Friends, here’s a set of 20 simple and clean flat social media icons for your social sharing needs. Is it Ok to use these icons on my commercial website and on printed marketing material please? The huge list is here and this is all about free social media icons for your websites or you can use it just as a collectors pack of icons to add to your existing collections.
You can check every one of these icons to match your design project until one suits you the best.
The download button will take you to the source page where you  can download it safely and will make you aware of the attributions for each set since we credit the author’s work and you have the right to know the real designers.
These free social media icons can be used for linking and showcasing your website fan page running in a relative social media network. Sidebar placements are the most popular choice among bloggers to catch user attention as it is sitewide and promises attractive design, visibility. Another version and style of icons for designers who want a single color icon style for their website. A free design by Alexis Doreau which contains a set of 50 free icons with png exports of multiple resolution’s including 24, 48,  96, 144px. A vector set of 56 icons which are hand crafted for your modern website which requires a change over boring flat icon designs. These slick icons are very cool when used in the top header navigation and also look good in the footer section of the website. A set of icons for 20 bookmarking sites with over a variety of styles and around 150 icons to download.
With fat design being the color scheme of this decade you can see flat icons being designed by most designers.
Jorge Calvo is a graphic and web designer with over ten years of experience and has designed many cool designs and provided theme for free as well.
A brilliant set in vector format for free download and use. This free set contains icons for wordpress, vimeo, flickr, behance as well other than the regular social websites. A set of 12 social icons with interesting real colors along with a grey color set will have you interested to use this psd, png file on your website. Before you dive into creating your social media marketing strategy, know who’s in your audience and where you can find them. Once you’ve done your research and have answers to these questions you can create a social media persona to guide you in planning your editorial calendar and promotional campaigns. One third of LinkedIn’s audience is 55 or above, making it the oldest social network.
30% of Google+’s audience has income over $100,000 followed closely by LinkedIn where 27% of its audience is in that income bracket.

The income breakout of Pinterest, like its age breakout, is similar to the overall US browser audience. The income levels of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are similar and skew lower than the average US browser population despite the differences in age segmentation. Price your offering in the context of the social media network. While your pricing must be consistent, you can offer different promotions and related landing pages based on the social media network. Based on research by Rich Relevance, here’s howsocial media networking sites help drive sales. The bottom line is that you can no longer just build a page on Facebook and call it a social media marketing plan. What have you learned about your target audience and their use of different social media platforms? This 7-step process will help you define and refine your 2016 business growth goals and segment them into achievable marketing objectives. You’ve set personal resolutions for yourself this year, but what about setting goals for your business? It is equally important to study the demographics of each social network carefully before planning your startegy.
Is has been the kinda of info iv been looking, lovely info graphics as well, thanks for sharing.
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Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. The icons are created in 114×114 sizes with the main focus for iPhone 5, but these can easily be resized and used for other mobile devices or for web. We have been busy collecting over 100+ icons to add to this list which looks good and also suits best for a website theme. Light theme websites will be completely benefited with this list as most of them will suit right away with the theme without much alterations. Many websites are masking the designer effort by providing direct download links from their own website.
While sidebar position is either on the left or right side of the content, the icons must be links to your social media page. Grab these free psd files which are vector layered for high resolution output in designs. Download free social media icon set made with Photoshop and illustrator available in png, vector, psd formats.
This set of icons is one such brilliance of Jorge with minimalist icons and flat design scheme.

As you already know, we have issued several UI kits in the flat design style, namely Square UI. The icon set  includes some of the most recognizable companies including Google Chrome, Gmail, Skype, Dropbox and others.
Therefore, you must look deeper into your target segment’s interests, needs, influencers and past behaviors.
Shoppers who start the purchase process on Facebook look at more product and related content. You need to understand your business goals, your target market and how they engage on various social media venues. I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. Creating marketing goals increases your chances of achieving them – so do yourself a favor this year and set yourself up for success. The facts that you mention and the knowledge and understanding of these things clearly reveal that you have a lot of experience. The quality was taken into consideration and you can see that almost 95% of icons here will be psd or in ai, eps format which will provide high quality output.
Freebies are like a give and take policy you give credit to the designer and you will get more cool freebies from them along with free support.
Oh yes applications, games really showcase their fan-pages in the app either its for the mobile app or tablet. As a result, visitors who enter retail sites from Facebook view almost seven pages per visit, visitors from Twitter view about three pages per visit, and visitors from Pinterest view over four pages per visit. Understanding their propensity to purchase on social networks can guide your content strategy. Social sharing is given high priority by major search engines so you must start becoming social with your clients, visitors through regular interaction. Website with high bookmarks in social media will rank better these days if the bookmarks are real, that is.
We have covered almost all cool icons from this year 2015 and 2016 and also from the last year.

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