Trying to navigate through the various new social media categories, blogs, sharing sites, and social media firms is an absolute mess.
This depiction of the digital marketing landscape was shown at a Buddy Media event marking the launch of the social marketing software agency's new suite of measurement tools. How B2B Companies Are Utilizing Instagram For Social Media Marketing You are using an outdated browser.
Social Media refers to an ever-growing group of websites, apps and programs that allow users to create and share content within a social network.
Created by tech-phenom Mark Zuckerberg and a fellow group of Harvard University roommates, Facebook has now spread to nearly every country and demographic in the world.
Other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, which allows users to network with other professionals, or the video-sharing giant Youtube, which allows users to record, share and watch millions of videos have nearly the same general purpose: to more easily connect people. With Infinite Marketing’s Social Media Marketing experience, we can help you improve contact with your target demographic. With Infinite Marketing, we can help you not only branch out onto those social media platforms which would be of most use for you, but more importantly, help you to engage and develop a relationship with your client base. With social media, customers and clients now have greater access than ever to the services and products most useful for them.
This is why choosing Infinite Marketing’s Social Media service provides a number of benefits to your business or website. A massive, overly-complex web of websites which need to be constantly updated is not the solution. We can help all your business marketing needs with Infinite Marketing, the new definition of Global Marketing. Social Media marketing involves the use of one or more social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Youtube are the most popular, and all have the same networking capability, but the etiquettes are different.
Foursquare has recently adapted a lot more functions besides allowing companies to offer deals to clients that check into their business, so there is definitely a way that many companies can take advantage of foursquare, even if they don’t have a physical location.
Our job is to help you figure out what your facebook page should do for your customer, what your video should say about your company, what your status updates on twitter should communicate about your brand. Vab Media provides the following web services for your home or business: Website design and development, SEO Services, social media management, tutorials and much more in Santa Cruz, CA. Here are some social media infographics that stand out from the rest and should educate you. An interesting infographic by Visible which points out that men are twice as likely to check-in or share their location than women.
Great infographic by KISSmetrics which rounds up the main aspects to consider when purchasing a social media monitoring tool. A very informative infographic by Mashable that I discovered in March that I believe hasn’t decayed in time. Created by Awareness Inc and rich with a lot of great advice from social media experts such as David Meerman Scott, Jason Falls, Jonas Nielsen, etc.
Nike is one of the global marketing powerhouses that has been moving to take digital and social media marketing very seriously. So far the Digital Sport division best-known product is the Nike+ running sensor, the blockbuster performance-tracking tool developed with Apple (AAPL). Nike is full aware of the scope of digital, personal data, and social media and the recent moves are on the direction of establishing new solutions for users and sports people worlwide conscious of the importance os social analytics and personal tracking data systems. The venture division Digital Sport is part of a global strategy that comprehends the needs of digital strategy and business intelligence.

