While those are all important in terms of content marketing, they are only part of the overall process – your website content has a share in that as well. Seriously all you have to do is find a powerful keyword and then write a short Title, Tags, and a description then tell SYNND what campaigns to run. Now keep this in mind as well while creating your Social Media Marketing Plan Template that SYNND has a REMOTE AUTOMATOR set on everyone’s computer who become members and what this does is submits each of your campaigns on some one else’s computer so that it looks in the eyes of the search engines (Google) that everything is coming from different IP addresses and not just one computer!!! If you think that this is the perfect social media plan template for al of your campaigns or if you just want to focus on your own personal business website then this is the perfect tool for you.
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. To celebrate the launch of our new social media strategy guide, Dave and I thought we'd share our top 21 tips to help with social media planning. This post follows on from the new research on how businesses use social media from the CIM we summarised yesterday.
3 - Define personas - start with understanding how your customers and relevant influencers use social media. 4 - Personality must be included - a personality in social media marketing is paramount, people speak to and buy from people. 5 - You need a content strategy - we all know it, content fuels social media interaction and sharing. 6 - Have a big idea - some call this a campaign, I'd call it a strategy that's executed with a super-relevant, creative and engaging execution that inspires your audience and is 'on-brand' in terms of brand personality and linking to commercial results.
7 - Measure the benefit - it doesn't have to be commercial (though ideal) but at least measure the related KPIs so that you can compare social media marketing to other tactics and discuss the relative merits with management.
8 - Take training seriously - you've maybe heard of how seriously Dell take social media training?
9 - Branded content is your fuel - great, relevant content that educates, inspires, motivates or generally meets a need is what drives social media marketing more than anything else. 11 - Maintain relevance - keep awake to tying your content back to what's going on in your market, or indeed the world.  What's popular, relevant, interesting or timely right now? 12 - Community insight - how are you being received, the easiest place for social listening or monitoring is on your hub or key outposts where you publish. 13 - Competitor insight - the public nature of social media is that everything that you can listen and learn from regarding your brand, you can do for everybody else's. 14 - Define influencers -  monitor industry trends and news, who are the people behind all that, what influence and respect do they have? 16 - Make content work for different levels of engagement fro Fans, leads and prospects to customers - they're not a different name for same thing, and you mustn't treat everybody like a sales prospect, because they're not - at least not yet!  The more you market in social media be conscious that there's a huge chance people have not heard of what you do, let alone your brand.
17 - Special attention for customers - social media is the perfect tool for customers to help get you more customers, this is probably the #2 most important point on this list. 19 - Automate whatever possible – our experience is that it's worth taking the time to select the best tools that you can to make sharing, monitoring, listening or publishing as painless as possible. 20 - Crowdsource - ideas generation for product or service innovation is a goldmine area for brands to tune into. 21 - Controversy is good but play nice - clearly not everybody is your target customer and being tribal is therefore a good thing. Facebook exceeded 901 million monthly active users at the end of March 2012.LinkedIn has over 161 million members in over 200 countries.
In this post, we examine this social media landscape with an eye on how to make it work for you by initiating social conversations and coordinating your social media message with your traditional media messages appearing in print, radio, television, and especially on your Web site. How is your success tied to what your company, your business, and what YOU stand for? Can you clearly communicate what you do or what your company offers in a way that is consistent and has impact? To get kick-off theme ideas, inventory your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Rate Your Brand, and more, click here. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks.Thanks to each of you – for the personal and business relationships that we’ve made over the last 20 years, and for the opportunities we’ve had to serve you. Facebook has exceeded 500 million active users - users that spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. In May 2005, Business Week online magazine published the story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business.” Even though the article predated the splash of other social media venues like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, that original story is still being read, downloaded and linked to by thousands of people each month.
Social media reaches out to the world via the Internet where those, who might be interested in what you have to say or sell, are spending more of their time reading about companies, products and services just like yours.
