A good part of your online strategy revolves around where and when relevant audiences are engaging. In order to help our own clients at Epiphany Metrics, we’ve collected a variety of data points for a fast way to look through evolving social media metrics and walking those data points through corporate social media training processes.
The audience numbers only reveal one cog (out of hundreds) that executives need to think about when designing an effective social media strategy. Th following snapshot gives us the June 2012 metrics for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
Relevance can be established by thinking about your target audience (age, gender, education, income, etc) and applying those percentages to the overall total audience size. Do we want multiple touch points with the same person to drive conversion or if we are looking for singular contact to drive awareness? About MeI’m a digital professional that mixes evolving business models with new ways of getting things done. Roughly half the respondents in a recent Econsultancy and Adobe research survey of both companies and agencies said they couldn’t generate sufficient revenues to cover their social media costs.
Before you jump to the conclusion social media marketing doesn’t work, understand that part of the issue is that about 60% of marketers aren’t tracking revenues, based on research by Booz & Company and Buddy Media.
Unlike marketers, prospects view these social media interactions from a “what’s in it for me (aka WII-FM)” perspective.
Rather, the social media metrics reported, such as social media shares, followers, pageviews and time on site, are easy-to-track and can be retrofitted after the fact to get some type of analysis. BUT, there’s a strong chance you won’t be able to track associated sales because it wasn’t integrated into the marketing.
Therefore, you must continue to refine your social media analytics, which aren’t as sexy as social media engagement, and how they support your marketing objectives. Do you have any other suggestions for organizations looking to track revenues associated with social media marketing?
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September 25, 2012 by Daniel Tan Comments Social Media Measurement tracks social media to see how visible a brand or person is in the public eye.
This sort of information can be extremely helpful in assessing how far you have infiltrated the market and what demographics are really being hit at a fraction of what other forms of market research cost. Not only does social media measurement assess data and numbers, but it can also assess public reaction to a certain product.
Sometimes it just gets too quantitative and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of playing just a numbers game. Last, but not least, this information allows individuals not only to track their products, but also competitor’s activity and exactly how big your piece of the pie is.
The process of measuring social media will prove more beneficial if you use clever tactics to implement the process.
Here are a few other snippets of information that tells us how social media measurement could generate better quality leads.
You can’t rely on just Facebook likes and Twitter tweets to determine the effectiveness of your entire social marketing efforts because they are not customised to cater to your needs. Many start-up marketers might not realize it but they tend to do a good job of doing everything right in terms of attracting potential prospects, but what happens after?
Overall, social media tracking is important because it gives an individual information and data on visibility, public opinion and competitors for a fraction of the cost of most market research. Follow us to receive regular insight to Search Engine Marketing, as well as tips & tricks to making social signals work for you!
Social Media is said to be the strongest platform when branding or internet advertising is the prime concern. For the last couple of years, internet business is experiencing delightful progress due to extensive user’s engagement in social media.
Tracking “Mentions” is said to be the first key metric of social media marketing that consequently offers higher conversion rate.
Based on your role of work, you ought to track those ”Mentions” for several different key phrases likewise your brand name, industry, product or service, company, the competition or any selective market term.
More simplistically, “Mentions” are just the quantity of times the phrase or the term or the word used in social media you’re chasing wholeheartedly.
Overall “Mention Volume” is an easy-peasy metric which is all about counting or calculating. Schedule your content thoroughly to catch the proper attention from active potential audience. Investigate PR (Public Relation) regularly to find spike in brand mentions that might provide a positive signal to brand and you should amplify, or negative impacts that need to be prevented to avoid potential crisis.
Full marketing team has to own proper understating about the surge in market and assess they should behave according to that. Never fear of implementing necessary tools like Social Mention, Hootsuite to find mention volume in regular basis with a detail report. Initiate campaign with corresponding term or keyword and track mentions to observe whether it’s going well or not.
