Deciding on what’s the best social media tools and strategies for your specific campaign and business are the key components to your Internet success.
Social Media is a powerful place to tell your “story”, as social media is now the #1 activity on the web! When using social media, create posts that engage and inspire, and people will want to follow you! 3) Promote events–post a picture of an event flyer and say something like: “Who do you know in Southern California? 4) Share success stories, testimonials, videos, and pictures—this provides validation, inspiration, and social proof. For the business, you can create interest by posting about when someone makes a bonus, promotion, earns a car or trip, has a milestone in their business, etc. Yesterday, I ran the first of the Social Media Marketing Workshops for Rotherham town centre retailers under the Mary Portas Pilot scheme for town centre improvements. If you are interested in social media marketing training, either in a workshop-setting or 1-2-1, get in touch! Demand Metric's Social Media Marketing Training Course leads you through the process of developing a comprehensive social media marketing plan. Our Social Media Marketing Training Course includes a 39-page, step-by-step, consulting methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 21 premium tools & templates to develop a comprehensive social media marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Plan MethodologyUse this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 20 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive social media marketing plan. Social Media Marketing Budget TemplateUse this tool to set and track your social media budget. Social Media Channel Selection ToolUse this to evaluate your Social Media initiatives based on their strategic fit, impact, and feasibility. Social Media Business CaseA template to help you build a business case for an investment in a Social Media program. Social Media Marketing Solution StudyOur Social Media Marketing Solution Study highlights insights, the landscape, and the vendors associated with the Social Media Marketing space.
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RONIN is turning 15 this year and to mark this anniversary, we have planned a year of exciting events, beginning with a spring launch for a brand new social media training programme.
Many are familiar with personal blogs but how can blogging give you an advantage in your market field?
I have them text me the day they get their kit to announce their business formally and to plan the official launch of their business!
Do this for both product results and business success stories you come across of other distributors and customers.

Share your excitement any time something new launches or any time there is press on your products. The #1 earner in her company and one of the world’s leading network marketing distributors.
Gaining tips to engage with your blogging community or how to connect with bloggers who already serve your audience are only few of the things you will learn. Share stories that relate to the product success and business success of people in your company.
She is also the author of the best-selling book ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS that you can purchase here. Since we are living in a social economy, who you know and what they have to recommend is more influential now than ever before!
If you have kids or a family, make it fun and do it together!” You can say something that creates intrigue such as “mommas got a brand new business!
Check it out here (link)”! When people “like” the post, or “comment” on it, you know they see it!

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