If you’re wrong, apologize, then make it right – Every company makes mistakes or falls short at times. Listen carefully to suggestions, then act – Some of the best ideas for product and service innovations have come from customers. Make message your focus – Getting started in social media is not just about being up to date on the latest technology or being on the newest social networking site. Learn what’s being said about you – Find out where the existing conversations about your company, its products and services are taking place and what is being said.
Have a goal – With your research in hand, determine what communications objectives are being met by the different messages posted on your site. Social media rules are no different than rules for all other forms of professional communication, in which employees are directed to use sound judgment and common sense because their personal comments reflect on their employer. Once you’ve done your homework, designated responsibility for the work, and have decided which social media tools are most appropriate for your messages, create an official presence in the social networks you plan to use. By the numbers – Adding social media to your overall communications plan will take time and resources. There is a variety of benefits for using social media as part of your overall communications plan. Make friends and influence customers – Jim Farley, Group VP of Marketing at Ford, reportedly moved 25% of his 2009 marketing budget out of traditional media and into digital marketing and social media.
This “Social Media Strategy Map” is designed to help you assess where you are in the social media integration process and gives you a road map to achieve your goals. All of us working in marketing and communications need to be more effective, more measurement-minded and more innovative in developing solutions for the coming year and beyond.
Our White Paper takes you through the steps of creating a basic plan for your business and yourself. Do you have copies of all important personal or business files including insurance policies, leases, medical records, contact sheets, etc.? Do you have a central business number that your employees can call to check in and receive updated information during an evacuation?
Have you let your contacts and customers know your preferred alternative means of contact during a power outage or evacuation?
Do you have a comprehensive emergency management system in place for your business and yourself? Do you have procedures in place to communicate to your contacts and customers in an emergency?
Do you need to create a communications template (an ad, e-mail, direct mail, etc.) to keep your clients aware of your contact information and other pertinent matters? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you’re interested in a social media marketing strategy that includes tactics for increased exposure, contact my company today for your business advantage. You set how many max go out and you set the daily amount that each campaign submits for you.
It showed  that while some companies have a clear champion or a dedicated resource for social media, few have this focus. Yet if you're reactively posting status updates to networks and the quality of  content isn't good enough to encourage sharing you're not going to get much cut-through.
It may have campaigns supporting it, it can run for years, it can even scale bigger as success dictates.

Though you're not Dell, the point is that at least basic training is needed for people who are opening up to your audience (especially those who work with the media). If you are mainly posting to the social networks you're not connecting with visitors as deeply as you would if they're on your site(s).
Can you out-wit the competition with smart ideas to pitch new or existing ideas in topical ways? Consider ways that you might organise content differently for different levels of the buy funnel. Customers are the most informed and fore-armed to share what you do, they're more credible than you are to get the attention of other prospective customers, they've often got content or the ability to generate content for you, and they're naturally the easiest audience to inspire purchase and most motivated to help you.
Acting on the data - by collecting and using the data generated (monitoring keywords, hashtags, using trackable URL's) the skill is in keeping the information usable and accessible so that your team can act on it.
Offer people in your market space to share their aspirations for what you sell, what  they would like to see and get improved, what they hate and want to see less off. We suggest 8 steps you can take to effectively integrate your message across media, and guide it along its way. So, when you hear someone say that something can’t be done, look at your Post-it note and read it out loud to remind yourself.Remember that developing a positive perspective takes perseverance. What separates you from the competition?When someone asks you, “What do you stand for?,” what do you say?“Excellent customer service?” “Quality product?” “Solid reputation?”Guess what? As a team, we set out with measurable goals that keep us ahead of our rivals.With just under a month to go before the start of 2011, is your brand ready? Thanks for letting us be part of your business’s growth and success, thanks for being friends and clients, and thanks especially for contributing to our success.This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving early with an H Family lunch.