Monitoring mention got far easier since Facebook and Twitter both started using HASHTAGS (#). The whole calculating process will assist you to grasp overall audiences feeling regarding any particular subject or product and allow you to make any alteration likely to social conversation that would actually matter to you and your company. A few free and paid tools are available to do both tracking and measuring emotional attachment. Among all the tracking platforms, the UberVU via Hootsuite uses the most compelling automation tool to regulate sentiment depending on machine learning technology. For example, if a person tweets regarding their experience like shopping at Galleria, the tool would determine the sentiment according to the words they used in the description. The whole process of sentiment analysis is able to find how remarkably your product is being distinguished comparing to the competitors.
Keep your eyes open to understand the level of emotional attachment of competitors and seek opportunities including positive and negative in order to make the best use of them. Looking forward to compute the success margin of any marketing campaign, product launches or any other new enterprise? Most of all, monitor how the levels change during the time of initiative to establish whether it’s received with positive or negative attitude.
Exposure might seem the number of followers you have only, however, it’s apparently the number of followers each of your follower has.
You can organize your follower’s number of each social web page in a tally like number of Facebook page likes, LinkedIn connections. To be very frank, measuring exposure manually is quite a daunting task especially when you’re thriving for tracing impressions of a certain market term or any particular campaign. Research thoroughly to determine which type of sentimental mention is perfect for content creation and future campaign. For example, Facebook provides their page owner a facility named as “the number of people who saw your post”. If any visitor visits the page, see the activities, observe the posts, check-ins, mentions and ads. While someone spends time and tends to comment, like or favorite your post, they’re meanly getting interacted or engaged with your content.
Go through the above listing and pay solid attention to age, location and gender of the people get engaged.
If your major engagement comes from outside of your targeted audience, it’s time to make some changes. Value your loyal customer and maintain a solid relationship with them for the sake of your social business development. Share of Voice is an opinion based one of the most pivotal and mathematical social media marketing metrics. To compute the Share of Voice, you ought to tally all your brand’s mention for a certain time tableat first.
The calculating formula is quite simple and for multiple campaign at a time, it’s better to use tools for making better result. The change of audiences or followers number in any corresponding brands or particular company’s social networking pagerefers to Audience Growth Rate.
To measure this metric, first of all, calculate the overall number of followers on each social media. Do some research about which social network is generating highest growth concurrently and how can you apply them. Measure the growing rate of the big competitors at first, then start calculating the growth rate of follower and always do that in same approach. Social media marketing is all about making crucial interactions with audience, which is also called followers influence. Nevertheless, apart from tools, each company tend to implement its own terminology of measuring influence by going through the overall number of likes, comments, shares and reach of a particular kind of posts. First of all, recognize who is gossiping about your product or company and their experience.

By going through the whole influence rate, measure how much your reach and engagement level have increased.
Whenever you’re about introduce a brand new product or campaign, do arrive with a brand new strategic idea. There are number of effective tools which can be superbly collaborated to make the best use of metrics all across the social media. You’ll have to be equipped with current users demand, top available keywords, hashtags and other potential source as well.
Though we discussed about mention volume method, but there is also a sole tool available with a name tag “Mention”. With that tools, do some online research and make sure you chose to get a regular email every day with all the aggregation of mentions from the previous day. Mention provides 14-day Free Trail and there various schemes are available based on your plan to go for.
Talkwalker Alerts provides a whole system so that you can build up a search query for the corresponding phrase or keywords and slender the outcome by language, frequency, result type and quantity.
Talkwalker also contains a world map tracking system to find from where the traffics are being originate. Since Talkwalker is a kind of replacement for Google Alerts, it’s not as thorough or comprehensive as Mention.
Topsy is considered as a deliberate search engine and more efficient than both Mention and Talkwalker tools for providing more far-reaching data. In addition, Topsy allows result to come sorted by links, photos, tweets, videos or include everything. By using this platform, you can just step into the conversation in Pinterest with people who share you pins and develop a healthy, trustworthy relation with them. Let me introduce with the todays most used and easiest brand conversation monitoring platform, Hootsuite.
