It is always difficult when we have something that can be used for both personal and professional gain. Your personal social networks are constructed of people who either know you, acquaintances or people who share something in common with you. Therefore we share our lives through family photos, images of pets, our outings and update about how we feel, think or if we are in need of answers. On your personal social media accounts it is acceptable to be random; a place to share cat photos, random Internet memes, articles that vary and expand on your personal interests. Though aiming to connect with like-minded people when using social media for business applies, the buck stops there when comparing with what you do with your personal accounts.
Since your goal is to connect with like-minded people you need to think of how your particular Industry cannot only find like-minded people to follow, like, or circle, but to have them find you easily as well. Within those two main topics many sub-topics can arise that are still related to what you do and where you are located. Thus, connecting locally is ideal as well as connecting with people who share the interest of your Industry. This then allows people to find you since the topics you are sharing places your business in any and many algorithms (search or social) as being an authority. Business social media needs to differ from personal social media in order for your business to strive to thrive within the social media world. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture.
Social media provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, giving businesses the ability to share news about their products and services with people that were once out of reach.
Social media offers relationship-building opportunities that are virtually limitless and, for the most part, they’re free.
AboutEntrepreneur Marketing is a social media and Internet marketing company based in Lancaster, PA.
We work with local as well as national brands and we combine our passion for social media and our unique marketing strategies to help businesses reach a whole new level of success online.
Since many of us began using social media to connect with friends, family and like-minded people, we forget that it is not the same application for business. Applying the same strategy you have for your personal social media accounts to your business social media accounts is a fail.
This doesn’t mean you have ever met them offline, but we tend to friend, follow or circle people who have a common interest as us.
We gain responses and activities due to the proper connections we have made and thus we are networking socially. The first step is easy; the second part has been a task more difficult since businesses are still applying what they would do on their personal accounts. We might want to be friends with people from across the world personally, but for our business that connection is not as valuable as connecting with your neighbor or a person in a neighboring town.

This means that you share high quality images, tips, facts, history and how-to’s about your company, Industry and community.
It also builds credibility that you know what you are doing, that you are willing to share knowledge and most importantly, that you care. Just because someone says they know or understand social media does not make them the right candidate for your business social media accounts. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Cisco created a competition encouraging people from around the world to come up with billion-dollar ideas to their business. Developing a good social media optimization strategy is crucial to leverage competitive advantage in these times of Internet revolution.
Social media extends the reach of your company in an unprecedented way by allowing it to access both global and local markets at any time and from anywhere.
As more and more people interact with each other on a certain topic, more quality information is shared. Working jointly on a project is what collaboration is, and social media increases its potential tremendously. I don’t do business with anyone outside of my state!” Indeed, this may be the current case, but remember, social media opens your business door to the world. Through the use of social media, your retail establishment, consulting firm, or service company has access to information, prospects and alliances worldwide. If we didn’t then we would have useless feeds and inevitably the social site would become meaningless.
Narrow your use of social media to two, yes only two main topics; Industry related and Local.
Groupon built a multi-billion business by selling daily offers to very large groups of people through social networking websites, at a time of recession. There are 5 key fields in which social media presents substantial business opportunities and upon which your social media optimisation approach should be based. In turn, by accessing and interacting in these, companies can develop a strong market presence and gain competitive advantage over their competitors as a result.
It allows communication both within an organisation and between an organisation and other parties of a business by, first, making it possible to communicate even if two parties are countries apart, and second, by allowing communication to take place in different ways through different mediums. Communities are hubs where people interact with each other on topics that they share interest in. Also, because social media has access to virtually anyone and at all times, this means that information being exchanged is very likely to be broad and diverse, compared to information being exchanged between a few people from the same town having dinner for example. It is very important for a company that is made of different parts in different countries, but also for someone who is looking for the right person to complete a certain task rather than just the ‘easy person’ because he or she works in the same building.
Not very long ago, businesses were limited to connections with contacts within their neighborhood or at best, their country.

To explore how that can work for you, consider your current network of connections, both personal and professional. Your advertising opportunities can grow exponentially through the utilization of social media.
By playing on this aspect of social media effectively, companies will increase their SEO potential and rank high on mega search engines like Google, which should be the priority of all those companies looking to grow from their website. YouTube, for instance, is a huge video-sharing website with apparently more than two million views every single day. A topic can be on absolutely anything, which means communities are plentiful and very diverse. This translates into great opportunities for companies as they are, too, able to participate in these discussions, or simply able to take useful information from these online conversations. For instance, huge freelance platforms exist such as Elance or Fiverr to help you find the ideal person to do the job. For instance, your Facebook friends include folks like Cousin Joe, High School Friend Susie, and the business owner down the street. A virtuous circle is then built: better SEO results reinforce market visibility, which then creates a bigger market, which in turn improves SEO even more and so on and so forth.
The offline equivalent to those communities would be clubs, but applied online, clubs have the potential to include many more members across geographical limits. Wikipedia is perhaps the flagship example of collective intelligence: users contribute to the writing of high quality material about millions of topics, and accessible to all. Diverse and more effective partnerships can be created in this way, which means companies can increase productivity substantially. Skype, on the other hand, allows another kind of communication by making it possible to set up live video calls, among other features, between two or more users. Twitter, for instance, is a micro-blogging tool through which companies can turn a huge pool of users into followers by sending and receiving short, regular daily feeds about product news, feedback, advice and a range of other subjects. Another example is Amazon’s recommendation system whereby users can recommend a certain product over another, which means that popular and unpopular choices can be found easily. Zoho is another collaboration site that provides a range of useful applications for businesses including invoicing, information management, web conferencing and project management tools.
Facebook is a very popular social networking tool through which businesses can create a solid community of supporters and customers with a Facebook Fan Page for instance.

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