Business Week Editor Steve Baker said that if the article had been published in print, it would’ve gone into the recycling bin years ago. As a professional communicator and marketer, you can’t afford to stand by quietly while others are shaping your brand reputation. And it allows you to comment on news and events that others publish – it lets you explain to readers how these events may affect your industry, and your products and services.
If your customers are commenting about something you can and should change, take their feedback seriously and do something about it. Use online listening devices such as Google Alerts, Twitter Search, Radian6 and PR Newswire’s Social Media Metrics to track conversations about your company and any mentions that appear online by using specific key words related to your company name, products and services.Talk to people within your organization who interact with customers by phone or e-mail.
There is a big difference in speaking ‘on behalf of your company’ (as an official spokesperson) or ‘about’ your company, its products or business partners.
Here are some ideas to help you start:Comment on a conversation – An easy way to enter the conversation is to comment on an existing conversation. For every activity, find a good reason to do it and a way to measure its effectiveness for your plan. By listening to and observing the responses and opinions of customers, you can discover their pain points, capture ideas for improvement, promote innovation, gain inspiration, learn, and develop empathy for your customers’ points of view.. It provides helpful tips and suggestions, includes a readiness check-list and "Be Prepared" booklet, plus loads of educational resources. Make sure the vision is communicated across the business so that people are comfortable and understand who, what, how, when and why. Have genuine personality even if it's a character like Old Spice Guy or the famous Aflac Duck (if you're American).
The sales process is so much easier when you've already been granted the permission by your audience.
For people showing purchase intent, find ways to data capture or present key product lines.
Analytics are a challenge at the best of time, the unique thing about social media is it can be kept human, don't loose the sentiment or the narrative amongst the facts and numbers. It's another obvious dimensions to tie thought leadership to - since only thought leaders have the confidence to ask for feedback and be motivated to then act upon it. Getting passionate about your subject matter is both engaging and demonstrates confidence and thought leadership. In the process, you can coordinate your product and service message and broaden its reach to new audiences, build your brand and learn more about the public perception of your company along the way. By integrating traditional advertising and communications messages into social media venues, you can guide your message instead of controlling it. And it only takes minutes to publish your message, instead of days, weeks or months like other more traditional print or broadcast media.Traditional media is a monologue. Your primary goal in using social media is to improve communications with your audience, and to reach them where they’re spending time. He freely offered something of value to readers – useful information, insights and ways to help them save time or money, or make better buying decisions. You can be the source of leadership, resources and ideas to keep people communicating and moving forward in an emergency.
A tactical attempt at social means you're very likely not centring around people, their needs and motivations - and the point is that this is social media, so people first. To figure out how influential you are work out your share of voice in the market, and how positive that voice is. The Eloqua Content grid infographic is a great way of considering how different forms of content work for different levels of consideration.
That said - know your community and exercise your brand personality in a way that balances engagement and sparking debate with common sense. The more that people read and linked to the story, the higher the article rose in search engine rankings under the topic of “blogs.”As more people read and referred the article, its popularity snowballed. Make it work for you instead of waiting for something negative to come up in some social media conversation to which you will need to react. Look at ways to communicate more efficiently and how to re-purpose existing content to reach new audiences.Before you enter the social media conversation, have a plan with specific objectives for what you want to say and why readers may be interested in reading and responding.
When it is appropriate, and when you can add something of relevance and value, comment on the subject. It’s all about your attitude and your willingness to be flexible, to learn and change.Don’t expect institutions to take care of things for you. An easy way to gauge what your audience is doing in the mobile environment is to join them.  Start a mobile marketing account like Foursquare or start checking in with Facebook places.
Last year, Business Week updated the article with new information about new emerging social media and the impact on today’s businesses. And when you enter the conversation, the ground rules dictate that you have to be willing to receive the responses of others.
