the line and violate the federal law.

Employees would reasonably construe the policy or practice to restrict or prohibit concerted activity. The United States Department of Health and Human Services has issued a voluntary model privacy notice for personal health records (PHR).  The model notice is a standardized template that PHR companies can use to inform consumers about their privacy and security policies and procedures. About This Blog The Privacy & Data Security Blog is a blog published by McLane Middleton's Law Data & Privacy Law Practice Group. About McLane Middleton The Privacy & Data Security Blog is a blog published by the McLane Middleton Law Data & Privacy Law Practice Group.
A word cloud of the 382 words from Wikipedia’s page (excluding references and the words “social” and “media”) shows the four commonest words are (1) community, (2) information, (3) sharing and (4) technologies.
My definition …  social media enables you to share content created by you or others using set of highly accessible and scalable (publishing) technologies transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many),  replacing broadcast networks into (powerful) conversation communities. For vein practices, social media presents an unprecedented opportunity to share information and to interact with patients. Our team has already developed and executed social media strategies for practices & businesses of all sizes, including retail stores, corporate firms and media companies.
We can create, publicize and run contests for your vein practice across applicable social networks. We can set up an online dashboard so that you can monitor what people are saying about you or your vein practice. We can provide data to show how your vein practice stacks against your competitors in social media.
We can develop a social media policy specific to your vein practice that you can use internally for your employees and to manage your brand externally. To find out how VSA can help your practice overcome its business challenges, contact us today! New Practice Start-UpThe Challenge: VSA accepts 8 to 10 engagements each year to assist physicians in starting their own vein practice.
Im Gegensatz zu anderen Marketing-Kanalen steht beim Social-Media-Marketing nicht ein Verkaufsinteresse im Vordergrund. Fur eine erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einem sozialen Netzwerk ist eine durchdachte Kommunikationsstrategie erforderlich.
Im Social-Media-Marketing wird die Zielgruppe als graue Masse in einzelne Individuen aufgelost. The media is the one type of an instrument on communication such as Radio or Newspapers, so the social media would be a social instrument of communication. This brand-new form of media makes the transfer of content, pictures, audio, video clip, and details fast amongst internet users. The outcome is a substantial quantity of information that can be easily shared, looked, advertised, disputed and developed. One point is for sure; personal information from social media usage will continuously be tracked and logged for the park of any business.
We have finished over 500 web designs and developments, 900 marketing campaigns , 750 branding campaigns and over 950 search engine optimization projects. I have not dedicated a full post to this topic before, and I think it will be helpful for clinical research professionals looking for some foundational knowledge about social media. When a subject was screened for an Alzheimer’s study, he had a CT or MRI to rule out other causes of dementia.
It’s difficult to constructively analyze and discuss results without consistent understanding of important concepts.
For example, text messages (mobile) are an extremely popular form of digital media, but they do not require an Internet connection. It’s merely to illustrate that social media is just one component of the digital media ecosystem.
Appreciation for this interdependency is key because a narrow focus on any one area will blind you to opportunities in other areas.
And this strategy is very different than the strategy that traditional marketers have used for decades.
Because these ads appear on a social media platform, one might conclude that Facebook ads are social media.
They are broadcasting a message without any interaction from potential patients, therefore these ads are not social media.
By contacting their Facebook rep, pharma marketers could request that Facebook disable wall commenting on their page.
Facebook announced that it would no longer disable wall comments for pharma, causing quite an uproar in the pharma marketing community. A Facebook page with the interactivity turned off is just a static web page residing on an interactive platform. However, most social media experts would argue that a Facebook Page without comments is not social media. To revisit our medical example above, consider a clinician that knows his patient has dementia but is not sure of the type. No one likes advertisements, but we all kind of endure them because we know that ads are what pay for a free web experience.
Part of the reason I write about social media so much is because I’ve witnessed clinical researchers bombard (spam) patients in this way.