Craft a stream at first with your targeted keywords that impersonates your search, if you do care about using Hootsuite most productively. Follow the steps, add a stream, and choose keyword and the account by which you’re supervising the brand. The reason we put Klout at the very last position in our tools list, is because of its controversial operating behavior.
So far, Klout has been really one of the most used social media marketing tools for Twitter. After such a long discussion, we hope that you’ve got some pretty clear concept regarding social media marketing metrics, how they work and what’s your responsibility as a business owner. With some data and insights from bitly’s collaborative Ebook How to Improve Social Metrics That Actually Matter, let’s get started! In the flood of web based communication and social media, marketers are aiming to cut through the clutter and reach their customers. Knowing who your audience is of upmost importance, and each social network and platform offers a unique set of characteristics to reach them. Recent statistics say the top 3 most effective social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: friends, followers, and connections.
Traackr’s course on Influencer Marketing stresses 3 categories when defining your influencer marketing metrics: inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Using these categories, align your social measurement with your business goals, audit your social media channels, and determine what’s working and what needs to be improved. Make your marketing strategies social by design and see your reach and customer engagement grow.
Understand how to use the web to make your mark, create new connections and advance your business and career. Get creative with SEO and multimedia assets, to help your messages stand out and shout to be shared. Northwest eSourceWe are dedicated to bringing small business owners a never ending ROI on their IT & marketing budgets by wholly integrating our services into their technology platforms. The are hundreds of other social sites and tools that fall into different niches, but these core five are the first layer of conversation for most organizations. I’ve noticed in my Google Webmaster Tools metrics that I get backlinks credit from Google+ more so than from Facebook. For a new form of marketing like social media, the importance of using items that are already being collected or are straight-forward to collect is critical since you must make a case for continuing their use (which translates to additional resources).
Additionally, these simple metrics often show better results than actual sales because it’s easy and free to “Like a brand”. To this end, have clear business goals and develop appropriate metrics to determine whether you’ve achieved those objectives so you can measure your social media marketing effectiveness. You must ensure that the ability to track and calculate these metrics is integrated into your marketing and your systems.
This is done through various monitoring platforms usually by some sort of marketing department or company.
Even if there are advertisements on every billboard in town, if there isn’t any visibility on social media, such as Facebook likes or tweets, then a company can seriously suffer. More likes, tweets does not necessarily mean that you’re doing well, especially if all that traffic was bought. Measuring how much of the market share, or even visibility that you hold, can help anyone decide on a marketing strategy. This basically equates to higher return on investments (ROI) for those who implemented it in an effective manner. If you desire to achieve utmost results then you’ll have use your site as an experimental social hub and draw in crowds that will engage in quality conversations (through comments) that will provide you quality data to improve on your brand. Once you’ve determined which of these platforms provide more qualitative results, you can focus your social media marketing efforts there and maximize your profit potential. Customers are influenced into liking a company’s product page but that at most raises awareness and slight publicity for the brand. The indirect implications it plays such as lead generation and feedback makes it not only important, but vital to anyone looking to increase their visibility, infiltration into the public eye as well as profit-making potential. The following guide to social media marketing metrics won’t disappoint you on that aspect since it’s filled with instructions like how can you track social analytics and break them, how to measure them adequately and most of all, derive you in a way so that you don’t pass over any decisive insights ever.
The more your mention volume gets bigger, the better you’d notice greater conversion rate from social media to your business website. It will provide a full outline of the social conversions, which is of course your very first preference. You can invest on several tools that will automatically trace the number of specific search term mentioned in several places for you. In making to that, now we can find any trendy phrase or keyword mentioned anywhere in social media within a minute and count them.
It’s actually the top-notch approach of measuring the theme of any conversation like if the person is delighted, or angry, or annoyed. Computing sentiment can quite be a time consuming based on the volume of discussion, of course if you want to do it on your own. Go through the PR department, dig deep through the negative mentions, find the reasons and then establish a solid plan to handle such situation. It’s like the total count of Facebook ID followers, Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn or Pinterest followers and so on. Handy social media management tool is probably the best option here to track proper exposure. Engagement actually measures how often or how much others or audiences interact with your post in social media. Facebook tends to provide insights about those age group and location, so that you can investigate manually.