Watch and gauge reader reaction and response.Start a new conversation – There are several ways to start a conversation depending on which social media venue you’re using. Document all major content points, and specifically what was done or said about areas of customer concerns and complaints. And friends are future customers.Transparency builds trust – In 2006, Sun Microsystem’s Jonathan Schwartz became the first fortune 500 CEO to launch his own blog. In this second White Paper about new marketing opportunities, we recommend beginning a “touch” system. A successful kick-off will excite and motivate your team to rise above the challenges of the upcoming season.There's no off-season in the business world, but constantly evaluating your brand roster, playbook and other aspects of your team will give you an advantage over your competition.RecruitingHow does your recruiting class stack up? To continue to keep the story up to date, they’re now soliciting new facts and figures from their readers through their Web site. Or, more precisely, take 8 steps to integrate social media into your traditional marketing and communications plan. The biggest difference between social media and traditional media, and the thing that makes many corporate executives uncomfortable, is that social media messages can’t be strictly controlled.
Look at ways to extend the message from a standard online press release or news story into multiple social media venues.

On Facebook, you can simply ask a question or make a comment about a subject and see if others respond. Tally both positive and negative comments, overall traffic and reach, as well as the size of the social “connections” you make (friends, followers, fans, etc.).
He used his blog posts as a way to humanize a highly technical industry; he gave it a personal and friendly voice. This one article, now more than 6 years old, continues to live and grow in relevance.The “strange thing” that happened to this Business Week article to give it such a long and vital life is the reason for this post. But they can be “guided.”We’ve all heard stories like a scandalous e-mail from a company executive that makes it onto a social media venue. Is there something being talked about that would be useful or interesting to other customers or prospects?Read your own Web site – It may seem obvious, but look at your existing connection to the Internet – your company Web site. How about that video of a product manager speaking at a conference seminar, or the photographs of your corporate involvement in a charitable event?
Using LinkedIn, you join industry-related groups and then ask a question or make a statement and solicit readers’ comments. Then, provide your management team with a regular summary of the effects of your presence and participation in sites.
Relationship Marketing In this White Paper we'll look at a formalized process for keeping “in touch” with customers, vendors and other important business relationships throughout the year. It’s this potential for broad reach and longevity of a message that differentiates social media from traditional media, and it’s why every marketing communications professional needs to consider how to integrate social media into their traditional marketing communications mix. Other people link to it and share with their friends, and in minutes, it becomes breaking national news. These are all materials that could be easily translated into social media venues.Go for strategic visibility – Evaluate and choose the social media venues that allow you to contribute most effectively to the conversations about your company. If you can simplify your comment into 140 characters or less, you might consider Twitter as a means to send out a teaser statement that will attract readers to a longer story you post elsewhere.Creating a blog gives you much more control over the content you publish. If you can’t think of a way to evaluate your activities, then consider eliminating it from your plan.. More important than the numbers was Schwartz’s openness and honest response to comments, questions and suggestions.
In the assembly of your team, it is imperative to give them the pep talk stressing the importance of working within a team atmosphere.PlaybookSetting the core purpose for your organization, its mission and goals is crucial in the pursuit of a winning season.
Social media represents an evolution in communications and an opportunity to build relationships unlike anything before.By using social media to broaden the distribution of your business communications, you are taking your message to where people can be reached more easily to connect. Collect a snapshot of the one-way conversations you’re already having with your customers and the content of your communications.
You don’t have to be everywhere, just list the broad spectrum of available tools and consider how each might serve your company’s needs. You can define the topic, review comments before they are posted, and also post video and audio files.
Do you have systems and processes guaranteed to get the highest level of performance out of your team? Your customers and potential customers are online every day looking for and commenting about news, ideas, and products and services. Look for pages that are updated frequently or that might benefit from adding a way to accept feedback or two-way communication. For example, if you have a video of one of your managers giving a presentation at an industry conference on your Web site, you may consider posting it on YouTube to make it available to a wider audience. There’s a lot of flexibility, however, you’ll need to make your audience aware that your blog exists by linking to other sites with similar interests, or sending e-mails to alert potential readers of your published posts.A blog gives you an increased presence on major search engines (so people can find your business Web site easier too), and enables you to build a regular audience if you provide regular information that is useful and relevant to your readers’ needs.