Everyone with an interest in patient recruitment (or healthcare, for that matter) should watch it.
Founded by a clinical research coordinator with a vision of more patient-centric clinical trials, Rebar Interactive creates empowering (and award-winning) digital experiences for patients and professionals. That state has now joined a growing list of others (Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia) where courts have found that an employee waived privilege by communicating with an attorney on a company email account.  However, some courts distinguish between an employee’s communications on a company account, and communications on a personal account using a company electronic device. The blog is a timely resource that addresses some of the most troublesome data security issues for business owners, human resource professionals, other legal professionals, policy makers, and the media. In his 17 years as a lawyer, Cameron has managed, litigated and resolved numerous commercial matters involving business, technology, privacy and data security, and employment issues in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New England, and around the country.
But it can be hard to sell to colleagues and C-suites who see it as just a fad, something that teens do. Social media can also be used as a tool to monitor what is being said about a doctor or medical practice in real-time.
We’ll also identify the key social media influencers who can serve as your “vein practice” brand ambassadors.
We will then identify opportunities and give you recommendations on how to capitalize on this data. We will be able to tell you who’s talking about your brand and what individuals or groups you should further engage. Haufig wird das soziale Netzwerk nur auf die Internetnutzung bezogen, aber auch personliche Kontakte gehoren dazu.
Im gewahlten Kanal wie beispielsweise Facebook werden regelma?ig Inhalte publiziert, die ihren werblichen Zweck in den Hintergrund stellen und dafur lieber Mehrwert fur den Endkunden bieten sollten. Hier gibt es nicht mehr die Zielgruppe im klassischen Sinne, sondern der Endkunde wird als individuelle Personlichkeit wahrgenommen. Nach der Erarbeitung einer passenden Social-Media-Strategie, muss diese zunachst von der Zielgruppe wahrgenommen werden, was einige Wochen bis wenige Monate dauern kann.
Social Media has connotations not just for routine internet customers, but business specialists as well. These companies have to be willing to pay for it, and also any firm that does not purchase social media now will indeed be taking catch-up in the future. They are so similar, in fact, that brain imaging is often needed to distinguish between the two. If a clinician fails to understand these definitions and their importance, his treatment plan is likely to be flawed.
Certainly, the lines between components can be blurry, just as the lines between diseases can be blurry like in our example above. In fact, a good digital strategy leverages this interdependency by using several digital components that complement each other well. Without comments, Facebook Pages lack the interactivity that is the essence of social media. The industry has to be willing to commit to long term engagement where there may be no immediate discernable benefits. Thus, a company should ensure  that its technology use policy covers both company accounts and devices, and that the company can permissible review communications between an employee and attorney before doing so. Ein soziales Netzwerk ist mit einem gro?en Bekanntenkreis vergleichbar, in dem sich uber verschiedene Interessen und Informationen ausgetauscht wird, z.
In den sozialen Netzwerken steht der Dialog im Vordergrund, der von der standigen Interaktion lebt. Er kann personliche Meinungen uber Produkte au?ern und erhalt im Idealfall sogar ein entsprechendes Feedback darauf. As a very simple example, you might use social media to help drive traffic to your website. Check out this blog post for a variety of expert opinions on social media’s definition. In fact, social media advertisements have far more in common with search advertisements (like you might see on Google) than with true social media.
And marketers believed these comments could present regulatory problems with regard to off-label promotion, etc. It’s time for regulated industry to step up to the plate and embrace the powerful tool that is real-time interactivity. And I worry that the social media users bombarded in this way will be completely turned off from clinical trials in the future because of one bad interaction.
In der Regel haben Nutzer der sozialen Netzwerke daher die Gelegenheit, die Beitrage des Unternehmens zu kommentieren und mit anderen Nutzern und dem Unternehmen selbst in einen Meinungsaustausch zu treten.
Dadurch wird seine Loyalitat dem Unternehmen gegenuber gesteigert, was ihn langfristig als Kunden an das Unternehmen bindet.
Zu den bekanntesten sozialen Netzwerken im engeren Sinn gehoren Facebook, Xing oder Twitter.

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