If your social media ads haven’t been performing as well as anticipated, a new study published by CEB and Radius might have the answer. The study found that small business owners cite social media adoption as a high priority in 2015 — providing an essential channel to reach this business target. However, small businesses are still largely ignoring the content and ads that B2B marketers are posting on social media. 80% of marketers are posting the same helpful small business tips and tricks on social channels, but only 25% of small business owners are interested in reading this type of content. To stand out to small business owners, marketers will have to move beyond standard listicle tips and general business best practices. Main street merchants may not want your tips and tricks articles, but they definitely want your deals. Learn more about how to reach small business owners on social media — download the full report. Facebook offers a great targeting tool, but if marketers aren’t targeting pre-defined prospects in segments with a high likelihood to perform, they’re not using Facebook to its highest potential. New access to data allows us to unearth historically elusive insights about the small business economy, and CEB’s 2014 Social Media Study implies that marketers remain out of touch with their small business prospects. Sponsored posts are content that has been produced by a company that is either paying for the post or has a business relationship with VentureBeat, and they’re always clearly marked.
With limited time and resources, it’s best to not forge ahead and be a social media guinea pig, trying out every site that comes along. There are some tried and true places to set up your business presence when you’re getting started in the social media space. Bet you could have guessed this one, it’s the biggest, and therefore has the highest likelihood that your customers will be there in some capacity. More than just a space to share what you had for lunch, Twitter, has involved into and information sharing powerhouse.
Launched in 2003, and initially thought of as simply an online resume, Linkedin, has evolved into the world’s largest professional network. Categories: Small Business Social Media Tags: social media for small business, using social mediaWas this post helpful? Join the other small business owners who are growing their business with online marketing advice they can actually use! Column Five Media and Flowtown have created a social media cheat sheet to help small companies with no idea of how the various sites work. It looks at the pros and cons of each site, as well as the basics of how to use them and what terms such as hashtag and poke mean. Up next in Social MediaCall of Duty drives fans to Facebook messenger for a ‘secure’ chat with Lt.
There’s an all-too popular misconception that social media only works for established brands with huge followings, and that small and even medium businesses are just losing money and not making a profit. Coconut Bliss is an ice cream company based in Oregon that has used social media very effectively to grow their business over the past few years. They managed to promote their products, without that “corporate” feel, in large part due to sharing images of their products in the real world, rather than some photo-shopped fantasy land that looks like it was downloaded from stock photo sites most commercials and promos use. Key Takeaway: Being genuine and showing your product as it really is will fortunately differentiate you from your competition. The popular children’s game Jinx, which involves yelling the name of the game out when two people say the same thing at the same time, has found its way onto social media. When two Twitter users say “mac & cheese” at the same time, both are automatically sent a tweet from Kraft.
Now, Kraft isn’t a small business, but this technique can be applied to small businesses because in this case, it’s Kraft doing the outreach rather than relying on their big brand name to bring people in. Key Takeaway: The results from this campaign are a lot of attention, and earning a lot of goodwill from potential customers. Scott Jarvie is a photographer with a unique style, who is taking advantage of some of the most popular social media platforms. Key Takeaway: Help people reach their goals, and in the long run, if you give out actual value, they will eat out of your hand, and you will profit as well. The Mater Foundation struck up a partnership with a local favorite Brisbane sports club (The Lions).
The 15.000 fortune cookies that were handed out held invites for game attendees to send an SMS message to a particular number, so they could sign up for the Mater home lottery and help out people with cancer and kids in need with the proceeds. Over 2500 people participated in the draw, and as many have signed up for Mater’s newsletter.
Key Takeaway: Leveraging partnerships, especially for medium sized businesses, giving people an easy way to participate in your campaign and hitting the right nerve (in this case – helping those in need) is often enough to produce great results.
Anna White is a carpenter in Alaska who started sharing her thoughts and knowledge about carpeting, and has built a following on Facebook of over two hundred thousand people. She also blogs, and thanks to that massive Facebook audience, everything she blogs is going to have a built-in massive audience. The main takeaways here are to be genuine and earnest in your social media efforts, which is possible for a medium and small business to do much more easily than it is for a huge corporation.
Always produce great content, and your customers will come to expect it and it will keep them coming back and converting.