This metric will facilitate you to recognize how your product or brand is performing in this competitive digital business world.
Before starting a campaign, don’t forget to measure you Share of Voice in order to calculate any increase.
By tracking that metric, we can comprehend an average rate of decrease or increase value of your fans-follower on individual networking site over time.
This metric is hard to determine manually for what several efficient tools like Kred, Peerlndex and Klout are available now.
Let’s check them out and decide which will be best to invest according to your business plan. Social Mention offers a magnificent way to learn about brand interactions and mentions all over the web and specially in social media with a straightforward format. And it you tend to work with a large company or group, save the statistics to PDF or CSV to share those data with the team.
Though it’s a brand monitoring platform, but specially made alert system for Pinterest only. And then type the corresponding phrase or keywords to add it and then after that, add the stream. This tool is more like another metric measuring tool HootSuite in making of columns and organizing Twitter activity.
Some marketers find it extremely unprofessional and a useless thing, on the other and social marketers find it quite handy for measuring influence and engagement rate brilliantly.

Please do Share the post to let your acquaints be acknowledged about this profound manner of digital marketing. Yet as customers are increasing their interactions with brands via social platforms, brands seem to be focusing on promotional content and do not do an especially decent job of responding. Tapping into your customer data means tapping into accessibility, visibility, and efficiency. Findings also suggest the most broadly used social metrics include social media traffic, audience engagement, and audience growth rate. We think this model is very inspiring as it reminds marketers to align their metrics with the business outcomes they want to achieve. Pay attention to the style and formation of your profiles, photos, and designs, and position yourself as your own customer: how is your brand really being perceived?
I maintain the same pages in Google+ and Facebook, and my presence and social interaction is stronger on Facebook.
To this end, you need a contextually relevant call-to-action and a unique, trackable promotion code that leads to a microsite, targeted landing page, QR code, mobile app or phone number where your streamlined purchase process can reel prospects in and convert them into customers or at least to warm leads.
Equally important, you must be able to track those revenues because, without knowing what you’ve sold, you can’t calculate a return on investment.
Social media in this sense covers everything from news sites to Twitter, and can measure the volume of everything from a person, to a campaign, or a brand. This is invaluable information for the small business owner, politician, aspiring actor, or large corporation. Aside from the overall success of a business, it can also assess how effective a particular marketing campaign may be. This allows a company insight into their client’s minds and can help businesses pick up on trends. We should also take note of the quality of data collected and although the process might be tedious, it is helpful to look at what people comment about your brand, what people are actually tweeting about your products (as it could be negative or positive remarks) and any good marketer would know all these are important information that could help you improve your brand as a whole.
Tracking competitors helps to know not just what they are doing, but what you should be doing. The main bulk of this article talked about how social media measurement is important for determining and generating brand awareness.
Measurement’s one thing, but stimulating your prospects for more feedback takes you to another level in social media marketing. Similarly, this also gives the opportunity to try a different social platform to see how much traffic.
What is important is that we go beyond the last-click attribute and provide the customer a little more incentive.
Daniel's focus is to simplify marketing with technology, to help marketers reach more people in an organized and effective way.
By perfectly tracking the social metrics or stats about your company, products, industry’s, even competition and many more can offer vital insights regarding your position, your company’s progress within the industry and the potency of your policies and artifices.
If your Twitter account has 600 followers, then each of your tweets can possibly reach 1,000 people. If your latest tweet gets retweeted by a twitter user with 15,000 followers, then the exposure of that tweet shall be including the amount of impression depending on your 10,000 followers plus the specific user’s 15,000 followers and their impression.
