With limited time and resources, it’s best to not forge ahead and be a social media guinea pig, trying out every site that comes along.
There are some tried and true places to set up your business presence when you’re getting started in the social media space. Bet you could have guessed this one, it’s the biggest, and therefore has the highest likelihood that your customers will be there in some capacity. More than just a space to share what you had for lunch, Twitter, has involved into and information sharing powerhouse. Launched in 2003, and initially thought of as simply an online resume, Linkedin, has evolved into the world’s largest professional network. Categories: Small Business Social Media Tags: social media for small business, using social mediaWas this post helpful?
Join the other small business owners who are growing their business with online marketing advice they can actually use!
Trying to navigate through the various new social media categories, blogs, sharing sites, and social media firms is an absolute mess.
This depiction of the digital marketing landscape was shown at a Buddy Media event marking the launch of the social marketing software agency's new suite of measurement tools. The Future of Social Media: 60 Experts Share Their 2014 Predictions You are using an outdated browser. Social recruiting is changing the way organizations hire talent. Both recruiters and candidates have a need to stay connected and engaged. 8 out of 10 small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) use social media to drive growth – is yours one of the 2 out of the 10 who don’t? 67% of Twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter – Are you using Twitter to its full capacity? We also have several live workshops and our social media boot camp in Phoenix as well as an online training option. Giselle is a dynamic, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable social media guru who keeps her finger on the pulse of the rapid evolution of social media. As someone new to the world of social media, Giselle really helped me get started in the right direction. Giselle has helped my company, Scuba Professionals of Arizona, in optimizing our social media, content marketing and to build a WP based website. Giselle is very knowledgeable in the field of social media and I would definitely recommend her. Learn Social Media Marketing Online!If you can't make the live classes, we are an affiliate of BootCamp Digital.
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Social Media Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners You are using an outdated browser. Facebook is a more complicated platform than Twitter, but this allows for more connectivity with your audience.
The single most important factor in using a social media site for your business is figuring out which one(s) your customers are on. One of the newest, and largest networks, anything this large with Google attached to it, can’t be ignored due to the search ramifications that this network is likely to have going forward.
Each member is encouraged to complete an in depth profile, containing work history, skills and allows for detailed recommendations by other users.
Things for sale. Initially dismissed as a social network for females filled with frivolous things like skirts, jewelry and lampshades, there is a lot of feet in mouths as Pinterest proves to drive sales*, high value sales to products that are featured on the site. You can also find her sharing small business marketing tips on Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Organizations simply cannot afford to ignore the effectiveness of social media in their recruiting efforts. If you're in the Boot Camp, select the Session you want - you can select more than one session if you also want LinkedIn & Twitter or one of the others.
Select Payment Method then click on Attendee Information and fill in the registrant(s) information.
My first contact with Giselle was attending her Social Media Marketing seminar at a SCORE small business summit, then continuing with a one-on-one coaching session, then a webinar, and then attending her five week Social Media Marketing Boot Camp.
She offers up-to-date knowledge of all social media vehicles available for your marketing strategies. Where Twitter lacks the ability to build a collection of content, Facebook pages can be customized. A recent study by Edison Research showed that 46% of Facebook users felt the platform influenced their purchase behaviour.
Brands and small business can harness this network to head off customer issues and complaints in real time and reach out to possible customers to promote brand awareness. Initially at launch in July 2011, Google+ didn’t allow business pages but there was a concentrated effort to ensure the format and tools were right for business before launching. If your small business sells a product or makes something visual, this social network can be a great place to start.
The question is how do you know if the content you’re creating in valuable, relevant and engaging? My wife also attended a WordPress class she co-taught with one of her knowledgeable associates.