Now, enough reading, it’s time to start planning your next brilliant blockbuster social media campaign! An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. She lives in Brisbane with her family where she spends her free time hiking and enjoying various water sports. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Social Media Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners You are using an outdated browser.
Facebook is a more complicated platform than Twitter, but this allows for more connectivity with your audience. Many small businesses recognize the benefits of having a social media presence for customer service and long-term marketing purposes.
Turns out the robbers scanned the teller’s social media sites based on searching the name of the bank as employer.
Institute a policy. Social media policies must be in place to regulate employee access and establish guidelines for appropriate behavior. Small business owners who have been slow to join the social media train are finally jumping aboard. And B2B marketers have readily demonstrated their willingness to open their pocketbooks for social media advertising. On the tail end of an algorithm change that made it harder for marketers to achieve organic reach, Facebook announced a 61% surge in revenue.
Only a minority of small business owners even want this type of content on social media, so while it might be easy to produce, most small business owners aren’t interested in reading it. The majority of small business owners cited that if they could see any type of content from suppliers on social media, they’d want to see more deals. You could rely on organic social posts or paid ads solely to generate new leads, or you could nurture a targeted audience with content and ads you know will resonate– such as the deal offers small business owners covet. The content of news stories produced by our editorial team is never influenced by advertisers or sponsors in any way. The single most important factor in using a social media site for your business is figuring out which one(s) your customers are on. One of the newest, and largest networks, anything this large with Google attached to it, can’t be ignored due to the search ramifications that this network is likely to have going forward. Each member is encouraged to complete an in depth profile, containing work history, skills and allows for detailed recommendations by other users.
Things for sale. Initially dismissed as a social network for females filled with frivolous things like skirts, jewelry and lampshades, there is a lot of feet in mouths as Pinterest proves to drive sales*, high value sales to products that are featured on the site. You can also find her sharing small business marketing tips on Google+, Facebook or Twitter. The fact is that with such powerful targeting that exists, both geographically and by interests, and with great strategies, small and medium sized businesses are really starting to hit their stride when it comes to social media.
Thanks to strategic contests and partnerships, and keeping their social accounts filled with high quality images to keep their customers craving more, they’ve been able to create a rabid following of people who adore their products, their branding, and their message.
What Coconut Bliss has also done is that they’ve partnered with other sites and have promoted a contest together, which exposed the audiences of both parties to one another. Leveraging partnerships and contests coupled with differentiation will put you on your consumers maps faster than almost anything else. Unexpected acts of generosity often create tons of positive buzz, so why not take advantage of that? Scott is in a good position because social media lends itself perfectly to sharing pictures, and the best pictures get shared again and again. So, since he’s promoting a visual-based business, it only makes sense to really focus on social media. Their joint campaign consisted of representatives of Mater handing out Chinese fortune cookies to all sports fans that showed up during a particular Brisbane Lions match.
In return, they would get a chance to win the main prize just for the people attending the game – a chance to spend three days with Brisbane Lions and go on an away match with them, which they could enjoy from the corporate box. This is a great example of somebody positioning themselves as a leader in their niche, and letting their knowledge and amazing content speak for itself. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Where Twitter lacks the ability to build a collection of content, Facebook pages can be customized. Others may prevent employees from having any corporate association outside of work on their own social platforms.
My presentation came after a mock robbery was staged, using real cops acting as masked robbers with guns. The teller who received the robbery note read it aloud, stating: “Your husband works at the Main Street Garage.
Policies must specifically state what can and cannot be said, referring to slang, abusive language, etc. Request employees leave their employment status blank when setting up a social site profile. There are numerous social networks serving different uses, from wine and recreation to music to movies, used for everything from friending to finding a job.

Once a policy is in place, it needs to be updated and enforced, and employees’ online lives must constantly be scrutinized. Eliminating access to social media opens an organization up to other business security issues. Facebook recently added even more restrictions to News Feed content posted by brands, which forces brands to pay ever greater sums to reach their audience on the social network. CEB also reported that though owners seek discounts, they don’t just buy the cheapest option possible; rather, they prefer to buy the best they can afford. This means that marketers aren’t using social media data about small business prospects to target advertisements on social channels.
Imagine running a deal offer to an audience of prospects who had refused to buy your products because of price.
A recent study by Edison Research showed that 46% of Facebook users felt the platform influenced their purchase behaviour.
Brands and small business can harness this network to head off customer issues and complaints in real time and reach out to possible customers to promote brand awareness. Initially at launch in July 2011, Google+ didn’t allow business pages but there was a concentrated effort to ensure the format and tools were right for business before launching. If your small business sells a product or makes something visual, this social network can be a great place to start. A strong social presence has allowed JarvieDigital to position themselves as a dominant force in photography, whether it’s for weddings or nature shots. Facebook engages visitors not only with text and link referrals but also media such as photos, videos, polls and events. This is due to the fact that whatever an employee says outside of work publicly can have a significant impact on the organization. The robbers came in, guns blazing and screaming profanities, and, quite frankly, were very disturbing in their delivery. Managers and IT personnel responsible for managing technology need to be fully up to speed with social media security risks and set leadership examples.
Invest in consulting, hardware, software and anti-virus protection, and update critical security patches for your operating system to make sure your business network is up to date.
Most social networks have privacy settings that need to be administered to the highest level. Employees who want access will get it—and when this happens, they sometimes go around firewalls, making the network vulnerable. This finding suggests that small business owners are more likely to hunt for deals on products they already love than search for cheaper alternatives. The uses for Twitter are endless if you open your mind to the possibility of listening to the desires, frustrations and concerns of your market, unfiltered in real time.
Business owners can use Facebook to develop more meaningful relationships with both clients and colleagues.Google+ is the newest key player in the social media realm. At this point, many of the mistakes have already been made; a quick search for “social media policy” will return lots of great ideas.
Employee association with a social network that is considered off-color in any way will come back and haunt the company. Although it hasn’t yet developed the reach of Twitter or Facebook, its role is becoming increasingly important to online marketing. Pregnant women were not allowed to participate and for good reason: Cops make great robbers! Even entrepreneurs with limited budgets can get in on the action by using social media to build a community around their brands.
One key benefit of Google+ is the ability to improve a company’s SEO and search rankings. But how do small business owners do so when they have a limited knowledge of social media platforms? Unfortunately, developing a social media marketing campaign can be intimidating for those without previous experience. Sharing information that’s relevant to your industry can attract people who will value your brand for doing more than just promoting itself.
So how do you get started?The first step is to create profiles and take time getting familiar with their unique interfaces. Plus, these quick interactions don’t take take much time or effort but can still produce both short and long-term results. Recommend your social media profiles to clients and colleagues as a way to interact with your enterprise on a more personal level.
Social media is a great way for both you and your clients to announce sales, advertise deals, spread news and gather feedback. With just a few clicks your audience can spread the word about your brand to their entire network.
It’s easy to see that an active social media presence makes your brand much more accessible to everybody.

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