I decided to write up this easy tutorial of how you can resize any image or photo really quickly. Recently I gave a talk to some of the youth group kids at our church, St Philips Eastwood Anglican Church, on the topic of the Internet and how Christians should go about using it. Using this as my key verse, I argued that everything we do on, and with, social media ought to glorify God.  To my mind there are 5 key areas I think all Christians, myself included, should strive toward in applying this principle to their social media use. One of the many advantages of the Internet as a whole is the ability to communicate over huge distances and maintain friendships that would otherwise have suffered from the distance. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram present us with the opportunity to show ourselves as we are: our interests, the things we did on the weekend etc. If we are to glorify God through our use of social media we need to be actively thinking of how we are portraying our faith through our actions.
Whilst trying to avoid those things it doesn’t mean that every post needs to be a bible verse or deep and meaningful reflection on but each post should reflect God’s love for us, His image bearers. Moreover, researchers have found that people who posted negative messages irritated their existing online friends and alienated themselves further.
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Particularly I focused on Social Media, and how I thought the youth should go about using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few.
However it’s so easy to create a version of yourself that suits the wider public appeal, to fit in. Remember that we are to be ourselves and if you’re someone whose trust is in Jesus then whatever you post should reflect the hope you have in Him (1 Peter 3:15).
There may be a time where such a thing is important, but as a general rule and particularly where you have a disagreement or issue with a Christian brother or sister, it’s best to begin these not on your public wall but in a private discussion with the person involved. No effects like glassy or odd shaped; these may well become your default when nothing else works. Being 20 years of age, I’m very much an advocate of social media sites and the way they reflect God’s own desire for relational living (for more on this idea please read Graham Stanton’s article “A Biblical Theology of Technology”). We are created as relational beings, and there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction.
Smith says in an excerpt (which can be seen here) from his book “Imagining The Kingdom: How Worship Works”, the teenager is constantly aware of the things the “popular” kids are doing via Facebook and in the never ending competition for coolness that teenager will follow certain behaviours to fit in with that crowd. However I’m very much aware of the effects of sin in our world and the dangers social media presents to Christians, young and old.

We can be showing our love for our brothers and sisters with our time and physical company.
As Christians saved by the grace of God we are called to glorify Him with all that we ARE, not with whatever it is cool to be. These can be applied to all of life quite easily, but in this case we as Christians really need to THINK before we post our statuses, photos or comments.
Liking photos of girls or guys half naked on Instagram does not reflect God’s attitude to beauty, He is concerned with inner beauty  (1 Peter 3). Unloving jokes or bullying comments also don’t reflect what God has done for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We must be constantly THINKING of the effects our social media use has on the spread of the Gospel.

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