Guerilla marketing is the implementation of creative, original and tangible marketing concepts that are not 100% sanctioned by cities or building owners. Companies typically utilize guerilla marketing, without permission approach when a specific concept would not be permitted by the city, securing property owner permission is too costly, or if there isn’t enough lead-time to secure permissions.
Guerilla Marketing remains a rising form of marketing as one-of-a-kind activations attract consumers, generates social media coverage, and provides multiple opportunities to creates valuable content for brand marketing or PR purposes.
Guerilla Marketing can range a wide variety of tactics from creative brand installations to a simple sidewalk chalking. Successful guerilla marketing activations often involve extensive planning and intimate knowledge of city and consumer culture. ALT TERRAIN can assist with all aspects of great guerilla marketing activations including; ideation, planning, fabrication, logistics, transport, deployment, consumer engagement, documentation and onsite management. Note that when referencing guerrilla marketing it’ll most likely be interpreted by people in a variety of ways. Indoor Guerilla Marketing is defined as executing marketing activations inside publicly accessible, private property locations such as transit stations, college campuses and inside retailers.
Experiential Guerilla Marketing can either be indoor, outdoor or ambush, however execution is dependent upon consumer participation. Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn how creative guerilla marketing ideas and execution can enhance an outdoor advertising, public relations or social media initiative in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Washington D.C. 72andSunny reconnects Benetton with its former glory as a boundary-breaking fashion brand with their global UnHate advertising campaign. Our social media strategies are constantly evolving, adapting and changing.  And while you probably map out your social media strategy each year, and have is as a part of general marketing strategy of your brand or company, we all know that adaptation and flexibility is key, and that the only constant thing is change.
And while it’s hard to predict what the future holds for social media, there are certain trends that can be pinpointed.  Below are 10 social media trends for the next decade, as predicted by Peter Kim from Cheil. The way consumers use sites and the way brands participate and engage have changed fundamentally over the past 10 years.  Brands must adopt customer relationship and engagement strategies that harness data for long-term growth.
The power of our increasingly powerful mobile devices as social utilities are where great potential lies.  The ability to develop transformative applications that connect individuals to individuals but also societies to societies holds great potential.

Increasingly powerful and affordable technology allows people to create more content than ever before.  In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been created over the past two years. Social media sites act as brand graveyards, filled with the tombstones of dead campaigns that were only meant to survive a single campaign.  From TV commercials and billboards to microsites and social media accounts, brands must focus on using platforms for long-term relationship building.
Some brands, such as Dove and Nike, have discovered that supporting social good can have a greater impact than feeding individual egos.  Other brands will follow suit and use social media efforts to look at the long tail, identifying opportunities to foster empowerment and equality aligned with brand values. What do you think are the social media trends for the next decade?  Leave a comment below.  It will be interesting to see in a couple of years how these predictions stand in that time’s reality. It is always best for the concept to; be original as possible, directly connect to the brand, delight and benefit consumers (not scare or interrupt them), plus achieve measurable results. Guerilla marketing concepts are tweaked to complement unique cityscapes and consumer routines. This can encompass activations that temporarily add advertising to the cityscape such as with chalk stencils, sidewalk decals and statue takeovers.
This can encompass activations ranging from flash mob performances to signage placement to flash mob performances.
Experiential Guerrilla Marketing can rage from an unauthorized sidewalk pop-up shop to a scavenger hunt that places items throughout cities. Because of this information overload, people will filter out messages to hear only what they want to hear, creating segmented and sheltered media channels. However, many Chinese social media sites remain focused on the local market.  Over the next 10 years, these sites will shift their focus beyond the “great firewall” and enter overseas markets. And, more often that not to achieve measurable results, guerrilla marketing activations are highly documented for real-time and content marketing purposes. For example, the way people commute, where they spend their leisure time, how they shop and the city landscape varies widely in cities such as New York, Los Angles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego. One hint as to which guerilla marketing definition someone is referencing is the way it is spelled; the original meaning is spelled with two Rs while the updated version is more often referenced spelled with a single R. It can also include a variety of guerilla advertising signage or object-type placements throughout the city ranging from lawn signs to frozen blocks of ice to guerilla-cling posters.

Indoor guerilla marketing is often difficult to execute as privately operated locations typically have security that notice out of the ordinary activities. This form of guerilla marketing is often challenging as many events have assigned security on the lookout for any unauthorized marketing activities, plus large events (e.g. Pedro Rojas y the Plan Company. ?Que temas de marketing digital se tratan en el Social Media Day? In turn, an experienced guerilla marketing planning partner with intimate knowledge of city culture and is essential to creating successful guerilla marketing initiatives that connect with target consumers while circumventing consumer, city and property owner concerns.
Outdoor Guerilla Marketing can also be implemented by removing or rearranging items in the public space such as with clean reverse sidewalk advertising stencils and beach sand stamp advertising. No solo existen los tipicos juegos online de los cuales la mayoria no estamos interesados, sino que podemos adaptar a cada producto un juego que vaya directamente a nuestro target  por lo que este dispuesto a participar. No soy de las que juegan cuando me envian invitaciones por el Facebook, pero la principal razon,  es que son juegos que no me interesan, pero si lo haria si fueran juegos relacionados con algunos de mis hobbies o marcas a las cuales sigo. En la ponencia nos mostro ejemplos de como captar la atencion del usuario mediante la gamificacion, siempre anteriormente habiendo realizado un estudio del comportamiento de nuestro target y clientes fieles.Como conseguir sus datos y Como fidelizarlo.?Como deben ser las campanas de gamificacion?
La conversion era completamente diferente y tambien la impresion del usuario hacia una marca u otra.?Como ofrecer confianza al usuarios? Eva nos comento dos casos reales en los cuales habia vivido una negativa experiencia personal, ella comento dos productos que compro y que publico esperando una respuesta de grandes marcas que nunca llego…? No se leen las notificaciones de Twitter? Un ejemplo de campana muy original en Instagram, en la cual el objetivo era la adopcion de animales  o poder encontrar a personas desparecidas, con un gran exito por parte del publico.Campana ?Donde esta Wally?

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