She has also provided consulting services to SCORE clients and has taught a sold-out series of social media seminars – drawing rave reviews for her content and style. As ‘Social Business Champion’ is rarely a role in its own right, it does take a particular type of person to relish and succeed at transforming their organisation into a social business. Facebook engages visitors not only with text and link referrals but also media such as photos, videos, polls and events. The uses for Twitter are endless if you open your mind to the possibility of listening to the desires, frustrations and concerns of your market, unfiltered in real time. The great thing is that she didn’t just do everything for me, she taught me how to do it. Business owners can use Facebook to develop more meaningful relationships with both clients and colleagues.Google+ is the newest key player in the social media realm. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to learn more about social media marketing. Although it hasn’t yet developed the reach of Twitter or Facebook, its role is becoming increasingly important to online marketing. Even entrepreneurs with limited budgets can get in on the action by using social media to build a community around their brands.
One key benefit of Google+ is the ability to improve a company’s SEO and search rankings. Twitter filed for IPO, Facebook launched video ads, and Snapchat threatens to change the landscape as the next big thing in social media. In turn, content creation will also continue to become a bigger part of PR, due to social media.23. They should be passionate not only about social media, but its potential to change the way we work, live, play. But how do small business owners do so when they have a limited knowledge of social media platforms?
As more companies begin to leverage social media for personalized, real-time marketing initiatives, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and identify future trends in this space. This should be the driving force behind the many internal conversations the Social Business Champion needs to have across departments and levels of seniority in order to make things happen. I think with the advent of new apps and technology social media will reach an extreme level of almost direct interaction where a companies actions or individuals actions will pretty much be put in a glass house.
However, as social media is often not even in their job description (to begin with), they often need to make things happen for themselves first to make it happen for the business. Unfortunately, developing a social media marketing campaign can be intimidating for those without previous experience. I don’t see sales going up necessarily BUT I do see businesses being held more accountable for their actions!24. To get things really moving in the organisation, at some stage you’re going to need internal buy-in – people need to trust that your “crazy initiatives” will work.
Sharing information that’s relevant to your industry can attract people who will value your brand for doing more than just promoting itself. So how do you get started?The first step is to create profiles and take time getting familiar with their unique interfaces. At the same time, small businesses will need to be quicker to experiment and embrace new platforms to make an impact2. This trust is easier gained if comes from an engaging, compelling individual, with results and experience from their own tests, pilots, experiments behind them. Plus, these quick interactions don’t take take much time or effort but can still produce both short and long-term results.
Recommend your social media profiles to clients and colleagues as a way to interact with your enterprise on a more personal level. There is still little evidence to suggest that social media contributes to revenue and profit and I think 2014 will be about fine tuning social media so you can measure the impact on the bottom line.3. Innovative Being a Social Business Champion means doing things differently, and the ability to look at existing processes and approaches from a different angle is essential to social business transformation. The best Social Business Champions have an intrapreneurial streak, and relish being on the forefront of change.
Social media is a great way for both you and your clients to announce sales, advertise deals, spread news and gather feedback. The foresight and invention these Social Business Champions bring is a key driver of social business in the organisation. With just a few clicks your audience can spread the word about your brand to their entire network.
Also, customer service will continue to expand across social media, with customer service requests being made more and more via company Facebook pages, for example, than corporate email accounts or contact forms on websites.5. Collaborative Social Business Champions not only bridge the gap between the consumer and brand; they also need to be the bridge between different departments across the organisation. It’s easy to see that an active social media presence makes your brand much more accessible to everybody. They need to be able to translate and appeal to people with completely different business objectives and languages. Being open to collaboration with such a varied team is what stops social media being dealt with in a silo.
Flexible Social business can’t always move at the pace of the Social Business Champion (and rarely does!).

Small businesses will be less inclined to seek out bigger advertising companies and opt to work with smaller content marketing agencies that can better understand and interpret their brand in a more personal way.
As social business moves instead at the pace of the organisation, it’s important that Social Business Champions are blessed with the qualities of patience and perseverance.