This bold moves means Nike can follow closer their users, customers, build an online community for them, and forge a tighter relationship and long term engagement. MarketingWeek reports that Nike has taken management of its social media marketing in-house and away from its digital advertising agencies in an effort to get closer to its fans. The move, which is thought to taken place in November, is part of a broader effort from the business to gain a deeper understanding as to how its consumers interact with the brand on its owned social networks such as Nike Plus as well as on third party platforms. Both Tesco and Reebok other massive global marketing powerhouse brands are thought to be pursuing similar strategies in the hope of boosting brand loyalty through online chatter and real time social media engagement. Nike’s spending is shifting and going digital and in the new social media marketing differentiated landscape.
Nike stop the mainstream reliance on top-down campaigns celebrating a single hit, whether a star like Tiger Woods, a signature shoe like the Air Force 1, or big spending commercials from the late ’80s that sold the entire brand in one fell Swoosh. Nike has come up with a long tail marketing approach that uses direct marketing, internet paid search and social media and above all looks and understands that their place is a whole new long repertoire of interactive elements that let Nike communicate directly with its community of consumers, whether it’s a performance-tracking wristband, a 30-story billboard in Johannesburg that posts fan headlines from Twitter, or a major commercial shot by an Oscar-nominated director that makes its debut not on primetime television but on Facebook. Nike is going everywhere where its customer is. Nike has move forward and understood marketing a long tail effort of relation with their customers and answering their needs with related relavant products and campaigns, changing faster and dynamic. None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer to purchase or sell a financial instrument or to make any investments. The company consistently uploads fresh content to Instagram such as photos showing their company culture, photos that highlight their customers, and photos that highlight key events they’ve partaken in, like Inbound 2012. What began as a social media platform accessed exclusively by college students has now become available to nearly anyone with an Internet connection. As more and more social media apps, programs and platforms propagate the online community, traditional thinking towards these opportunities would go as follows: Accumulate as many followers as possible, throw up as many advertisers as follow, watch the money come in!
We are able to tailor your product or service to the social media platform that is most suitable. We help you in dialing down on your target market, finding their needs and wants, and finding where and how they are most accessible.
It is now one of the most powerful mediums in history being used for communication in the news, politics and business.  Social Media is an extension of a marketing plan. Where twitter is best for posting links and allowing others to share your 140 character message, Facebook allows you to create events, Fan Pages, questions, and other tools that allow companies to create discussions with their clients. There is a lot that you can do with social media, and we’re here to help you figure out the best plan of action. The infographic gives insight into how small businesses leverage social media and which social media platforms they’re using. This infographic also tells you what are the social media channels with the highest ROI figures according to marketers who actually measure their ROI.
I'm a young marketing enthusiast currently getting my bachelors degree in the awesome field that is marketing. Having established Digital Sport, a new division the sports giant launched in 2010 the global sports company, aiming to go further on developing new devices and technologies that allow sports users to track their data: personal statistics in any sport activity in which they participate. This division of Nike is not just about creating must-have sports gadgets but a part of a global effort top be part of the moves of customers and sports people around the world. This is Nike bold move to understand that data, big data and social media are now full part of the business cycle and the only way to move forward. Social media and digital are out there opening new directions to companies that know how to use and adapt towards it.
In essence, they’ve created a healthy balance of fun imagery and business-focussed photos.

With a string of app and programs available at our disposable, syncing multiple social media avenues to your fingertips is only the push of a button away. It takes into account target market and demographics, but allows companies to gather that information via social networks, if needed.  Social Media is a conversation in which users and buyers let companies know what works for them as a consumer. LinkedIn is obviously a great source for any professional wanting to expand their professional network, and one of the obvious choices for b2b companies. We recently spoke at Santa Cruz business connect about this, and will be posting notes from our presentation soon. People love them because infographics are easy to share and help us visualize the important elements that we desire to learn. This infographic by KISSmetrics will certainly enlighten you about the timing aspect in social media. If you have any other interesting social media infographics to share, please post them in the comments! I'm passionate about inbound marketing, social media, mobile marketing and my own personal hobbies such as football and volleyball.
Getting a smaller snapshot of data can help when you’re dealing with numbers in the millions. This efforts are part of a global complete marketing approach that comprehends the power of tech, big data and social media marketing various 360 degrees channels. The company Digital Sport also released its first major follow-up product, a wristband that tracks energy output called the FuelBand.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written. Who would read a block of text when the same information could be presented to you with a neat picture? The company has utilized this platform from the very beginning to tell a powerful story of their history. Many companies think that they can just start an account, but don’t do anything to keep their customers coming back. There has been an infographic about the perfect drinks, golf, nacho cheese and just about everything else.
The following infographic by gopopcorn visualizes how much content is shared in 60 seconds. The popular social media platform, acquired by Facebook in April 2012, has continually seen its use by B2B companies increase. Although they can be considered a B2C company as well, they’ve certainly found a way to engage with their audience through photos. They do a nice job of highlighting their products, while positioning them in unique ways to create fun and interesting imagery.
As a result, they’ve utilized a new channel to engage with customers and attract new ones.

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