Transparency and openness that starts at the top can influence an entire company and build customer trust.Generate innovative ideas – In 2008, Starbucks’ original CEO returned to the helm of the company to help the struggling global corporate giant return to their roots as a friendly local coffeehouse.
And if your company isn’t taking part in the social media conversation, you can be sure your competitors are there, searching through blogs and articles for new ideas and insights that could improve their business.
Can your messages be adapted and coordinated to answer or address customer questions and concerns?Summarize your research – Compile all your results from this research in a social media report that you can present to your company’s decision makers. You could also include excerpts of the presentation in a blog entry and provide a link to the full video.Define your selection process – Don’t just rely on the tools with which you are most familiar. They’re placing their ads on sites where your customers visit, and they’re looking for ways to leverage your social media silence to their advantage.Give up control, gain new opportunities – Control of your marketing message today is an illusion.
Show them the contents of conversations happening about your company and evaluate for them the potential impact that social media can have to influence these conversations in a positive direction. Even if you’re not using social media, your customers are, and messages that they publish about your company can be just as beneficial as anything you might publish yourself. Possibly, you already know what tools will work best to get your message out but, for the benefit of a client or company executive not familiar with the social media landscape, you want to explain your rationale. Starbucks then created an “Ideas in Action” blog that gives updates to users on the status of changes that their customers suggested.Become known as an innovator – William Baker, professor of marketing at San Diego State University, surveyed 1,600 corporate executives on their companies’ use of social media. Doing so allows play to develop by having measurable goals.Kick-Off PresentationWhat do your fight song and colors communicate about your team? You may not be able to control what others say in the social media conversation, but you can provide a balanced perspective of events and control your part of the conversation, and that’s your greatest opportunity.Managing online criticism – One quality of social media is its openness and transparency. It’s much more valid to say, “From my research, I believe YouTube would be the best choice for a video-sharing tool, because it offers a free posting and key-word search capability, and has a large and involved community of viewers.”Assign responsibility – Identify who will be responsible for managing social media use.
He found that firms that rely heavily on external social networks scored 24 percent higher on a measure of radical innovation than companies that don’t. Decide who will generate the content, who will monitor it, and how these new activities will fit into the current workload. Listening and interacting with customers through social media can be an effective communications strategy that leads to other innovations. Transparency, openness and responsiveness are all good for the corporate brand and the bottom line, especially when that openness leads to greater customer trust, development of new solutions and service improvements.Take a position as a thought leader – One of the most popular healthcare blogs is “Running a Hospital,” written by the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Paul Levy. In it, he address the issues he deals with each day as a hospital CEO, shares his thoughts about hospitals, medicine and healthcare issues, and puts current news into perspective.
What you communicate to your team is critical in setting it apart from the competition.Now, it's time to take the field.
Not only does the blog humanize the process of running a large hospital, it gives real human examples of the activities and decisions that executives make to heal lives..
Make sure your team is ready to play, pumped up and aiming for a perfect record in the upcoming season. Never publish anything that you wouldn’t want thousands of people to read.Whose social media is it anyway? The pre-game warm-up is an opportunity to hone your team's senses and work out any jitters prior to kick-off.
According to Brian Solis, a recognized leader in social media, the question of who owns the responsibility for handling social media publishing within a company is an ongoing battle. You remain in control of creating the strategy for your message and releasing the official version.
This gives customers and prospects a perspective on which to base their opinions – and include in their conversations. A Twitter post you make might send a reader to a positive news article or blog entry about your company, a new product or service innovation, or a release about your presentation at an important industry conference. Always consider the relevance of your conversations; stay focused on your communication goals, objectives, and the value of providing balance and facts as part of a conversation.

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