We want our staff, ward councillors and partners to think about how social media can help us to achieve specific outcomes, work together better, improve public services and contribute to the aims of Kirklees Council.
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Protecting your brand is very important, many companies will have detailed brand guidelines on fonts, images and colours but nothing on how their brand is represented in Social Media. As SEO Creative manage a lot of Social Media campaigns, as well as providing training, we have a lot of experience in this field and for this reason are often asked by companies to provide in depth Social Media guidelines in an employee handbook.
This comes about in an era where 50% of consumers have admitted to contacting companies to complain via their social media pages.
Having a presence on Social media in any way opens the lines of communication, if you use Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media platform) to promote your business, you also have to be prepared for negative feedback and how you will deal with this. In some ways Social Media will close the gap between company and consumer but in other ways it could be very problematic for a brand.
It is very important that your brand ambassadors have training, or guidelines, when posting any comment publicly.
By posting on Social Media you have to be prepared for questions and comments and these cannot be ignored, no big brand should just have automated updates to their social media pages, there needs to be a real person (or team) behind the campaigns.
If you want to talk to us about brand guidelines, training or getting us to manage your Social Media then get in touch today.
If any school, department or office wants to create a social media account, the Office of Marketing & Communications (MarCom) should be notified in advance.
All social media passwords should follow the Policy on Enterprise Passwords as stated by Information Technology Services.
The Office of Marketing & Communications should also be notified as to who the new social media contact person will be.
To monitor social media accounts, Facebook Insights, which is accessible from within your Facebook page, is an appropriate tool to measure your efforts. If you do opt to use a personal identity and are selecting a photo as the avatar or icon, be mindful that you are representing yourself and the university.
How your page looks is an extension of its content, so be conscious of what personality you are projecting through colors and graphics.

Do not use the university or college logos—they will not present properly in these small applications. The use of the seal is reserved for the official Northeastern University accounts run by the Office of Marketing and Communications and the Office of Alumni Relations. Do not use the athletics or alumni relations logos; they are reserved for their offices only and variations are not permitted.
While we want to promote free speech, remove posts that are profane, in violation of privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.
Social media is a rapidly expanding form of communication and community in our world and in education more specifically.
At the Manchester Plenary representatives of both groups gave a presentation which provided an overview of the current landscape related to social media and its use in Holocaust Education so that the challenges- and opportunities- at hand could be better understood.
The AP Stylebook has released its new social media guidelines, including the official change from “Web site” to “website” (a move first reported back in April) and 41 other definitions, use cases and rules that journalists should follow.
Among the more interesting changes –- at least from a grammar and style standpoint –- are separating out “smart phone” as two words, hyphenating “e-reader,” and allowing fan, friend and follow to be used both as nouns and verbs.
Beyond that, the AP has also defined a number of acronyms that are commonly used in texting and instant messaging. According to the AP, this stands for “parent over shoulder” (I’ve used POS to refer to something else occasionally, but I digress), and is used by “teens and children to indicate, in an IM conversation, that a parent is approaching.” Elsewhere, other terms making the cut include "trending," "retweet" and "unfriend" ("defriend" is also acceptable, though the AP concludes it's less common). Finally, the AP also offers some basic rules of thumb for how social media should and shouldn’t be used by journalists, with a focus on making sure they continue to confirm sources and information they find on blogs, tweets and other forms of social media. The full 2010 AP Stylebook, which includes the new social media guidelines, was released today and is available on the AP's website.
Some material published here is cited from third parties, who retain copyright and licence their work under their own terms. You need to be very clear how your brand is to be perceived and therefore strict policies on what can be posted and how you deal with any negative feedback. Follow these guidelines to maximize your social media strategy, and also be sure to consult the university’s appropriate use policy. A direct supervisor of the employee must do so in a timely manner, and in accordance with the HRM Off-Boarding Toolkit.

For LinkedIn, page administrators should sign up to receive email analytics reports directly from LinkedIn.
Inactive social media accounts look more out of touch than no social media presence at all.
Both Facebook and Twitter have limited number of characters, and they are meant to be quick bursts of info. Each medium has a different audience, as well as different character limits, so craft your messages accordingly. John Doe in Marketing and Communications), you should consider keeping a non-personal name (e.g. Holocaust educators, like other educators, are tasked with determining how best to utilise this tool in their programming without compromising programme or subject integrity. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I myself have seen some very bad examples of how large brands have ignored complaints on their Facebook walls whilst continuing to update offers and news.
Users should also work with the MarComm office to ensure their sites are running smoothly and in accordance with the policy. Twitter performance can be evaluated using Twitter Analytics, which is available directly through Twitter. These guidelines outline considerations and practices in deploying social media in the Holocaust educational environment. Departments also may be interested in using other tools the university has access to, such as Radian6. MarCom is currently exploring tools that we can all use to monitor social media and limit our exposure to malware.

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