The commerce of tomorrow is going to be laden with the personal touch, now more than ever, as automated responses & call centers slowly start to dwindle away.
They also need to have the miraculous flexibility to be both a specialist and a generalist. Social media will be the key to getting the greatest ROI in the long-term, and those companies who have already started in 2013 will start seeing the fruits of their labors in 2014.7.
What this means is that they need to be completely passionate and geeky about their own field (social business) as well as possessing enough knowledge and understanding of every other field that social media will touch within the organisation (lots!).
Courageous Finally, a Social Business Champion needs to be completely comfortable in putting themselves out there and entering the unknown. But asking to be added on Snapchat is a strategy that has yet to be embraced in TV commercial format.
This can be really hard to do in a risk-averse organisation, so a Social Business Champion needs to have the courage to take risks, test and learn. It’s really not easy being a Social Business Champion, and the type of people matching the qualities listed above are pretty hard to find.
But they’re also the type of people who’ll get the biggest sense of satisfaction from leading the change and transforming their organisation.
In 2014, we predict that Facebook will be used more as a resource for information; its utility will increase for brands and decrease for individuals. She helps empower her clients to engage more effectively with the important people both inside and outside their organisation.
Marketers need to truly engage with customers and prospective buyers to cut through the massive clutter in inboxes and newsfeeds.10. Laura transforms businesses by helping them figure out what it takes to BE social and not just to DO social, bringing silos crashing to the ground in her wake! Data is at the heart of everything Laura does, and she is a huge believer in strategy driven by insight and focused on measureable objectives. Follow Laura on Twitter or check out her other social spaces. Social media will always remain a channel for relationship management, driving awareness and engagement but programs that drive to purchase or absorb customer service costs will prevail.Channel diversity will continue to grow. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine only became more popular over the past year. As well as depending on the definition of social business, it also depends on the definition of a social business champion. Another area would be the explosion of video based social media channels like Vine and others – we have seen the explosion of Instagram and Pinterest from selfie pictures and we will be seeing the same explosion with short burst videos. I guess I’m assuming that these guys already have a connection to purpose and meaning, and have leaders who are also working hard to transform the business from this perspective.
Another challenge would be how to embed the marketing message within the short burst videos that we hope to see in 2014.13.
B2B companies will invest 80% of their effort on blogging, LinkedIn and Twitter, and largely ignore Facebook, G+, Pinterest and others. August 6, 2012, 14 Comments on Is There A Place For Anonymous Posting Within Internal Communities?
Many organizations whether large or small have begun to use social media to better market their brand and engage with their customers. Now that organizations have access to this wealth of data they will realize that social media marketing is not just about monitoring and managing your social media channels but also about analyzing all of this data and converting it to actionable insight to drive their business forward.15. It’s going to give businesses more options to create short, high-impact, ads while giving social sites more revenue.
There will be an increased importance on taking a faceted approach to social media marketing as a whole by connecting all of these channels to have a consistent message.
Leveraging multiple platforms in the correct way will allow for a significant boost in brand awareness, share of voice and even more touch points with your potential brand advocates.17.
It is our goal to help enterprise professionals and the agencies and consultants that serve them with valuable, relevant and actionable news, opinion and insights related to the industry. Serio, Social Media Marketing Growth Strategist2014 will see companies having employees trained in providing social networking content.
The site will focus on industry trends, best practices and insights; as well as professional opinions from our contributors. This will include formal training in content creation, development and engagement; posting, commenting, blogging, for example. Any business that still thinks it can ignore online feedback will have to think again in 2014. As more people share personal information online (72% of online adults now use social networking sites, according to Pew Research) business are looking for new ways to target motivated consumers.
In 2013, more than half of all merger & acquisitions specialist surveyed said that they used an online deal network to support deal sourcing. Using social media and online networks accelerates the dealmaking process and helps sellers and buyers come together – in many cases, these sellers and buyers would never have known about each other if not for social media.

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