Either you can keep tracing that statistic manually, use subtle analytical report offered by each social media or invest on analytics tool which can self-willingly capable of tracking exposure. Or you can do the tally thing and keep measuring the number of impressions for each posted content. They let your content to be seen by more people and increase the engagement number as well as exposure. Share of Voice offers a brief discussion including the mention percentage of your company along with your competitor’s percentage as well.
Remember, having a large number of followers or audience doesn’t indicate higher influence rate. It’s a sterling program that can show your online presence, or more specifically social media presence by separating the other web signals. That tool allows them to recognize what to do next and make some research for increasing growth rate. Subscribe Us to get the latest guideline more like this and don’t forget to put your valuable opinion in the following comment box. Not only do you familiarize and understand whom you are reaching, but you become equipped with the tools to reach them better. Here are a few reasons why social media measurement is vital to the success of your social media marketing campaign. Social media measurement can give information not only on a national, but also on a local level, which is why it is important for anyone looking to improve their visibility in the market they are working in. As more and more bloggers tweet their friends about a product, the more visibility it can receive. That means they know not just what clients think of a product now, but what they are likely to think of it in the future.
For example, Pinterest would be a good way to share your highly visual content and if you see your traffic shooting through the roof because your organization is using this social platform, you’ll definitely know where to pay more of your marketing efforts to. Something like a free giveaway would give prospects a little more motivation and the results of this mini-campaign can be easily measured to see if this works on the targeted demographic. This guide to social media marketing metrics will help every online marketer on how to make a new start with this effective business strategy, especially the beginner.
Or if your Pinterest board has 1,000 followers, then each of pin will spread to 1000 people. Of course we cannot expect every time in this way, since exposure always measures the potential audience. Though engagement metric is essential for highlighting the content success, but in some point, sharing metric is much more important and they can reach beyond your expectation.
Influence is apparently all about making people inspired to take some action like liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting, repining and many more. Well, Hootsuite is generated to keep you on top of the conversations on those premium social websites in real time.
Make sure you come up with brand new strategies each time you inaugurate any new product or new campaign. Although many believe that Social Media is not measurable (and should not be attached to a dollar value, I believe that any marketing strategy executed should be measured.
When there is a blog highlighting a person or product, and it is the pinned on Pinterest, there is a wide demographic that can be reached for a very low cost.
This can be valuable information regarding any target audience, and needs to be carefully monitored so that correct decisions can be made by a company. This is why this sole metric is very important for determining engagement in larger aspect. Next: What trends resonate with your audience and how can you connect your business or product to them? This information accessed through social media measurement can help individuals re-allocate funds to more effective marketing strategies. While there are many Tools in the market to track these conversations around your Earned and Owned conversations,there are too many metrics to go through while reviewing your performance.
However, with Facebook’s EdgeRank filtering out the content and Twitter being a fast-paced network, not all of your followers sees your updates. And with Facebook’s Organic Reach on a further decline, expect the reach to go down further more. But that again is an opportunity by the Brand to look forward to and convert into a better consumer experience. Converting your Brand detractors to Brand advocates is one of the many beautiful chances that come along with a social brand.Social Customer OutreachOne of the many outcomes of being a successful social brand is the ability to listen to your customers.
Brands which are successfully implementing this Social Outreach strategy are reaping the benefits of being a trustworthy brand on social media. The fact is, Social Media is used by the people and is built for the people and they are going to talk about you.
This metric attaches a direct $ value to social media but should not be attached to businesses only allowing transactions to their websites. Your competitors are also present on social media and are doing a better or worse job than you on it connecting with their audiences.
Your Brand Awareness is critical to make you understand how popular (positively or negatively) are you on social media as compared to your competition. This will help you set the benchmarks which you can then set as targets for your next adventure on social media. It is very important here to identify your advocates and detractors and converse with them and help them spread around awareness about you. The best way to take it forward should be to make your employees as your resources to take forward your Brand and teach them social etiquettes.
But these are the most important of all of them which we wanted to share with all of you.Which aspect of measurement do you think is critical to any social media effectiveness plan?

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